Sapno Se Bhare Naina 17th August 2011 Written Episode

As the scene starts Sonakshi tries to win over the mother of Daksh, with her sweet talk. When the time comes to leave, the mother asks Daksh to leave her home, but Sonakshi tells them that she will go alone. Daksh goes out to the car, and wants to confront Sonakshi, but just then his moher comes with the phone which the girl left in the kitchen. The reliable lawyer does not seem to have tabs on her brain. She takes the phone, and the mother turns her back on them with a smile, thinking her son will have some quality moments with her chosen daughter in law. Daksh is very annoyed with this girl, and tells her that he will see her tomorrow. As he turns, he sees his mother is waiting for him. After Sonakshi leaves, Daksh wants to tell his mother, and as he starts to talk, she tells him, that they can see each other in the morning, as she has to see sarees with Rohini. The mother is portrayed as a stupid person, unable to understand her son, unable to see his expression on his face, and misinterpreting from her preconceived notions of what things should be, and without any inkling as to what it might be.

In Rohini\’s room, the viper crawls on her mother in law\’s brain, and tries to inject her poison it it. The vicious woman, with her jibes and barbs, manages to sway her feelings, and diverts her attention from the sarees, to the danger she faces from Naina. She deliberately twists facts and poisons her mind, and her mother gets tense with the impending disaster, of her much expected wedding of her favorite son, from dashing to the ground, due to her being lenient to Naina. Her eyes widen, and she becomes sullen, and Rohini\’s eyes glimmer with triumph, and she tries to push her venom a still further, until the mother leaves, with her apprehensions, duly tuned up, to the highest pitch.

In the room Daksh and Naina decide what could happen the next day, when he will confront Sonakshi. Daksh wants to go straight to the point and tell her a piece of his mind, but the cautious Naina, tells him to keep his temper in control, and finally, they decide to go there together.

In the morning, Rohini gets a CD of her sonography, and goes to the mother with joy, to tell her and she wants to see the picture. They talk about how technology, has made it possible for them to see their babies, even before they are born,. Just then Daksh and Naina come, and Rohini tells him, about the CD too. When she comes to know that he is going to see Sonakshi, she tells him, to bring her back with her, so that all could see the CD together. Rohini looks at her mother, to draw attention about Naina, and the mother asks where Naina is going, and on knowing she is going out with Daksh, the mother\’s fears are activated, thanks to her wise daughter in law, Rohini, who has indoctrinated her. She tells Daksh to go alone, and says, she has a word to exchange with Naina, and draws her aside, and then Daksh is forced to go.

As they are alone, Vibha tries to explain to Naina, her ideas about what will happen, if Naina is close to Daksh, before he can get married, and how it will affect his relationship with Sonakshi. Naina with consternation in her eyes, quietly listens to the mother, as she pours out the venomous thoughts that her Rohini has injected in her brain. These come out drip by drip, as if from an intravenous bottle, hanging over Naina\’s head, and she must be thinking how their timing has always been wrong. Her son wanted to tell her so badly, but each time, she, his mother did not have time for him. She had time to see the sarees, which were more important to her, than give her son a moment, to listen to him. The same thing was happening with Shyamal, who never had time, to listen to her daughter, which could have saved her from so much embarrassment. Perhaps, they believe, all this written on their foreheads, as they say, predetermined, from the beginning of time. They find excuses for their own follies, and these scenes are placed before us, to make our own judgments, as things unfold in our own lives. Perhaps, some of us can learn from them, and others will take it as entertainment.

Daksh reaches Sonakshi\’s place, and is served drinks, and he closes the door, and goes to see Sonakshi. She has to face him, asking her, why she is doing all this drama, when he has told her that he does not love her, but loves Naina. He asks her what she has told his mother, that has made her blind. Sonakshi turns and whimpers, and cries, and tells him , that she loves him, and will go to any length, to get him, and quietly opens the drawer and takes a blade and slits her wrist. Perhaps, they got the idea from Colors TV, and Tapasya cutting the wrist in order to get her way, or may be it is the common practice of impulsive girls, who have been pampered to such an extent, they do not know what they are doing. As Daksh tries to push her away, blood splatters on his shirt, and he sees she has cut her wrist.

At home the mother, continues her persuasive talk with Naina, who has not responded to her and as she finishes her homily, and is getting ready, they get the news, that Sonakshi fell from the stairs, and fractured her wrist, and Rohini is apprehensive, and Daksh is seeing them, and cursing his bad fortune, as only he knows the truth.

One has to live with the decisions made my the story teller, and what he or she have in store for us, to tax our patience. At least, they will make the story sound a bit from the real world. Let us hope for the best.

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