Sapno Se Bhare Naina 18th August 2011 Written Episode

Daksh is asking Sonakshi, why she is doing all this drama, when he has told her that he does not love her, but loves Naina. He asks her what she has told his mother, that has made her blind. Sonakshi turns and whimpers, and cries, and tells him , that she loves him, and will go to any length, to get him, and quietly opens the drawer and takes a blade and slits her wrist. As Daksh tries to push her away, blood splatters on his shirt, and he sees she has cut her wrist.He starts yelling, which brings her father and mother, who rush to her help, and the father asks Daksh why he did not call the doctor. The mother tells the maid to bring the first aid box, and she dresses her wound. Daksh leaves, hiding his disgust.In the night Sonakshi is dreaming on her strategy to trap her Daksh, and truly behaves like a psycho.

At home, Daksh and Naina express their love to each other, and Daksh does not like the way things are going, when surmounting so many odds, now that have realized how
they love each other, and Naina tells that she feels bad to go against his mother, who has shown her so much support ever since she came to Bombay, and Daksh promises to convince his mother.

In the morning, Akruti gets some pain and her mother wants to take her to the doctor, but the vicious Rohini comes in, and tells them, not to go to the usual doctor, to whom her friend also goes, and already she knows about Akruti, and the news will spread, and this
disturbs the mind of Shyamal. Rohini gets what she wants. She is the second psycho of the day, who will have upset the viewers. Naina comes in and asks where Ayee has gone, and Rohini starts blowing her trumpet, and lets more venom into the air, with her sarcasm, and tries the patience not only of those present there, but of those who watch her too. They hear Daksh asking his mother for a cup of coffee, and Naina promises to bring it, as the mother has gone out. Rohini has to put in her bit, and adds some more fuel to the fire. The psychotic aggravates all who are around.

Sonakshi has got up, and decided to use the time, as both her parents are gone out. She is holding her engagement photo, and comes down the stairs, with her bandaged hand. She decides to do some play acting, and comes down to the lowest step, throws the photograph on the ground that it shatters, and lies down, on the ground and lets a shriek, and the maid comes rushing, and then she bandages her hand, and puts in a sling. The maid calls Vibha, and tells her that her madam, has fallen down the stairs and fractured her hand, – perhaps on the prompting of the young screwed up psycho. Vibha rushes and dotes over the scheming brat, and brings her home, all in a panic, and calls Daksh to come out to take his betrothed into the house. Rohini is quite taken up, and all rush outside, and under the prompting and goading of the second psycho, Rohini, Daksh has to prop up

the beleaguered Sonakshi, who pretends that she can not walk and behaves very exhausted. We are given a demonstration, how two psychos, can wrap all the so called intelligent people around them, round their fingers. Daksh and Naina are the only two people who know the truth, but keep it to themselves. Sonakshi thinks she has won the day. In the house, with a great show of concern, the mother makes Sonakshi to rest on the sofa, and all are pouring their attention on her, when Kaka comes in, and swaggers to his chair, as he passes some sarcastic remarks at this new show, and the gullible sister in law, Vibha, who quietly ignores him, but he has hit the nail on the head. Last minute preparations are made to accommodate Sonakshi, and Rohini suggests they put her up in Naina\’s room. Again, it looks a psycho alone can get round this house and get what she wants, as Daksh has again lost an opportunity to tell his mother.

This serial may be going through a bout of indigestion, and hope all will come out of their indisposition, and we will get back to the old SSBN, when Sonakshi\’s mother will play her part, and give equal justice to her two daughters. Just hope that she will be able to come out of her fear, of defying her husband. The answer lies in Supriya, conceding Naina as her own daughter, and giving the term, “illegitimate” a new definition.

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