Sapno Se Bhare Naina 22nd August 2011 Written Episode

At the clinic of the doctor, who is Sonakshi\’s cousin, Akruti and her mother present their papers, and the nurse on duty, enters her record, and then asks for the father\’s name, which Akruti refuses to give, and after some argument with the receptionist, Akruti decides to leave the place, with her mother, but the doctor sees this, and stops them, and tells Akruti that Sonakshi has already briefed him about her case, and he takes her on board, and it ends up well. The doctor reprimands the receptionist, and tells her not to behave like this with the patients.

On the terrace, Daksh and Naina discuss about Sonakshi. Daksh argues like a lawyer, and finds the loop holes, in Sonakshi\’s story, but Naina tries to dissuade him, and tells that she has bought her story, and believes in her. Here, Daksh is shown as a shrewd lawyer, able to discern the motives of Sonakshi, and Naina, as a simpleton, a definite departure from the portrayal of her character, now made very uncharacteristic, to suit the story line, of the CVs. Adaptation, the waywardness of the story tellers, which the viewers are free to watch or not. Sonakshi is seen watching these two, through the crevice of the door, and she enjoys how Naina has swallowed her story. She feels a bit apprehensive of Daksh. As she walks down, she thinks of how she got the plaster, by pressuring the medic who came to treat her wound on the wrist, and how he put the plaster, on her request. She also remembers how she told the maid to call Mrs. Patwardan in the morning, and tutored her to tell the story. These two, already know her manipulative nature, and may turn against her later on.

We are also given a developement of the story, by introducing the pregnant Rohini, walking up the stairs, when all the time, she is looked after like a convalescent, to dry her clothes on the terrace. This is an opportunity for the CVs to twist our innards into knots, with her vicious dialogs, and how pathetic are the voiceless lawyer and his dumb-wit friend. The lawyer seems to be tongue tied, and his ability to rebut her accusations, seems to have gone into a reverse gear, and Naina, is like a village simpleton, with no words and dumbly submitting to the vicious woman. This scene is pathetic, and reflects poorly on the prowess of the story tellers to create a credible story.

One more scene is offered for our appreciation, at the dining table, and one more speech of Rohini, which we have to digest, and swallow. The incompetent, mother, who does not seem to know the crook that instigates her, and finally after humiliating the others, she forces Daksh, the submissive and obedient brother in law, to take the plate of breakfast, to Sonakshi. Another pathetic, slow motion walk, up the stairs into the room of Sonakshi, and her melodrama, with her bandaged hand.

In the pre-cap: Ayush comes to meet Naina, who asks him, why he has come to harass them, but he seems to be in a conciliatory mood.

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