Sapno Se Bhare Naina 25th August 2011 Written Episode

Vibha finds Naina in the wedding lehenga, – the wedding saree – and is surprised, and wants to know what is going on. When Daksh tries to explain to her, Sonakshi gives a new story to divert her attention, and tells her that, because her hand was injured she asked Naina to wear it, in order to see, how it would look. The mother tells her dutiful son, to take Sonakshi to her room, and he submits to her, and leads the dame to her room and leaves her there. Vibha tells Naina that it is a bad omen to wear other\’s wedding saree, and then she decides to clean up the mess from the fallen vase. Nain wants to help, but she is told the change the saree.

Daksh is in his room, thinking why Sonakshi is playing these games, and wonders about her motives, and jus then he receives a phone call, and Naina reminds him of his promise to meet her up on the terrace. He promises her to come up. Daksh is going to the terrace, and sees, that Naina\’s window is open, and while he goes close to the window, he sees, Sonakshi\’s plaster and sling lying on the bed, and he is suspicious of this girl, and looks on, and then he sees her coming out of the bathroom, dressed up, her hand perfectly fine, and she goes to the dressing table, and combs her hair with the hand that was supposed to be fractured, giving ample evidence that she is faking the accident, and has ulterior motives behind all this play acting. Daksh waits till she goes to the bed, and slips the plaster back into the hand, and then puts the sling on, and lies down on the bed. Daksh rushes to the terrace to tell Naina.

Naina has gone to the terrace and it is late in the night, and she calls Daksh on her mobile, and reminds her that they were expected to meet, and he promises her to come up soon. In the meanwhile, Akruti too is not able to sleep, and goes to the terrace and is surprised to find Naina, and they start talking and the topic goes to how Akruti is dealing with the offer of Ayush. Akruti is suspicious of his intentions, and sometimes, she thinks he might have changed, but it worries her. When Akruti wants to go to her room, she asks Naina too, to accompany her, but she tells her that she will take some more time on the terrace.

On the terrace, Naina starts protesting with Daksh for taking so much time, and when he wants to tell him, about Sonakshi, she interrupts him, and speaks about how they feel about each other, and as this to and fro, comments fly, Akruti enters the terrace, and suddenly, the two lovers freeze, and stand upright, facing the incoming visitor. But she smiles, and comes close to Daksh, and asks him, what is going on. Naina, tells her that it is not as she thinks, but Daksh intervenes and says, it is exactly what she thinks, and Akruti hugs him, and tells how happy she is, for both of them. Naina asks Akruti if she knows about them, and she says, that she knew all the time, and is happy that even if late, they have come to realize that they love each other. She tells her, how much her cousin suffered, when she said yes to Abhi, but kept it to himself, and Naina feels sad, that she did not realize it before. Then Akruti asks, how they will handle Sonakshi, and Naina tells her that she knows about it. Daksh tells that they will tell the parents soon.

Sonakshi has guessed, that someone may have seen her and is apprehensive that her game may be finished, and then she tells herself, that it is all in her mind, and goes to sleep.

Vibha and Shyamal discuss about Akruti, and the former suggests to the latter, that she should call Ayush\’s parents and settle the details. She agrees, as she feels the court case would be a greater evil, where all the secrets will be out.

Sanket asks Rohini if things are working in Akruti\’s case, and she tells him, that by marrying Ayush, they will be free of all shame, and talk of the town, about the illegitimacy of the child.

Naina and Daksh have been speaking to each other, and when again he tries to tell her about Akruti, she stops him, saying it is of greater importance to see about Akruti and help her, and she walks down to meet Akruti.

In the pre-cap:

Daksh gets up early the next morning and is in search of Naina, and goes to her room, and sees Sonakshi, sitting on the bed., When he asks for Naina, he finds she is not there, and wants to go away, and when Sonakshi wishes him, he ignores her and wants to get away, but at the door, he changes his mind, and walks back to her, and says, “May be, you need help to go down for breakfast. Can I help you?” She agrees and he catches her left arm, and puts his right arm on her shoulder to lead her down, and in his minds says, “Just, wait, how I will bare your scheme in front of everyone”. She too is thinking how she will sway the family to her side. Let us wait and see who does what.

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