Sapno Se Bhare Naina 29th August 2011 Written Episode

Her mother and aunt try to persuade Akruti that the proposal of Ayush is good, and they like his parents. She has received a call from the mother, asking for the horoscope of Akruti, and wants to set a date for the wedding. But Akruti is very sullen, and does not express anything that could show her acceptance. She simply succumbs to the pressure of the family. As before, she has something in her mind, but does not feel ready to let it out. She looks up to Naina for help, but she too is turning a dumb spectator, and her various actions show, that her reasoning power is slowing down.

Daksh is walking up and down on the terrace, expecting Naina to come up to dry the clothes. On the way to the terrace, his sister in law, has been pointing out to him, that the falling of the clothesline on Sonakshi was not an accident, as there was no breeze, and someone has deliberately dropped the post, so that she would be hurt, but she tells him, that she does not suspect him. She says, that it is late, and she has to go to bed, and perhaps her husband is not in the room waiting for her, so she has been loitering to pursue her favorite pastime, of gossiping. On the terrace, Naina comes with the clothes for drying, and even though it is supposed to be time to go to bed, the light shines brightly on the clothes, and the set designers have forgotten to subdue the light on the clothes, to give the impression of the time of the night. We are again given a dialog between the two, where Naina is supposed to have no mind of her own, is very recalcitrant, and Daksh bends over backwards, to tell her that he had seen Sonakshi and knows she is faking, and Naina is overflowing with trust for Sonakshi, and tries to tell Daksh, that his suspecting her is not becoming of him, and it becomes unbearable not only for Daksh, but for the ordinary viewers who have some idea of their own. This is a tactic to delay the resolution of the plot, so that we can be given one more day, of the same. I am afraid, the producers will regret if they go on in this way.

Naina goes to her room, and Sonakshi has been tossing from one side to the other, inconvenienced by her bandaged arm, which she has to tolerate, to get through her scheme. When Naina comes in, Sonakshi is coming out of the bathroom, and wishes her. Naina has just got up from the bed, and sees a note tucked by Daksh falling, and she reads his apologies, and crushes the note, and dumps it in the waste basket, and goes to the bathroom. Sonakshi, suspecting that there is some juice story behind the note, digs into the basket, and finds the note, and seeing that it is an apology, feels quite pleased thinking that they had a quarrel.

At the breakfast table, Rohini is already waiting to eat her food, and Sonakshi comes in and she invites her to sit by her side, and shows her some designs. Daksh arrives, and takes his seat. Then Naina comes in and sees the seat next to Daksh is not occupied, but she takes the one next to Sonakshi, and both Rohini and Sonakshi wonder why she did it. Sullenly they wait for the coffee. The mother shouts for Naina to come and take the coffee. Her daughter in law, Rohini is an invalid, and has to be looked after, and has no duties in the house. Sonakshi is a guest, and with a broken arm, and has to be waited on. The only other spare person is their “paying guest” – who is always at the beck and call. She is ready to go, but Daksh says, that he will do the needful, and goes to the kitchen and brings the tray, and serves the coffee cups to all, starting with his father, and ending with Naina, and shoves a note next to her. Naina excuses herself, and tells that she has some important work in the office, and leaves.In the office,

Naina goes through different papers, and sees the note, and buries her head in her palms and then worries. In front of her she sees a puppet peeping at her, and she hears the voice of Daksh, and then he stands up and tries to make up with Naina, but she is still obdurate, and uncompromising, which is very uncharacteristic of her, but the part is performed as is scripted, and we turn impatient with this tantrum. Daksh leaves her and goes away. Sonakshi has been watching them from outside the window, and from the garden.

Pre-cap: Sonakshi wants to put an end to this charade of Daksh and Naina. They are again on the terrace, and Sonakshi takes Vibha with her to show what her son is doing. When they enter the door of the terrace, Daksh and Naina disengage from each other and stand upright, and looking the two, like children caught in the act.

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