Balika Vadhu 29th August 2011 Written Episode

Jagat and Gauri visit another lawyer who explains to them that it will be more detrimental to Ga-Ga if Jagat files for divorce from Anandi. He tells them to drop the idea of trying to falsely accuse Anandi or to file for divorce. Jagat glares at Gauri who looks upset.

In Jetsar, Anandi goes to the temple. Some 3 women come there and start gossiping about Anandi and how high and mighty she acts and is out to teach other villagers and how Maasa has spoilt her bheendni and wonder what miracles Anandi is performing at the school. DS who happens to be at the temple too turns around starts taking their class She tells the women that they have nothing better to do that talk badly about Anandi who is trying to do good things. They gave some lame excuses to not come to school but have all the time in the world to gossip.

DS says she supports Anandi because she is right and no one can dare question her regarding this. Imagine if they had to go through what Anandi did, they would just sit in a corner and cry where as Anandi has reformed her life and made others\’ lives better too.The women look embarassed and go away. Anandi who had witnessed the whole thing is happy and hugs DS who tells her that she supports her all the way.

Back at the haveli snacks are being distributed to the students who have all shown up early and happily discussing lessons. DS is happy to see this and says that these were the very same people who opposed education, acting as if their ancestors would rise from their graves and kill them. And now they are here early for the day\’s lessons. Anandi comes there and she says she will be back. She comes to DS and asks for some money. Gehna asks why she wants money. Anandi promises to answer their question when she returns. Sumitra tells her to take the money from her cupboard.

Anandi takes some money and then thinks something and goes back to the cupboard. While her students await, Anandi comes down, dressed as a rich sahukar. Everyone start laughing. DS behind the pillar also laughs seeing her. Anandi says her name is Lala something and says she is a sahukar and is willing to lend money. Some people volunteer to borrow money from her. DS keeps laughing.

Anandi lends 5000 to each person and tells them how much they have to pay every month towards interest and principal. She explains the rules that are typically put forth by other sahukars and teaches the villagers how to calculate the loan amt and installments. Everybody agrees with the calculations. Anandi then shows them how she ended up taking more money as interest which should be decreasing along with principal. She then tells them the importance of math and that education is important in every walk of life. DS is impressed by the lesson. All villagers promises to keep educating themselves no matter what difficulties they encounter.

At night, during dinner, DS explains Anandi\’s lesson to B&B proudly and how cleverly she explained math and importance of education to the villagers. She keeps laughing at Anandi\’s Sahukar get up. Bhairav then slyly asks Maasa if she was there since she knows so much about the lesson. DS realises that she has been caught and brushes it off that she heard it while passing by.

In Mumbai, Gauri is not able to sleep and keeps crying . She sits up and starts yelling at Jagat that she can\’t bear it anymore etc etc and leaves in a huff. Back in Jetsar, Anandi returns Bhairav\’s kurta that she returns to Sumitra. Sumitra is all praises for Anandi and her methods used to teach the villagers. Sumitra goes to see what Bhairav wants. Anandi keeps the kurta inside the cupboard. She happens to see her old medical report when she got shot and remembers the incident.

Precap : Jagat comes to Gauri and says they have to go to the hospital as there is a strike and there are no duty doctors. At the hospital, Gauri attends to a patient who has appendicits (new entry)…didn\’t see the whole precap, feel free to update if you did.

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