Choti Bahu Season 2 30th August 2011 Written Episode


DD\’S ROOM All the family is assembled in DD\’s room and a doctor is checking him and as he goes Radhika and Barka enter Radev look at each other and Dev nods with a tiny smile as if reassuring Radhika and she looks at him the down tearful and Bh with her head bent.DD is observing all this and he softly tells everyone I want to talk to Barkha and Radhika alone Dev and all become serious and Dai (HMV) says you speak later as you are not well now and doctor also says the same thing saying there is lot of weakness in your body and Dev also looks a bit relieved says yes DDg 1st you get well we can talk later its very important that you get well.Adamant DD says I told you I have to talk now and HMV starts but and Padma puts a hand on her shoulder restrains and shakes her head saying no don\’t and she nods at the doctor and all go out Mohini shakes head head at Virat and they also go out. Dev is the last one to go he looks loving at Radhika and she tearfully looks down .Bh looks at Dev looking at Radhika . Radhika to DD don\’t I even have the right to ask about your health .He replies if you don\’t have the right then no one else will have and Radhika relieved runs to him and sits down near him and asks him how are you He replies showing his chest I am having a peculiar pain here and looks like it will leave me and I cannot tolerate more Radhika is concerned and worried and firmly says no DDg you will not talk like this and DD says I am telling the truth(blackmail in deathbed also) do you know what my age is and Radhika says if you talk like this I will go away from here DD says ok I wont say sit near near and then Radhika slowly comes back

PRECAP Radhika saying ok DDg your wish is my command and Bh saying don\’t take such a decision whatever punishment you want to give, give me DDg says you will also get punished

Emotional Blackmail continuing DD as Radhika sits beside him you know Radhika how deeply I am affectionate towards youEmotional Blackmail continuing DD as Radhika sits beside him you know Radhika how deeply I am affectionate towards you() Radhika nodding mechanically DD continues I have so much trust on you ,you know as much trust I had on you I also had on her showing Barkha and she looks down Radhika seriously nodding but he made a game of my trust on her I request you to tell me the truth why this happened Bh comes in saying what happened is all because of me what could I do I could not see two lovers parting that\’s why I did this please forgive me I am at fault and Dev and Radhika are not at fault Bh has a pleading looking and Radhika is tearful and looking down and DD with a stern egoistical look says I know Radhika is innocent blameless she looks up and Bh looks down DD continues but always a innocent person gets punished for the faulty person(still going on doing Adaram and Paap) Radhika sad and Bh says I don\’t understand DD looks at her and says Radhika will have to pay for your mistake and Radhika has a stoic expression on her face and BH stunned DD pursues his lips and says we cannot announce, declare Radhika as Dev\’s wife and Radhika closes her eyes with tears and accepts DD\’s judgment. DD continues she will have to leave this house and go Bh openmouthed and stunned and Radhika saying ok DDg your wish is my command very sad with folded hands .DD expression with a satisfied tryant look as if he got what he wanted(fantastic acting by Rubina and DD) BH pleads with a adamant looking DD do not take such a decision don\’t separate Dev and Radhika let them stay together punish me but don\’t punish them
DD says you will also get punished you will have to marry dev and take up the responsibilities of Rpine post .radhika and Bh stunned and Radhika as if accepting everything but Bh fighting what are you saying RADEV are married .She pleads to Radhika don\’t keep quiet and accept everything and as she is sitting quietly and then says so you are thinking RADEV marriage is Adaram but what you are going to do is Adharam and as the Adament egoistic DD looks at her Radhika says Barkha and sternly says you know you are talking to RPg Bh says no I am talking to Dev\’s DD.With tears in her eyes but firmly Radhika takes Bh aside and tells her cant you see he is not completely recovered and I will not let anyone hurt him Bh says but Radhika interrupts all are thinking you and Dev are married and coming to see you and if they come to know the truth everything will be lost Bh lowers her head. DD watching. Bh says for this you are ready to sacrifice your relation your entity I am not married to dev our name was just printed on the invitation card. And for this you are telling your marriage did not happen.Radhika says how can I accept this marriage when the priest who was chanting the mantras was thinking it was you and Dev babu how can I accept that marriage
She looks down and goes to DD sits down on the floor kneeling and tearfully smiles swallowing her hurt sadness and tears with a smile says in a voice which is shaking with sadness don\’t worry DD I will leave this house and go.but you will also have to promise me that you will get well .you have to see him becoming an RPYou have to teach him how to follow RPship you have to listen to GD\’s poems and set right BB now DD also having tears in his eyes looking at Radhika trying to come to terms with her situation and trying to boost him up BH just looking stunned and sad. Finally she stops and all her anguish on her face (Mindblowing acting Rubina hats off to you)

PRECAP DD sitting on the chair and saying we cannot accept RaDev marriage and Dev and Barkha will be married now immediately. All uphappy except BB who is smiling slightly.

The hypocrite and manipulative ADD starts his lecture for Dharam I am doing all this and what face I will show to God when I go up( I really wonder it was hell in life in bed and will get hell there also you and your twisted dharam) Radhika says no DDg see I have accepted your word laughing and you also be happy Bh looks at both of them (what to do with these two) sort of expression and wipes her eyes and nose.DD says to Radhika saying can you do something for me Radhika smiles widely wiping her tears what DDg and he says take me to the drawing hall she says you are unwell I will call everyone here and the adamant DD says no Radhika I have to announce something as RP so I have to go there .Radhika nods and Barkha unhappy.

Mansaram\’s house

A pandit is sitting in their house and predicting the future of Chanda and Mansa working with his threads.Chanda is asking tell he more and that Pandit is saying by Chaitra(hindu month) your marriage will be over and both mother and daughter happy and giggling and smiling Pandit says every Thursday give one yellow flower to cow and it will help in increasing relations.Chenu comes going around them and saying samosas you said mother there was no money in the house for tea also Shanti scold him cant you see there is someone with a match keep quiet and both Chanda and Shanti smiling at and the pandit also suddenly Chenu says sister has to come baba looking at his father and Shanti gets angry why you have taken the name of that ill fated cant you see Pandit has come with a match for your sister and asks the pandit you have brought a match for my daughter and he says yes takes a name Devi Prasad Sharma and tells he is 12th pass and both mother daughter happy and Shanti taunts Mansa take away that inauspicious look away from your face and listen to the pandit . Mansa is listening and the pandit says you are going to that village where he has a big house and Mansa gets angry and comes there and tells the smiling and happy mother daughter while Chenu is making a face why don\’t you ask the age of that person .Pandit says 1 or 2 more years above 40 and the smiles of both Chanda and Shanti are wiped out and Chenu\’s eyes pop out.Mansa shouts not 1 or 2 years but he is 48 and has a son the age of Chenu . Shanti bursts out gajgire you have brought a second marriage proposal for my flower like daughter get up and run otherwise I will beat you so much that you will never get proposals for any girls and takes out a broom to beat him and that Pandit taunts and goes what do you think you will get a prince for your daughter.Shanti says so what I am not dead I will see and .chanda has a crying face and Shanti placates her saying don\’t cry I am there.Mansa says Chenu give my gamcha and Shanti cant you see that your daughter is sad, Chenu brings he puts it and goes out telling Chenu he will be back by evening. Shanti is fuming.

All are there RP Padma Mohini are seated and rest are standing in the hall RP asks where is Dev and Padma tells him he has gone out to send off the doctor but why did you come out I would all have come there Just then BB also comes there . RP I have to tell you all something that\’s why I came out Radhika with a sad stoic face BH serious and then Virat goes and stands beside his mother.RP continues what I want to tell you maybe you will not approve but whatever decision I have taken you have to accept it.Radhika very sad. In the RP family we always have to safeguard dharma that\’s what we have been taught since childhood,Padma is nodding her head, and we have been inspired to do that so that\’s why to safeguard that we cant accept Radhika as Devs wife Radhika is standing with a griefstricken look head bowed Padma (Mohini surprised )GD BH sad other with different expressions and BB pleased. Now immediately dev will be married to Barkha and in the evening much dikayi will be Dev and Bh all are shocked and sad except BB Virat and Dai. BH says Radhika may agree but I oppose this decision and Radhika looks at her shocked Dev says I also oppose this decision and RP looks shocked at them.Dev and Rp stare at each other Dev firm and RP shocked and all others shocked BR smiling BB looking at the drama Dai disapproving Radhika with tears looks at Dev.

PRECAP Dev saying whatever happens I wont leave my Dharmapatni she she leaves the house I will also leave with her in a stern firm voice all including RP shocked and Radhika watching Dev with a equally stern face BB happy with the drama BR also happy.

MY GOD WHAT A EPISODE Fantastic acting by Rubina this was all hears and then Avinash what bit he had DD and Barkha also good
Mansa family was entertaining.
Wholesale emotional blackmail and melodrama
sorry for the typos and errors will edit them tommorow I am fully drained out doing this

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