Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th August 2011 Written Episode

Episode starts with Suraj making Jalebis & teaching a small kid how to make them. Suraj is already engaged & the kid says your engagement ring is very beautiful & asks where is he meeting his fiance. Suraj says he is getting married for his mother\’s(bhabo) sake & hopes the girl takes good care of his mother.

Scene shifts to Sandhya\’s house where she is writing some notes & her mother asks her to come for shopping. Sandhya asks if Ankur is still angry on her for rejecting the proposal. Sandhya prepares a horrible tea for ankur which he spits.Sandhya says I dont know how to make tea so imagine if I get married now what will happen at my in laws house.So its better I learn complete cooking & after 2-4 yrs I will get married.

Scene shifts to Suraj\’s house where Bhabo is monitoring the ladies of the house who are doing various household works & scolding them for small small mistakes.

Suraj comes wearing a silver sherwani bought for marriage and looking very handsome. Bhabo says its fitting him perfectly & praises how good looking he is & that she will take his marriage invitation card to Mandir to get aashirvad from god as only 10 days left for the wedding.

Suraj\’s Bhabi says invitation card not yet printed.Bhabo scolds her as good for nothing. Suraj asks Bhabo to calm down but Bhabo is angry that all work he is only doing.Suraj\’s bhabi apologies for negligence and offers to go to shop herself.

Scene shifts to saree shop where sandhya & her mom come.The shop is right opposite to Suraj\’s house.Looks like Suraj\’s family owns the shop.Suraj\’s Bhabi shows sarees to Sandhya & her mom and simultaneously she is dictating the content of invitation card.The boy is writing
down all the details and when Sandhya\’s mom calls her name, he mis understands and writes Sandhya\’s name in place of bride\’s name.

They come out of the shop & Sandhya is buying few things and right behind her Suraj is standing talking to someone with the Title song of Diya aur Bati playing .

Precap : Invitation card reaches Suraj\’s house with Suraj & sandhya\’s name printed on it as Bride & Groom.

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