Sapno Se Bhare Naina 1st September 2011 Written Episode

Snakes in the Grass

When people are not aware of the topography of a place, they only are enticed by the lush greenery and vegetation, and walk barefoot over the green grass, least aware, of the dangers lurking below the grass. We are told of the saying: “Beware of snakes in the grass.” Those who ignore, suffer on account of their negligence. Sometimes, vipers from the brood, team up with snakes, as we see Rohini and Sonakshi as exemplars of this proverb.

As the drama unfolds, we see the parents of Sonakshi persuading her to come with them, to Poona, where they are going for a religious ceremony, but the conniving girl, has her own way, and gets a boost from Vibha who comes into the room with Naina, and seeing the close knit group, Naina moves away to her own room.

As she is walks to her room, Daksh, opens the door, and pulls her in, and they exchange ideas, and he tries to reassure her, when she expresses her fears of impending danger. Daksh is very confident, that his family will accept her, but she feels that both the mother of Akruti and his mother are cautioning her not to interfere in their affairs. His mother wants her to distance herself from him, and she is afraid, that she will lose him forever. When they are in an intimate conversation, Sanket with Naina\’s phone is searching for her and thinks that he hears Naina\’s voice from the room of his brother, and he knocks on his door, and asks him to open it. He tells him, that there is a call for Naina, but then, he is diverted by Rohini who calls him, and he goes to attend to her needs.

In the bedroom, Rohini is lying down on the bed, and her husband is making her comfortable, and she tells him of her ideas, and how she would look in a saree. He tells her that she will still look beautiful, and they pass their time.

In Akruti\’s room, she gets a call from Ayush, who is asking her about her health, and the visit she plans to the doctor, with a show of concern. Akruti is aware of a snake in the grass, and gets a mental alert, which tells her that a man like this can not change his color so easily. She has a premonition of danger lurking ahead, and gives him evasive answer.

In the hall, the parents of Sonakshi are getting ready to leave. Sonakshi gets phone calls on her mobile twice, and on both occasions, she cuts the call. The mother senses that something is wrong, and she is made to keep quiet, when Vibha assures her that she will take care of her daughter. When they leave, Sonakshi too goes out with them. As they are about to enter the car, Sonakshi tells them that all will be well, and they should go to Poona in peace. The parents drive off. Sonakshi is in her own world, thinking of her scheme, when she hears a voice behind her, asking, “How long are you going to avoid me?” It is Ayush. He is annoyed that she cut him off twice, and Sonakshi becomes aggressive, and warns him to keep to his bargain. When he asks her how she has arranged for the wedding to take place in two weeks, he gives a hint to the viewers, that even his parents were arranged by Sonakshi. She tells him, that if he backs out now, he will regret it, and she will slap the case, and he will lose his well cushioned job as well. Ayush walks away, but bears a grudge against Sonakshi, as he too is another snake in the grass, and it would be interesting to see the two snakes fight each other. Just then, the viper, Rohini walks down to the main door, and looks out and sees, Sonakshi has been talking to someone, and she becomes suspicious. As Sonakshi looks up, she sees Rohini, and wonders if she had seen anything, but she plays her game, and Rohini does not let out anything. Sonakshi walks in, but Rohini is looking out for signs, and she sees something ; like a car, but can not make up her mind as to what it could be.

Daksh and Naina come out of the room and he is very angry with Sonakshi, and tells that he has been suspecting Sonakshi and knows that she is playing a game. Naina is a dreamer, who walks on the grass barefoot, and is not aware, which snake will bite her and when. Daksh on the other hand is shrewd and waits for his chance, to catch the snake. As he grumbles a lot about Sonakshi, the snake crawls towards them. Sonakshi, the snake, starts whining in her cranky voice and Akruti and Naina who are with Daksh watch her sympathetically, but Daksh sees through her acting and mocks her and tells that she should have sought an acting job, as she would have been very proficient in the trade. He threatens her, that he will tell his parents all about her and expose her and she in turn, tells him, that she will strive till she gets what she wants. They part with anger.

In the pre-cap: Rohini tries to join hands with Sonakshi, as she thinks the other is on her side, both of them clap their hands in triumph, and Sonakshi forgets that she has to have pain in her bandaged hand, but for a moment she forgets it, and uses this \’injured\’ hand to clasp that of Rohini, and the viper may be having thoughts which she keeps to herself. Will it be interesting to watch a viper and a snake entangle themselves in a mortal fight? You might have seen a bull fight, or a cock fight, but a viper and snake !

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