Choti Si Zindagi 30th August 2011 Written Episode

sam is standin in the front door of ira\’s house talking to indu. he is saying pls aunty just one chance…atleast let me tell ira my side of the story. and indu says enuff sam u have already insulted her enuff what more do u want?? and sam says aunty pls…and ira from the inside says let him come in mumma..and both sam and indu hears this. sam comes inside and sees ira standing near the windown wearing a white salwar. sam says i m really sorry for whatever happened. and ira says u shouldnt say sorry…i should. what kind of friend i m. My friend got his love and instead of being happy … i m crying. I m very bad..very bad. and ira leaves…and sam goes after her and he says dont say that. Bad is our fate. Many times we want something from life but destiny has other plans and my mistake we hurt our own ppl. Look my pink panther cant be bad. and one more thing…u r so nice that u will get a nicer guy then me..who will love u lot more. and ira says just like u found ur girl!!! she says palak is a very nice girl. I know her as she is my friend as well. U know king kong..if it was someone else other then palak i would have never let u go. but cause its palak…she is more nicer then i m …so i m letting u go. and if u hurt palak i will be after u again and this time with a stick…so mind it!!! Never hurt her. She is very nice and honest girl. You promise me. that u will always keep her happy. Pinky promise…and sam promises her. and they hug it out. and sam thinks if ira is ready to forget her love for palak … so when she finds out that palak is isha then she will maybe forget her hatred towards her as well.

Revthi says girish u knew that sam was involved with someone else.? and girish nods his head. and says yes. and revthi says u didnt find it necessary to tell me? and girish says i didnt think it was necessary to tell you. and revthi says WHY?? and girish says cause except for money, investments and expansions u can not see anything. What will u understand about love. Now look when sam has started believeing in love and matrriage u are more hurt about losing manoj\’s money from ur hand..and revthi tries to argue and girish says dont say anything…just listen carefully. From today onwards u are going to STOP using sam for ur own profit…and revthi says girish I. and girish says and if u do..then i wont stay quiet …just understand that between ur plans and samarth…I m standing now…and he leaves.

in the morning revthi\’s phone rings..and its tinu who says i gave u two days .. have u done my work…or shall i finish u off. and revthi says no no.. i told u work wil be done..but cause of personal problems…i promise u to make u meet girish and sam. and tinu says ur time is up and now i m going to meet them on my own. In fact i m here just a door bell away and revthi scared and shocked. there is a knock on the door and revthi goes to open the door…she finally opens it and tinu is standing there. and revthi is shocked. again!!!! tinu smiles at her. Girish comes down and asks revthi who is at the door and she doesnt say anything and

Indu comes to sam\’s office and sees sam pick a rose and indu follows him hoping to see the girl he likes. she sees him place the rose on a desk and write on a piece of paper I love you and place a rose. and indu thinks this is the girls desk. Isha comes and sees the piece of paper and the rose and she picks it up and smiles and indu thinks this is the girl who sam loves. and cause of her he rejected my daughter. Indu comes up to isha and puts the hand on her shoulder and isha turns around and sees indrani. and indrani shocked to see her…and indu remembers telling isha when she was little…that if u r unable to look after ur little sister isha ..then ok…until she is better i will take her with me and i will look after her. isha thinkins about how ira went with indrani. and indu remembers how isha was asking sam that he will make ira meet her after a month and she remembers how ira cried that sam doesnt love her. and how sam loves someone else. both of them keep on looking at each other.

Isha finally seaks and says indrani aunty u?? u recognized me…i m isha..ira\’s sister from sanskar orphange. I cant believe u are standing in front of me. I m looking for u since past 10 yrs. and indu is looking down. isha says i knew if i found u then i would find my ira. sam told me u went to europe for vacation but i didnt know u would come back so soon. My ira?? is she back too?? aunty…pls take me to meet her. since 10 yr i have been dying to meet her.. take me to her. and indu says NO. and then she says i mean she is not back…she is still in europe. and isha says when is she coming back. when can i meet her?? and indu says NEVER!! and she says aunty what are u saying. and she says i m telling u the truth…u keep away from ira? and isha says since 10 yrs not one day has gone by when i didnt trry to find her and not think of her…and now that my goal is finally coming true …and u r telling me to stay away?? and indu says i m requesting u . and she says in these 10 yrs it been hard for me to form a family. Ira has forgotten everything and accepted me as her mom. and now u dont end it all…pls. pls..dont snatcgh my daughter away. pls.. let her stay with me…dont snatch her away/ and indu leaves crying. and isha stands there all sad.

Girish comes and says i m asking who is at the door… and tinu says Mrs. ohja why are u so perpalxed. Tell mr. Ohja who i m!! and girish says are u ok revthi? and tinu says to her any tension?? and revthi says no no..and she looks scared. and tinu says AH!!! u r so happy to see me that u r unable to talk…am i right and revthi nods…and she says yes yes. Tinu says ur wife knows me but i will intro myself. I m Tanmay Sinha. I m an investor and ur company i want to invest in. I m sure mrs. ohja told u. and he said she said but i m sure she forgot to tell u my answer…we are not insterest in any investment or an investor. Thank you so much…and as he is leaving…tinu says one min mr. Ohja…and he says i want to give u something. and he pulls out a packet. and revthi is scared. and girish says what is this?? and tinu says some old memories..and girish about to open the box…revthi says girish u dont open the present in front of someone…and girish says one min…i also want to see what old memories he is talking about…and girish is opening the box. Revthi is scared. and girish sees a pic frame which has revthi, girish, kuhu, sam and chetna aunty. and girish says what is this?? This is our family photogrpah!!! and revthi is worried. and she takes the frame and sees…and girish says where did u get it from. and tinu says there was a time when my family didnt have money to buy books…and now is the time where i m buying big businessess…only cause of chetnaji. and revthi all attention. and tinu says when my family was going thru hard time…chetna helped me…she made me go to school and made me a kind of man..that today i m standing in front of u . and girish says why did u tell me before. mom will be very happy to hear this. and someone respecting my mom so much i cant say no too. Come and sit…and girihs leaves…and tinu tells revthi…see this is the way to talk… and revthi says what do u mean? and tinu says u have lied so much…u couldnt recognize that i was lying… i m not going to let u recognize my truth so easily. and tinu goes in the living room to sit.

Sam is in a meeting with two staffs talking about the rating and isha barges in saying sam and all look. and she says sorry sir i wanted to talk something imp…and sam excuses himself..and staff leaves. and sam says what happened?? and isha says why didnt u tell me that indrani aunty is back form europe…why didnt u tell me? and sam says she is back??? and isha says yes she came to the office and i talked to her…so why didnt u tell me. and sam syas i didnt know myself. and sam syas what did she say? and isha says that ira is not back yet…and isha sasy she asked me to stay away…and isha says i dont want to come in between their family but i want to see her. and she says u couldnt even keep an eye out on indrani aunty…and sam makes her understand why indrani is scared…and says he will make indu understand but to give him some time. and sam says when ira comes i will make everything right…i swear on my love. and sam thinks i didnt know indu could go to such lenghts…i will have to act quick and make ira understand.

pre-cap — isha reads an ad how indu and revthi are coming to the function with their daughters and isha thinks this means ira is coming.

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