Sapno Se Bhare Naina 2nd September 2011 Written Episode

Blown Fuses

Sonakshi is whining in her cranky voice and Akruti and Naina who are with Daksh watch her sympathetically, but Daksh sees through her acting and mocks her. He threatens her, that he will tell his parents all about her and expose her and she in turn, tells him, that she will strive till she gets what she wants. She leaves to her room with anger. Naina tries to persuade Daksh that he is too harsh with Sonakshi, who is becoming mentally unstable, and he, rather than trying to understand her, is only fixing his mind on the fractured arm, and his suspicion that she is faking it. Naina\’s logic bulb seems to have been fused, and she sees only the surface and her mind refuses to delve beneath, the top layer. She wants to be the Good Samaritan, and rushes to Sonakshi\’s room, and Akruti and Daksh follow her.

In the room, they find a distraught Sonakshi, and in her high pitched, cranky voice threatens to end her life, and when Naina tries to stop her, a bottle labeled Rat Poison, falls on the ground and breaks. In their hurry to bring Sonakshi under control, Naina and Akruti, both women, with blown fuses, try to pacify her, but Daksh has his fuse intact, and his suspicion grows. The two women, try to put Sonakshi to bed, and thinking that she has calmed down, go out of the room.

Sonakshi, feels that her game is collapsing, and tries to figure out her next move. She wants to get out and speak to Vibha, but in comes the crawler Rohini, and stops Sonakshi in her tracks. She pretends that she is her well wisher and calms her down, and asks her not to be hasty. She notices a stain on the floor, and bends and touches it, and it is sticky. She comes to know that it is cough syrup. She must have heard the noise and heard that she was about to swallow rat poison. She concludes that it was Sonakshi\’s idea to fill the bottle with syrup to do her acting skit. Slowly she starts with her insinuations, and lets Sonakshi know that she knows that she is perspiring because of her meeting with Ayush. Rohini lets Sonakshi know that she has gauged her right from the very beginning, and that she knows, that Sonakshi is not innocent, and has a game up her sleeve. She also tells her that she knows that the marriage of Ayush is her plan, and warns her of dire consequences, and when she has injected enough doubt in her, she advises her to find a partner in her struggle. She offers herself. She tells her that she has known, that her fractured arm, is a fake story, as she noticed her opening the door, with that same arm. Rohini, tells her of the saying that her enemy is her enemy too. So they should join hands. She tells that Naina is in her way, and both of them are interested in getting her out of the way. Sonakshi has been bought. She removes the sling, and claps her palm of her fractured arm, on Rohini\’s and they sign their pact. Sonakshi is satisfied, and tells her that she will take the suggestion of Rohini, and knows how to win the heart of her man.

Daksh is pondering on the things that are happening in his life, and does not find any help from Naina, who seems to have her logic fuse blown off, and sees only one track, and does not take the track of Daksh seriously, so much so, she turns out to be a nuisance, even though she is a loving person. What is the use of a loving person, who does not use her mind?

In the kitchen, there are two other older women, with blown fuses: Shyamal and Vibha. Externally, they are normal, and simpletons, and when Shyamal worries, Vibha gives her encouragement. The former worries, how to get the jewelry from the pawn shop, and the latter asks her not to worry. The answer will fall from heaven. As these two simpletons argue, Sonakshi is planning her next move, and lifts a porcelain plate from the table, and then drops it, till it makes a big shattering noise, which jolt the arguing simpletons. Vibha the saintly woman of the house, stirs up, and rushes to the grieved girl, who is going to be her daughter in law. Her heart melts, and words of anxiety pour out from her and when she hears that the cause of the problem, is Sonakshi\’s decision to leave the house, as she wants more time to think about her marriage, the melting simpleton, catches her hand, and wants to find solution to her problem. She rushes up to her son\’s room, and yells at him, as to what he has done now, to make her dutiful future daughter in law so distressed. Her son, wakes up from his reverie, and looks at his mother wondering what new problem has been erected by this crafty girl. The mother\’s logic has been switched off, and what floats on top, foams out of her mouth, and she gives firm orders to her obedient son, telling him, that marriage is not a joke, – it is true, but the mother herself, has treated it like that, by not dwelling on the subject enough, neither getting her husband into confidence, nor her son\’s opinion. Wonderful people. All they are interested in getting a daughter in law, as if it is a decoration for their house, but Daksh who is a divorce lawyer knows what marriage is and what happens when someone rushes into it, without any forethought. But who can change these old minds, buried in the past? Sonakshi has won her battle.

On the terrace, Naina is alone and perhaps is trying to fix the fuse, but to no avail. Before it can be fixed, Sonakshi comes in to set it off again, and Naina\’s bleeding heart, is all for Sonakshi, and as Daksh comes to meet her, he finds Sonakshi, and instead of speaking to Naina, Sonakshi takes the center stage, and with all the histrionics in which she has acquired a post graduate degree, she tries to sweep Daksh off his feet, but the lawyer is firmly on the ground, but Naina, his support, does not seem to be of any help.

In the pre-cap: Naina enters her room, and notices ants crawling everywhere, and she finds they are clustered round the stain on the floor. She wonders, why the ants are attracted to the rat poison. She bends down, and touches the stain with her finger, and then lifts it to her nose to smell it. She has caught the real rat, but will she tell Daksh? Will she believe that what he was saying about Sonakshi all this time, may be true after all ?

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