Balika Vadhu 5th September 2011 Written Episode

Here is the Written update


I do not think I can handle this

ok first, it was Jogiya and his , talli state being all wacked up with gauri. Blah blah blah hug hug cry cry look at me I am so sad ( sorry guyz I cannot deal with him right now. Just listened to that STUPID guruji and I cannot think further)

So Anandi goes to Guruji with Asha and he starts barking abotu how women are the destroyers of the world! and cause of them the entire problems in the world exist.

I mean If I was there I will remove him and half the problems would die out right there.

And then those lucche, disgusting dogs come and tease Gulli, take her chunni and play around. POor girl she is sooo terrified !!!

Anandi sees gulli crying on the road

Precap they show : Ds saying that you gotta take actions against such losers

Anandi disguises as gulli and gives them one good slap.

OHHH thats not enough Anandi.

But I think I know now how ANandi will get into politics. If that loser is Heth singh\’s son then, he will want revenge as Anandi had dissed him before too. So , Now to fight him Anandi will stand in the next election and WIN. !

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