Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th September 2011 Written Episode

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Ahem decides to take Gopi Sumwhere outside. Hetal Kokila Rashi and Urmila are surprised to see Gopi going with Ahem outside but Hetal-Kokila are happy. Kinjal Is all set to go for the audition. She lies to Dhaval that she is Going for shopping. Ahem takes Gopi in his Car to A Wonderful location and tells her to scream out everything that is inside her. Gopi tells Everything and goes and Hugs Ahem. Kokila invites Kinjal for Gopi\’s Party. Ahem and Gopi reach home and a Surprise has been planned. All sing Happy birthday for Gopi. And Gopi surprised. Ahem smiling


Part 1

Scene — In Gohem\’s Room

Gopi At the Window is Crying and thinking about all that Rashi told. Ahem comes there and see\’s Gopi Crying. (Omg another GoHem Moment awaiting for us? )

Scene — In the Hall

Hetal is Having pity for Gopi. Kokila tells That is why i am celebrating her Birthday today. Hetal gives An idea and tells Kokila that we will make some favorite dish Of Gopi. Urmila tells Sheera. Gopi loves sheera. Kokila tells Not Sheera, its Rabdi. (Urmila doesn\’t know Gopi\’s fav dish also ) Kokila and Hetal go in the Kitchen. Both Urmila and Rashi start Fighting (Cat v/s Big Cat) Urmila tells But good I told its Gopi\’s Birthday. If kagdi would come to know from outside she would (make her rabdi )

Scene — In Gohem\’s Room

Ahem comes to Gopi. Gopi wipes her tears and then tells Ahem Take my studies I will write everything. Ahem tells No, U come with me, Gopi tells But… Ahem inturrupts and says Nothing doing come with me. He catches her hand (Omg Haat pakda he didn\’t realize ) Ahem comes Out of the room and then realizes that he has caught Gopi\’s hand.(achaa abhi samjha ) He is Embarrassed. He leaves Her hand and tells her to come down. (At last More Gohem scene\’s My dil goes emmm.. )

Part 2

Scene — In the hall

Again Rashi and Urmila start Arguing. Urmila tells Wait i will do something. Rashi joins her hand in Front of Urmila (Aise Bhagwaan ke samne bhi nahi joda hoga ) Hetal comes there along with Kokila and Ask what are u both talking. Urmila tells I was just telling Rashi that Her Birthday also will be celebrated like that Kokila says yes With Holy songs and aarti Urmila and Rashi\’s moths are opened (Makhi jaegi band kardo ) Ahem comes down with Gopi and tells Kokila that He is taking Gopi out. He tells Okay mom? He just walks off. (Doesn\’t wait for Kokila to say yes also ) Gopi follows her. While Kokila and Hetal who have a Small smile are a bit surprised. Urmila and Rashi\’s Mouth Opened (See till now not closed. Makhi will go i told still not listening )

Scene — Rajpal Nagar.

Kinjal dresses and wishes herself looking at the mirror Kinjal gives Dhaval the reason for Going that she has to bring vegetables. (Yeh ek aur jhuti ) Dhaval tells that so early there may be no vegetables. Kinjal tells No there will be and If i go later all Bad vege\’s will be there (Go Model Go!! )

Scene — GoHem at a Wonderful Location.

Ahem takes Gopi In his Car to a Wonderful location and tells her to scream out all her pains etc (Ahem toh bade tejz nikle ) Gopi tells No Nothing. Ahem tells Then what was all that at home? Tell gopi tell.

Part 3

Scene — At the Wonderful Location.

Gopi tells I never knew that My Parents Left me This Day. I was so happy that it was My Birthday but then I came to know this and i also know that I am wrong. Gopi also tells, I always cause trouble for everyone even everyone In The House I cannot keep anyone happy. She starts Crying. (Wapas Rone lagi ) She goes and Hugs Ahem Ahem lifts his hands to hug her but puts his hands down. (Omg.. Ahem had to hug na ) Gopi cries Harder and tells I am missing My Parents and Because of me they left this World. Ahem is Also very sad (1st time experience of Ahem ) Ahem offers His Handkerchief to Gopi and tells Her to keep quiet. Gopi takes it and Wipes her tears (Wow, Ahem dikra ) Ahem tells Gopi to remove all this that U are the reason for your parents death and now come home.. (I\’m Loving it ) Gopi gives back Ahem\’s Hanky. Kokila calls Ahem. Ahem tells I will come soon

Scene — In Modi Mansion.

Kokila is In deep thinking about Gopi. Hetal tells I have done all the preparations. Now only waiting for Gopi. Hetal asks Weather she called Kinjal (But she is gayab ) Kokila tells No i didn\’t but Now will do.

Scene — Modi Mansion // On the Road.

Kokila calls Kinjal. Kinjal is Worried. Kokila tells Kinjal to come home soon. Kinjal asks Why? (Now-a-days Many Whys na? ) Kokila tells that we are celebrating Gopi\’s birthday so U call Dhaval also. Rashi and Urmila who are listening to all this (Like chors ) Rashi tells We have to anyhow tell Dhaval not to come as he will pull Papa also.

Scene — GoHem car // Modi House.

Gopi-Ahem reach home. Gopi thanks Ahem. Ahem tells No Problem (Wow good to see this ) Both of them come at the Door. No one opens the door. Ahem opens the door. He tells Why is it so Dark? Wit i\’ll switch the lights (Aww.. Surprise ) Few of the School children along with Chirag-Hetal-Jigar , Parag-Kokila-Kinjal-Dhaval Urmila and Rashi sing Happy birthday. Gopi is surprised. Ahem is HAPPY (Same condition here )

Precap — The Small Boy tells Gopi to feed Ahem The Cake. Gopi who is sad goes to feed the cake. Ahem has a Slight smile on his face. Kokila is Looking at Ahem\’s reaction


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