Uttaran 12th September 2011 Written Episode

Short: Veecha heart to heart convo. Tapu meets Ichcha.
Precap : Same as friday – doctor telling nani about Tapu\’s medical issue.

1. Starts with Ichcha searching for Kanha to get ready for school, and she takes out a set of his cute red and white uniform. Kanha comes from behind already in uniform and surprises her. She asks him and he points to Veer who is polishing Kanha\’s shoes. They get him ready and ask him to go carefully.

When he is gone, Veer tells Ichcha about Kanha\’s desire to get a helicopter at which Veer told him to become a pilot when he grows up and fly real aeroplanes, and he completes the sentence saying…aakhir beta kiska hai, meaning that he is afterall Veer\’s son. Ichcha gets emotional and asks Veer the question if they would be able to give Kanha and Mukta the same love as their own biological child.

2. Tapu is sitting in her anger mode on the bed upset about how Rathod spoke to her yesterday in front of nani (apparently for the keeping fast thingie when rathod said tapu needs to follow dai ja\’s orders etc), at which rathod responds that he is a very straightforward man and says what is correct. Now that she is his wife, she needs to act responsibly for matters concerning the household. Also he says that he doesn\’t stick onto the mood after the night has gone, so basically forget about that and he is not angry with her anymore.

3. Veecha convo continues. A very beautiful heart to heart talk scene after a long time. They talk about legally adopting the two children and giving them love as Ichcha got from Jogi thakur. And ichcha has such a pure heart that she was ready to adopt Tapu\’s child even after knowing it wasn\’t Veers. Veer mentions what if Mukta was Tapu\’s girl, wouldn\’t she take care of her …at which Ichcha responds in positive. She also comes to know that Tapu lost her child and Ichcha is shocked, however Veer doesn\’t give any more details even though she wanted to learn.

Veer says Tapu wanted to snatch everything from you and in return she lost her child. A befitting punishment to her and God\’s blessings to Veecha. Ichcha bends to touch Veers feet, and he says they are equals and friends. Veer loves Ichcha and all her happiness and sorrows are his too. They hug and Ichcha says he has a big heart and is very nice. She kisses him on his shoulder.

4. Veecha have gone shopping to a mall, and ichcha looks gorgeous in the white dress. They see various sarees, and they like a particular designer saree which they ask for packing and move to check out other stuff. Meanwhile Rathod-tapu enter the same shop, and tapu likes the same saree that veecha has chosen. The salegirl mentions its sold, and tapu wants to buy the second piece of that kind, since there is only this piece, she wants to pay double for it. When the girl refuses, Tapu throws a tantrum she doesn\’t want to shop anymore.

Rathod asks who bought it so that he can ask the person and they both go towards Veecha. When they get there, Veecha turn around and everyone is shocked seeing everyone. Tapu notices a bright looking Ichcha and her pregnancy. Then she flashbacks how Ichcha had told Tapu to tell the truth about her pregnancy. The salegirl mentions about the saree, at which rathod mentions that nevermind, they will look for something else, and ichcha should be happy during her pregnancy. Tapu is obviously shocked and upset at the turn of events, and forgets to pick up her ringing cell phone. Rathod congratulates Veecha, and Tapu is silent in shock. Rathod reminds her of the ringing cell , and she goes away.

Precap: Same as friday – Nani is told by the doctor about tapu never being able to bear a child again. (ironically nani always used to curse the same for ichcha – and that fell upon tapu)

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