Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 13th September 2011 Written Episode

Episode starts with anjali is her room and looking at Jewelleries box\’s Shyam is there and having bas eyes on them too . ( i guess he\’s trying to steal them or maybe to accuse Khushi) he tell anjali to wear the one he choosed and anjali agrees. Shyam leaves while anjali is Dressing Up

Gupta\’s House

: Khushi\’s alarm Rings on …Khushi wake up suddenly and is shocked ; she jumps out of the Bed while brushing her teeth . Payal talking with HappyJi and asking for Akash (Haaye !! to miss akash\’s payalji Is missing his Mr.Right), he told her that he\’ll come in 2 days and khushi ask about it ! Payal says that his car is cass so that\’s why he came here !! khushi wondering why did he came to this Garage while too muuch are here . Khushi dressed up and shyam comes , he asks her if he can get hot water and she brings him . Shyam planning her Last Day in RM while putting the necklace box in her bag ( God plz take care of Khushi , Scary Situation again , Haate uu Shyam)

Raizada Mansion:

Arnav remembering what khushi did all these day ..thinking about pranks and checking if she didn\’t do anything else. ( Smart Arnav , not Bad huun , don\’t worry Kuch nahi Kiya Khushi ne)
La Talking with Laxmi and asking her why Nani believe in her that much !? and ask her who\’s more intelligent !? and laxmi said herself ( Meeeh) ( i agree with You laxmi , your Hundred times more smart than Blaah)

Khushi in RM Door and praying with closed eyes to not meet Arnav today and arnav is actually infront of her but when she re-open her eyes !! he walked off and Khushi senses him but till she look behind , he already left ( Kya pyaar haai yaar kuch to hai inke beech), anjali asked khushi about today\’s plan and Khushi ask Lavanya to do some work ! Shyam calls Anjali and try to ” Woo ” her and make her remember to wear the neckace he asked her to wear . Laxmi try to put out the Dabba of jewellery , but khushi tell her that there\’s not Ghaas poos for her there Mami and Lavanya talking about Cooking and talking about “lentils ” funny talk when Lavanya think that ” Maain ki Daal ” is actually ” Mom Ki daal ” and she asks why there isn\’t any Dad ki daal while there\’s one Mom daal( OMGeee Yaar ) poor iMami is Fed up to teach Lavanya ( Hehe ..Lavanya is too funny , its why i like watching her Scenes , without arnav of course)

Khushi in Arnav\’s room and She picked his Laptop , it falls and she\’s looking at it when She see arnav she\’s Shoked and scared Arnav tell Khushi that why did she stop !?why is she isn\’t continuing what she was gonna do . asking her what does she thinks about herself !? khushi trying to Justify herself .. Arnav saying that she Put juice in in shoes + changed his ringtone.(Blaming aur Blaming)..he says that she don\’t have any status and that betraying is in her Blood Khushi says that if she has to write a book on Status then she\’ll surely come to see him .( Well said Khushi , Arnav and his ” Aukaat ” Things , long story).. She tell his that he\’s habit is too Judge people but she can\’t take all blames on her Head and as he\’ve already blame her that she\’ll make it true ..she tries to broke more his Laptop but he grabs her hand and as always hurt her ( Koi baat ,nahi , dard mein bhi Pyaar Chhupa Hai )
Anjali come there and asks what going one !? khushi tells her to asks that to his Brother ..Arnav shows her his broked Laptop and accuse Khushi …he tell anjali that Khushi Don\’t even know about it Price and Khushi Says that it must be more precious than An human naa !? and arnav Shout on Her ” E n o u g h ” and Khushi is Scared ..Anjali Explains Arnav that She send khushi to store the Laptop as she was busy and she broke it by mistakeand Arnav suddenly be Quiet Anjali asks sorry to Khushi and Arnav Corrects her and Tell Anjali that Khushi is their Servant so she don\’t have to say sorry to her …Khushi is Hurt Once AgainASR Leaves a KKG in a painful Situation ..he turns too look her Back while Leaving and he\’s Little affected by Her Sad Face but finally Leave ( Kya arnav , when your hurt by hurting her then why are you hurting her that much!?)

Gupta House:

Shyam Talking to Khushi\’s Picture and Giving us a monolog !! actually rehearsing for His New act as he thinks that when Khushi will again be accused , this time for Stealing and saying that once for all she\’ll be His ( keep dreaming Boy , Khushi will never be yours)



Khushi Near Swimming Pool , arnav see her and try to say something ( i guess saying sorry for what he did) Khushi says that its enough now and that she doesn\’t wants to be more insulted …she turns when her Dupatta get stucked somewhere , she thinks that arnav is holding it so she gets angry and throw water on his Face Both in Angry mood

Okaay its time for One other Fight
Gonna Enjoy That

Pictures in Next Post tried to animat the Update so its why i\’ve added some Caps for uu All !! Enjooy huun

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