Balika Vadhu 13th September 2011 Written Episode

This serial is seriously frying my bheja at the moment, so until further notice, my updates will not be the usual detailed self. I will update as much as my brain will be tolerant of watching/listening so please bear with me through my turmoil. I have worn my specialist helmet to limit myself from sustaining any permanent brain damage, but even that is not guaranteed because I do have to watch it at the end of the day.
So without further ado, here is the update for today\’s episode. ENJOY!… Or not.

Part 1:
Episode recapping the flashback where Anandi takes the Glasses back from Jagat when he asks if he can keep them. Jagat is glad of the present and Gauri is happy that he liked the present and that he will look good in it.
Anandi is contemplating whether or not to call Jagat and then notices the call from Jagat but she doesn\’t recall answering his call, she then remembers Sumitra and the call that was receieved.
Jagat and Gauri have a romantic dance and are looking very much in love.

Part 2:
Jagat and Gauri are lost in each other and dancing romantically up close and personal. Jagat asks Gauri how she is able to make his birthday special all the time, he then recalls Anandi. Both then look apprehensive about something. Guys and girls then come and they have a group dance.
Gauri goes to get a drink and notices that his phone is ringing she sees that its Anandi and answers the call. She calls her natak baaz and that she wants to get Jagat back in his life and everything she did is for a show. She basically blames everything on Anandi. Anandni replies that she only called because Jagat called her and that she was not able to answer before and that\’s why she called.

Part 3:
Gauri is shocked hearing this from Anandi, she checks the phone and deletes Anandi call from the list because she doesn\’t want Jagat to know that she called, she goes back and rejoins everyone dancing and they continue to have masti.
Everyone thank Gauri for the party and they all leave. Jagat takes Gauri\’s hand and thanks her for everything that she has done and thanks is still not enough. She did everything by herself, no one in his family didn\’t even remember his birthday and she did everything for her. He calls her his world. They both embrace

Part 4:
Anandi is teaching the class about what is happening around us. That people can sit and watch TV/Listen to radio to find out what is happening around the world. She speaks out the importance of being aware of news/announcement/laws and as citizens we should be aware of this. She shows the class a newspaper and the different news is available. Kaka asks how one newspaper can collect so much information. Anandi replies that each section is done by a different team and collected together. Kaki says she thought this was a simple thing hence why the paper is so cheap. Another Kaki says how it would be a good idea if the villiage itself has something like this, Anandi agrees. DS looks like a tube light lighted up in her brain

Learning is up to the individual which they should all do, but is difficult to teach others

DS is reading a news paper and Anandi, Sumitra and Genha catch her and say that she has been caught, DS tries to hide the paper but its too late. Anandi asks why is DS embarrassed, they are happy that DS is clever.

Apologies for any mistake, just wrote it as I was watching the episode therefore have not proof read it.

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