Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 16th September 2011 Written Episode

Once again I have workers in my house and this time dad\’s not home, so its just me & I have to keep an eye on them. So kind of multitasking here. Please be patient with me.


Part 1:

Lata is starting to feel very uncomfortable at the jewelery shop. Vimal is still in his car waiting silently.

Back at the SB CP is getting very worried. Pratibha asks what happened sister? You seem very worried. CP says Lata hasn\’t returned yet. Its been too late now and I\’m getting worried. Pratibha says please don\’t worry. Our child is very smart and understanding. The pandit ji says there is one more ritual left to do outside of the house. Pratibha asks Shelly if all the preparations are done. Shelly says yes everything has been done. I\’ve told Vimal to bring “rabdi” but he\’s not answering his call. I\’ve been trying for so long now. Pratibha says he\’ll come. Get the snacks ready. Shelly says yes I will. Pratibha tells CP to come have snacks and not to worry about Lata and that Lata would be there soon. Shelly tells the servants to hurry up. Shelly calls Vimal. Vimal finally picks up and says yes Shelly? Shelly says Vimal? You\’re not picking up your phone. Where are you? Vimal says I\’m busy with work. Shelly says the whole ceremony is about to end. When will you come? Vimal says Veer and Karan are there nah. I\’m tied up with work. Shelly says okay okay. But you were supposed to bring the “rabdi”. Everyone has started eating snacks here. Vimal says I had told them to deliver it on time. I\’ll call them and tell them. Shelly says ok but when are you coming home? Vimal says I can\’t talk. I\’m buy. He hangs up. Shelly says arey. There\’s a function in this house after so many days and I don\’t know where he has disappeared.

Lata asks the person to please check if the bangle is ready. The bangle is finally given to Lata. Lata says thank you.

Everyone is eating at the SB. Shelly is attending to the guests making sure they are okay. Shelly says Priyanka come and help me please. Priyanka says Shelly bhabhi. The thing is I\’m having a bit of a stomach ache. Priynaka is taking food on her plate and Shelly stares at her. Shelly says Priyanka…She takes the plate from her and says you have a stomach ate and you\’re going to eat samosas? What are you doing? Go rest…I\’ll send medicine. Priyanka leaves. Mami comes up and says may I eat? My stomach is fine. Shelly says please eat and hands the plate to Mami. Mami starts filling her plate with food.

Jaggu says to himself I should thank Raj. He dials Raj\’s phone number. Raj\’s cell rings. Raj picks up. Jaggu says Raj beta. How are you? Raj says I\’m fine uncle ji. How are you? Jaggu says I\’m fine. Just came home. Raj asks why Jaggu called. Jaggu says I called to thank you. Whatever you have ddone for us I won\’t ever be able to forget that. Thank you very much. You didn\’t even tell me and went to Mumbai? Raj says Mumabi? I\’m in Ujjain uncle. Jaggu says in Ujjain? Pratibha walks in and says arey…you keep talking on the phone even after the doctor said not to. Give me the phone. Jaggu hands teh phone to Pratibha. Pratibha says hello Raj. I\’ll have him call you back in a bit. I\’ll have him have breakfast first. Raj tries to say something, but Pratibha hangs up. Pratibha gives Jaggu some juice. Jaggu says Pratibha Raj is here in Ujjain and you had told me something else. Pratibha says his business is like that. Sometimes in Mumbai, sometimes in Ujjain. He must have come back. You eat your breakfast. Then you have to have medicine too. Jaggu nods.

Part 2:

The ladies are talking about girls and dowry and other things along the lines. Shelly says what are you talking about? We\’re educated people. Such a cheap thought. I don\’t think in today\’s generation there is any difference between a boy and a girl. I don\’t know about others, but in our SB neither is there a difference between daughters and daughter in laws and neither between sons and daughters. The lady says forgive us Shelly bhabhi but if that\’s the case then where is Kanika? She hasn\’t been seen in this entire function. Priyanka says you have spoken my mind. The whole function I was thinking about where Kanika is and how nice it would be if she were here. CP says Priyanka nobody told her not to come. She had some modeling work and that\’s why she left. Mami says I say that the daughter in laws are at fault for this. Kanika is the only daughter of the SB. You could have adjusted the timings for the function so that she could attend. You\’ve been calling Gudiya Gudiya for so long now. So what if you had to call her that a few days more. Please don\’t feel bad didi, but this time your Abha has made a mistake. Pratibha says Abha has not made any mistake. No body in this family or this house has made a mistake. I had already spoken to Kanika and only after her approval did we keep the function at this time. Shelly and Abha have handled this house so well. Without these two not a day would pass at the SB. And as far as Abha is concered she is the bond of this family. Pri says mummy ji please. Let along differences amongst daughters and daughter in laws, here there is a differentiation between the 3 daughter in laws. You just said that Abha and Shelly have handled this house so well. I admit that I\’m new and don\’t know how to do the household chores properly, but that doesn\’t mean that you forget to give me the position of the daughter in law of this house. Pratibha says I didn\’t mean that beta. You three mean so much to me just like my own daughter Kanika. Pri says please mummy ji. Sometimes I feel like Veer is not your real son. That\’s why he is treated like an adopted…Karan says bhabhi…What are you talking about? By talking like that you\’ll put bad thoughts into Veer\’s mind. In this house Veer is the oldest. He is our older brother. He is the oldest son of this house and he knows that in this house there has been no partiality. The sons of this house know this. If the others understand then that will be good. Abha says maa we\’ve called all of didi\’s friends but no one knows about her whereabouts. CP says hey bhagwan. Where could she have gone? I\’m very scared Abha. God please keep her safe. A lady says arey behan ji (CP) we heard that your daughter won a lottery. Mami says yes you\’ve heard right. Now our Lata has started working with all her heart. She works day and night. Sometimes she doesn\’t get home till 2 am. A lady says 2 am? I would never let my daughter work that late. Its not good family values. Mami says look sister…you\’re thoughts are correct. but now girls leave their house and work has become common. Now you tell me what will poor Lata do? First she\’s divorced…No support, no child. So to keep herself occupied she would have to go out. If she goes out then even she\’ll feel better. Right sister? CP says bhabhi…don\’t start all of this again. Abha says mami ji. If you give good values to your children then the family has no need to worry. And our parents have given us good values. Mami says I\’m not raising a finger that didi and Thakur saab have given you guys. Seriously. I\’m just worried abotu Lata. She must have gotten tied up in some work. She should have at least called and told you. If she keeps doing this then who will marry her? CP says bhabhi…Karan says mami if you talk like this then the rest of the family members will get even more worried. You know about papa\’s health and all. So please whatever you have to say say it quietly and with calmness. Abha, let\’s go. You and I will go to didi\’s office.

Part 3:

Karan says to the security guard we want to meet Ms. Lata Uday Pratap please. The guard says sir the office is closed now. No one is here now. Karan asks what time did it close? The guard says at 6:00 sir. Karan sks and what time did she leave? The guard says she left at 3. Karan says 3:00? Its been 3 hours Abha. Did she tell you anything about where she was going or anything? Abha says Karan maa was saying that she had sent Lata didi to get a bangle. Karan asks what jeweler is it? Abha says maa only goes to one place to get jewelery. Let\’s go there. Karan says okay and they head in that direction. Abha asks how will we find her? Karan says dont\’ worry. We\’ll ask around. We\’re bound to find something out. Abha says okay and Karan and Abha start asking people about Lata. Abha calls her mom and says not to worry and that they are trying to find Lata didi. Abha says maa please don\’t cry. We\’ll bring her home. The \’gundo\’ who Abha had talked to earlier approaches but Abha doesn\’t notice yet. Abha says to Karan I told maa but how will we find her? Where? Karan says we can\’t lose hope like this. We will find her. Trust me. Come on. The gundo is about to take some \’sopaari\’ when Abha and Karan approach hima nd Abha says do you know…she then notices the bandanna looking thing on his hand. She notices who he is and says you? Abha says Karan he was the man who misbehaved with me. They guy runs off. I saw Lata\’s didi\’s towel on his hand. He must know about Lata didi. They start chasing after him. Karan finally gets his hands on the guy. Abha says you know where Lata didi is. Tell us. They guy says I don\’t know anything. Abha says you\’re lying. Where did you get this towel? The guy says madam I got this towel on the streets. Abha says don\’t lie. It has an L written on it and its Lata didi\’s. I know it. The guy says my name is Lucky so it has an L written on it. Karan says what\’s your name? Karan gets his name and address. Abha asks why he ran away? The guy says he was scared seeing Karan with Abha and that\’s why he ran away. They get the towel from the guy and Karan pushes the guy to his bike and the guy leaves. Shelly calls Karan and asks if they found anything about Lata. Karan says no not yet. Shelly says look Karan. Auntie\’s health is deteriorating. As soon as you find something out call home. Karan says ok I\’m bringing Abha home. Abha asks what did she say? Karan says maa ji is very worried. You go home. I will go with Prakash bhaiya and see.

Prakash and Karan venture out in the night to search for Lata.

Everyone at the SB are worried. Abha says maa didi will come. Don\’t worry. Mami says arey How can she not be worried? A divorced girl who is alone is out. And its so late at night. Abha says but mami ji it isn\’t necessary that it is something to be worried about. Mami says yeah its also possible that she is (can\’t determine the english translation of what she said). Or went somewhere with her boss to see a film. CP says be quiet bhabhi. My daughter isn\’t that careless who would keep the family members worried and go out and roam around like that. CP says then where has she gone didi?

Lata seems to be in a terrible condition on the streets. She slowly opens her eyes. She faintly sees a car approaching. She tries to make hand movements to get the car to stop. She is very weak. She closes her eyes again. The car stops and out comes Raj. He walks towards the body and kneels down beside it. He is surprised. Lata seems to be in a very bad condition. Her outfit seems to be torn in places. Raj moves the hair of Lata to reveal the face. He is shocked to see it is Lata.

Precap: CP is yelling what happened to my daughter? Karan says maa ji please calm down. I\’ll inform the police. CP asks police? Why the police? Prakash says so we can find out. Karan says so we can get more information on where she must have gone. Karan\’s phone rings. CP says who\’s phone is it? Karan says its Raj. CP says why is he calling? Karan picks up and says yes Raj? Raj says something bad incident has happened to Abha\’ sister Lata so reach city hospital immediately. Karan says what? Everyone yells what?

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