Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd September 2011 Written Episode

The episode starts with Khushi walking in the RM upset. Nani calls for her. She wipes her tears and turns around to see Nani lift the heavy pooja\’s plate. She immediately goes to help out. Nani asks her if she can get some gangajal as she has to speak to panditji about the pooja. Khushi seems reluctant but agrees to help.
As Khushi is leaving with the gangajal, ASR comes and snatches the plate from Khushi and asks her what she\’s doing here as he\’d asked her to leave. Khushi tries to explain but Arnav says that preparations for the shradh is only done by family members and he doesn\’t like false sympathies. He doesn\’t want to see her face on this day. She will get a lot of opportunities to be \’selfless\’ in front of Nani, she should just get out. Khushi is in tears and leaves.
However, she is stopped by Anjali. She notices something wrong and asks her about it. Khushi says she\’s fine. Anjali takes Khushi with her despite her refusals.
Scene shifts to Madhumati telling Shashi that he\’s only had Shyam\’s tea at the moment. There is lots more to see and he makes amazing food. Shyam says that if Shashi wants, he can make it today itself. Howevern at that very moment, Shashi starts getting an attack. Everyone panics. Shyam is calmer and goes to get a doctor.
Scene reverts back to Khushi-Anjali where Anjali is trying her best to console Khushi. She asks Khushi if she\’s feeling uneasy because of the barsi\’s atmosphere and if she\’s missing her parents. Khushi says that there is no option. Those who go away, they don\’t come back even if we call them. We can only miss them. ASR is witnessing all this. Anjali says that her mother had always said that one should always cry one\’s heart out. Bottling up emotions does no one any good, letting them out makes one feel better. They both hug and ASR gets emotional seeing this. Anjali asks Khushi if she\’s feeling better. Khushi nods and asks her to carry on with her work, they\’d already wasted a lot of time. Anjali leaves. ASR recalls the time he\’s shouted and snubbed her when she was trying to share his pain. He feels guilty seeing Khushi crying and genuinely repenting. Just then, a servant comes and asks ASR if he should keep his phone in his room. ASR says yes, he will sit in the pooja, not take calls. As he turns back to Khushi. He notices she\’s gone.
The doctor gives injection to Shashi. Shyam asks Payal to control herself, she needs to take care of Garima and Madhumati too. Payal asks Shyam to inform Khushi. Shyam says he would. He takes his phone out reluctantly and says he can\’t get through her number. He says they\’ll try again. Doctor said he came right on time else it would\’ve been a problem. He asks Shashi to rest. Payal tells Shyam to try Khushi again. Shyam says it\’s a no reply. Payal says she\’ll try.
Garima is very upset. Madhumati consoles her and says thank God Shyam handled everything. Garima says that Shyam saved Shashi\’s life.
Meanwhile Arnav is looking for Khushi. A servant tells him she\’s left most probably. But he sees her talking to someone and recollects her and Anjali\’s conversation. A visibly upset and lost Khushi walk away from Arnav\’s eye sight once she\’s done.
The doctor gives Shyam some pills and says Shashi has heart problems, he can even get a heart attack. So in case he encounters such a pain again, he must immediately be given the pills and the doctor should be called. As Shyam sees the doctor off, Payal comes and tells Shyam that she, too, can\’t get through RM\’s number but there is some Rani Sahiba calling him up. He hurriedly takes the phone from Payal and says he\’ll handle it. As Payal leaves, his phone rings again. Shyam tells Anjali that he might not be able to make it. Anjali starts crying and says she never said anything on teej and their anniversary but if he doesn\’t come today then she\’ll not speak to him ever. Shyam tries to say something but Anjali cuts the call(Go, Anjali!). Shyam thinks to himself that he\’s stuck. Anjali\’s upset but he cannot go to the RM with Khushi around! (The guy just keeps getting even more disgusting with every episode! For heaven\’s sake, it\’s his wife\’s parent\’s barsi! How inconsiderate! Oh well, I\’m not surprised. I\’m sure he can go even lower than this!).
Khushi is leaving the RM. Arnav follows and calls out for her but all in vain. He is upset.
Scene shifts to Garima asking Shashi if he\’s fine. Shyam tells them not to be upset. The doctor has said there\’s nothing to worry about. Madhumati asks if he could get through RM\’s number. They must inform Khushi. Shyam says he\’ll try again. Just then the bell rings. Khushi is back. Shyam goes to open the door and Garima and Madhumati follow to inform her and Shashi tells Payal to get him a pillow. Shashi recalls Shyam talking to Rani Sahiba and takes his phone and jots down Rani Sahiba\’s number.
Khushi is panicking and upset that no one cared to inform her about Shashi\’s ill-health. Everyone tries calming her down. Shyam realises his phone is not with him. He goes to the room to get it and Shashi is quick enough to put it back in place as Rani Sahiba calls. Khushi comes and hugs Shashi. He consoles her saying he\’s fine. Shyam takes the phone and walks out. Shashi looks at Shyam\’s retreating figure suspiciously.
Shyam says he should leave. Khushi can take care of Shashi, he has important work pending. Madhumati asks him to return soon. He calls Anjali up and she cuts in call.
Scene shifts to Anjali and the other family members sitting in the pooja. Manorma passes a comment on how Shyam should\’ve been here on time. Anjali looks at her and she shuts up. Arnav says that he\’s sure Shyam will turn up even if late.
The pooja starts. Akash notices that Nani is pained. She has a sad smile on her face as she sees the garlanded photo of her late daughter and son-in-law. He puts a comforting habd on her shoulder. Arnav closes his eyes and recollects the happening of that fateful night when the terrible incident had happened. He clenches is fists recalling those painful memories and the garland from the photo falls. Arnav opens his eyes and puts the garland right. His tear stricken face freezes as the episode ends.

No precap.

P.S. Barun is always fab but he is a MUST watch in the last scene of the episode. During the entire sequence, he makes Arnav\’s agony so palpable!

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