Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th September 2011 Written Episode

Shyam tries to handle the situation by telling the man that he has another client whom he had to go and meet. The man gets confused but leaves. Shashi looks suspicious and Shyam says that contrary to what people feel, a lawyer can\’t be in the court all the time. If he keeps fighting cases, when will he prepare? (I know this question has been asked a lot of times but seriously, man, how does Shyam manage his livliehood?). Shashi smiles and Shyam leaves but Shashi\’s suspicions refuse to leave him.
Arnav opens his room\’s door to find La standing there. She comes in and asks if they can leave for the party. Arnav says he doesn\’t want to go to the party and gets irritated on her \’Arnavji, Arnavji\’. La says that she won\’t call him that if he doesn\’t like but why is he angry with her since morning? Then she says that she\’s going to the party alone but she will not drink and flirt with anyone else. She rests her head on his shoulder and says she\’ll only miss him. Just then the bell rings. La calls out for a servant and asks him if Khushi has arrived. Arnva gets shocked knowing that Khushi is accompanying La to the party. La goes to do her touch up and Arnav goes to see Khushi.
Arnav checks Khushi out. She catches him staring at her and he looks away. She recalls ASR screaming at her about her false sympathies and she, too, looks away. Arnav finally starts approaching Khushi and she is unable to meet his eyes. As Arnav reaches her, La comes and says they\’re getting late and drags Khushi away. ArHi throw helpless glances at each other as Khushi walks out of the door.
Khushi is feeling awkward in the party. La says she is going further in and Khushi can take her time to join in. Khushi is standing and contemplating about what to do when she recollects Arnav insulting her and gets annoyed with herself for thinking about him. As she turns, she bumps into him. She is about to leave when Arnav calls her. She says La is inside and again starts leaving. He calls her again and she screams at him for trying to talk to her. Arnav finally loses him temper (Yeh toh hona hee tha) and asks her how dare she. And what follows is amazing KKG dialogues: Kyun nahi kar sakte hum daring?. Aap bhi toh kitni daring karte hain? Daring par kewal aapka naam likha hai kya? Aapne daring ko khareed rakha hai kya?.. (Ok, however cute and adorable it was, I do not appreciate the fact that Khushi just blasted at Arnav. Ek toh pehli baar life mein maafi mangne aaya tha woh bhi itni practice kar ke. I understand where she\’s coming from. Arnav has treated her like crap a lot of times but at least let him speak before lashing out!). Arnav also shouts some insults at her and turns away and she starts crying. Arnav melts and tries calming himself and reminding himself that he\’s here to apologise. As he turns back to Khushi, he notices she\’s gone.
Shyam is giving medicines to Shashi. He notices the ring mark on Shyam\’s finger (indicating that he was wearing a ring and the finger was on in which one wears marriage ring). Shashi asks Shyam to get some water. As Shyam leaves, Shashi dials Rani Sahiba\’s number but Shyam returns before contemplated time since Madhumati is getting the water. He hurriedly puts the phone down but it drops. Shyam comes and Shashi immediately reaches out for a book. He apologises and says he knocked the phone over by mistake. It rings and Shyam sees Rani Sahiba calling. Shashi looks at him suspiciously. Madhumati comes with the water and Shyam takes his leave.
Scene shifts to the RM. Everyone\’s eating dinner. Manorma comments on Arnav and La being absent. Shyam claims to be present and says he\’s hungry. Manorma says how everyone in the house is unpredictible except Akash who always does what she tells him to, including marriage (Yeah Right!). Shyam tells her not to be so confident. One never knows with marriages these days.Anjali says if Akash has no guarantee than neither does their marriage. Shyam says he\’s her slave. And they reach about how Shyam had called her. Shyam is puzzled. He realises that Shashi must\’ve done something and says maybe it was dialed by mistake.
Arnav is looking around for Khushi. He sees her standing on the porch, crying and feels bad. He goes to talk to her but she starts leaving. Arnav loses his cool and grabs hold of her and tells her not to walk away from him. She finally breaks and tells him to get over and done with what he says. (And what follows is something words won\’t do justice to! You have to see it man! The most aggressive apology ever. Eeekkk!!. BTW, I\’m sorry I had my facts wrong the other day. Seems like Arnav does know about Khushi\’s parents though I fail to understand how. When did Khushi ever tell them? Anyway, maybe I missed something).
Khushi is stunned. Arnav slowly lets go of her and she taunts him about how difficult it must\’ve been for him, THE ASR, to apologise to her, KKG. Khushi tells him about how her parents had died in an accident when she was 8. She was too young to understand that they were never coming back. She confesses that she still believes that her parents have become stars and that is why, she hangs stars above her bed, she\’s scared of dark and scared to sleep alone. Even after so many years, she still hopes that everything is a bad nightmare. She tells him that now he knows everything about her. He should say sorry. On the other hand, the usually calm and composed Arnav has tears in his eyes as he listens to Khushi narrate her sad childhood tale. Khushi tells him to leave it. He won\’t be able to say sorry to her because she is just not up to that standard. Khushi is leaving when Arnav calls out to her. She turns. Arnav composes himself and says \’Sorry\’ to Khushi. Khushi is stunned. She leaves (It\’s ok bhi nahi bola.). Arnav is left alone crying.
(People, this scene is a MUST watch. It\’s soo touching, I tell you! My eyes were moist!To those who\’d asked me about my favourite ArHi scene, it HAS to be this one! It wins hands down! Arnav Singh Raizada said \’Sorry\’ that to to our very own Jalebi Bai! Beautiful.)
Payal asks Khushi if she\’s cried again. She asks what\’s wrong. Khushi says she first wants a cup of tea. Payal says she\’s crazy and will drive others around her mad, too.
Meanwhile, Anjali is also trying to make Arnav say what he\’s hiding. She says his eyes can\’t lie. He had cried. Arnav asks her to leave him alone.
Khushi says Arnav had said Sorry also in such a way that she cried and told him everything She compares ASR\’s sorry to Gold Medal to earn which she had to do so much.
Anjali says something which gets Arnav annoyed. She says Sorry and he says that she\’s said sorry 5 times. Is it that easy? It\’s so difficult for him. Anjali asks him if he\’s fine. He says yes. Then no. He thinks he\’s going mad. Anjali tells him to sleep and goes. Arnav is left wondering

No precap.

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