Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2011 Written Episode

RECAP [Epi #378]

Kokila is angry to know that Gopi has ordered for cactus plants instead of roses. Rashi is happy. Dhaval wishes to remove the misunderstandings between him and Kinjal. The Navratri pooja is performed at Kokila\’s place. Gopi is tensed when Aham arrives home with her exam result. She is very happy to know that she has passed with 60%. Rashi is miffed to see Kokila and her family praising Gopi. Gopi thanks Aham for his support. Kokila and Hetal pacify the dissatisfied Aham. Kokila gets angry when Rashi tries to take credit for Gopi\’s success. She puts Rashi in her place. Kinjal informs Urmila and Dhaval about her organizing a Navratri pooja. Kinjal is miffed to know that Dhaval has removed her picture from his vest packets. Gopi advises Jigar to buy a gift for Rashi. Rashi is happy when Jigar asks her to select a designer dress for herself. Kokila is miffed when the designer arrives home to showcase his designs.


Scene — Modi Bhavan.

The Man Asked How did You like it? Kokila said ok I liked it. The 3 Ladies leave and Few Men come with Bags\’ He tells them to choose some designs. Hetal asks the rate? He tells starting rate is from 40,000. Kokila tells, These Designs will be used only once right? By then Rashi tells, Wow, I like this Thing. She see\’s the rate its 50,000, she asks if some less rate? He tells, No our price is fixed. But if u want it on rent i shall give it to u. But i will take 15000 Rs. Rashi tells, I will Try it on.

Scene — In Rashi\’s Room

Kinjal dresses in a saree. Dhaval compliments her and asks where are u going? Not for any Advertisement na? Kinjal tells him to shut up and tells, This saree is given by those people and also I am the guest of honor just because i did their add and I won\’t wear those Salwaar of Rajpal Nagar and Go Not at all. She leaves the Room. Urmila hears all this and is shocked.

Scene — Modi Bhavan

Rashi is trying on and wearing all the 3 Dresses she brought. She loved 1 dress. She started turning round when her Dupatta gets stuck in a nail and the dupatta tears. She is shocked. She tells, Oh God I have done a big problem for myself now that Kagdi will kill me.. Oh Krishna ji help me. 50,000 Rs where will i get it? My Poor husband won\’t have even half of this.She decides to call Urmila. She changes and calls Urmila and tells. Urmila tells, Leave that dikra. Rashi tells the price of the money. Urmila is shocked. She sits and acts as if she is fainting. Urmila asks U are fine na? Now what will happen? Rashi tells her to think and tell something. Urmila thinks and tells, U give it to Gawar and put the blame on her. U tell her to wear it and then make some noise that will make Gopi think that Because of her the Dupatta tore. Rashi tells, I will think and tell. Rashi comes down. Kokila chooses a Saree for Gopi. Gopi is putting it on her and seeing. Rashi tells the dress she wants. The Man tells, Wow this is the most costly dress. Kokila asks Rashi to show the Dress as she wants to see why is it the costliest. She shows it. Kokila is about to see the Dupatta but Hetal calls her and tells, Here is a Saree for Kokila. Kokila tells, Okay I shall chose it. Kokila also chooses a dress for Gopi. Hetal tells them to give the bill. The Man(name Tejas) gives the Bill. Hetal goes to bring the payment while Kokila and Gopi go as they have work. Tejas and few others go out. Rashi thinks, Now What should I do so that The Blame of The Tore Dupatta comes on Gawar.

Scene — Rajpal Nagar

Dhaval tells Urmila to choose a Saree for her. Kinjal comes and asks for the Money she had kept in the cupboard. Dhaval tells, I decided to bring a Saree for Fui so I used the money. Kinjal tells, But i wanted to buy a Make up kit. Urmila tells, But y? U are in the end going to remove the make up right? whom do u want to impress? Kinjal tells, U are also married so then why should U buy something? U can use ur other Saree only na. Urmila does her crying acting and tells, Leave it, I don\’t want the Saree. Dhaval tells Urmila to chose a saree. Kinjal gets angry and goes and closes her room door. Dhaval tells Urmila to choose a Saree and that he will go and try to make Kinjal Understand. Urmila tells Ok and thinks, What must be happening to Rashi there?

Scene — In Modi Bhavan.

Rashi comes to meet Gopi. Rashi tells Gopi to try on the Chanya choli (dress) she had brought for herself. After Rashi insisting her a lot, Gopi decides to wear the Dress. Rashi goes and puts a Nail near Gopis\’ dressing table and has an Handkerchief in her hand.

Scene — In Modi Office.

Jigar instructs an officer to do the work fast. Aham is set to go home. Jigar asks Where are u going? Aham tells, I have to teach Gopi. Jigar tells, But then Her exam is over and then in her school holidays are on. Aham realizes it. Jigar tells, But I am really good to see how are u interested In Bhabhi in teaching her… I like the change. Aham asks Which change are u talking about? No change. He leaves his room. Jigar is standing and smiling.

Scene — GoHam\’s Room.

Gopi comes out with the Dress. Rashi takes her to the Mirror and slowly takes her Dupatta and puts it to the Nail she attached and tears the Handkerchief. Rashi tells, Oh Gopi.. What is this Be careful. She removes the Dupatta and tells, Gopi see what did u do! U tore this. Now see all because of u all the blame will come on me.. Do something otherwise Both Kaki and The Designer will eat me. Gopi tells, I will Stitch this so that no one knows. Gopi stitches it and goes away. Rashi is happy and tells, wow the Blame is now on This Gawar..
Rashi and Gopi are walking down the stairs and Rashi tells, Now we will Give this to the Designer. Gopi tells, But then telling lies is wrong. Rashi tells, Now don\’t think about all this. Come on. Kokila Stops Rashi. Rashi is shocked.


Rashi tells the Designer, I want to return this. Gopi tells herself, Kanha ji please give me the strength. Gopi tells, I want to say something. Rashi is shocked. Kokila and Aham are confused. Rashi is also scared. Gopi is looking at them.

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