Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 5th October 2011 Written Episode

Part 1
Manvi is forcing Jeevika to go and meet Manan but Dadi sees them in the living room and asks where they are off to. Manvi tells Dadi that Jeevika is adamant on cleaning the garden rather than getting dressed. Dadi tells Jeevika to get dressed. (Achay say tayyar hona Viren urff Karan Tacker aanay wala hain sighhh) Just then Dadi leaves and Manvi drags her outside. Dabba (Box lol) sees them leaving and understands that they are upto something fishy. Both the sisters run out of the house while Manvi keeps saying she will handle everything and Jeevika senses trouble.
Dadi gets a call from some Mr.Bhaghat (is this the guy who gets Rishtas done? Hehe I toh only thought aunties get rishtas done wow aj pehlee baar uncle rishta kar rahay hain) He tells Dadi that the guy\’s family coming to see Jeevika are coming by road due to a change in plan and hence will reach in the afternoon rather than evening. Dadi panicks and tells Chacha jaan to go and get stuff for the house. She calls Jeevika as well
Jeevika reaches a very beautiful place (Wow Rishikesh is pretty I wanna go there! For more reasons than one! Hehehe) and Manan comes on his bike too. Manvi and the kids hide in a corner. Jeevika and manan face each other and say nothing (Yay lo!!) Finally Manan says that he is sorry for getting late his bike wasn\’t starting. Jeevika says it\’s fine. Far away Manvi and the kids are getting irritatated that they cannot hear anything. Then one kid says she heard “Jeevika main tumharay bina jee nahi sakta!” ( LMAO naughty kid) Manan then talks about how it is going to rain (proving that when there is nothing to say we should talk about the weather lol) Jeevika says good it will get a bit cooler. Manan agrees.
Dadi comes to Jeevika\’s room and asks if she is ready. Dabba is there and pretends to be Jeevika (LMAO awesomeee!! Bhai ho toh aisa!!) He says in a girl\’s voice that he is getting ready and when Dadi asks about Manvi he takes out a different girl\’s voice and says that she is making jeevika get ready. Dadi noices the voice changes but Dabba tells her that it is because he/she had ice LMAO.
Part 2
(LMAO ) Dabba is fed up of acting like the girls so he calls up Manvi and tells her to come immediately telling her about change in plans. Manvi gets annoyed and says what is the guy\’s family\’s problem and calls them Pyaar kay Dushman LOL. Dabba says that he cannot act like 3 different people to save them (got a point fair bro! Sirf lambay baal say you cannot become a girl lol) Manvi says ofcourse he can act like a girl and makes him recall the time in their childhood when he used to become the wife and serve tea in a sari (LMAO this is a funny scene!) Manvi calls him the house\’s heroine and he agrees to take care of the situation ONLY for 30 minutes. Manvi assures they will be back by then.
Jeevika and Manan are having eyelocks (hehehe cute!) and are not saying anything. Just then Jeevika says something and Manan opens his mouth use waqt lol. Jeevika however speaks first and tells him slowly that she has come to talk about her wedding and that she is getting married and the guy\’s family is to see her today. Manan gets extremely upset (bechara) He says this that this is good news (aray! Itni jaldi haar maan gayay! :O ) and asks what does the guy do. She says that he has a big business in Chandigarh (Aray yaar kya confusion hain! I thought he is a lawyer :s ) Manan asks if she is happy. Jeevika says that her dadi is happy and she will do anything her dadi says. Manan says fair enough and asks if this is why she called him? to tell him about her wedding? Jeevika gets confused and they both show each other the letter while Manvi gets all shocked, looking form a distance.
Dadi gets panicked about the house arrangement and asks chichi to see where Jeevika is. Just then Dabba (with a yellow dupatta on his head) pretends to be jeevika and chichi fusses over the back of Dabba telling him that she/he needs to get ready. All this while Dabba hides his face and in a girl\’s voice says she is ready ( LMAO MUST watch scene!!) Chaci scolds that her voice has become bad the day the guy\’s family is coming!
Jeevika realizes that Manvi did all the set up of the letters. Manan thinks Manvi did a right thing as atleast they got a chance to talk. (Bechara the guy seems really heart broken yaar)He says that she is a nice girl and they have been together (?????) for many years but now his destination is probably somewhere else. He turns to leave then comes back and tells her that his best wishes are always with her and she should fulfil her dadi\’s wish. Manvi is not happy at a distance watching all this. Jeevika leaves.
Part 3
Chacha enters with fruit and mithai. Big Dadi says she hopes he didn\’t bring guavas as she cannot chew them lol. Just then Dabbo enters wearing Manvi\’s clothes and covering his face and chichi asks why she/ he is covering her face. Daboo says she is shy. Chaci challenges saying the guy is coming to see Jeevika why is she shy at which she says what if they chose her instead lol. Big Dadi notices that Dabbo is pretending to be Jeevika and Manvi. Dabbo calls and tells them to come quick (now in Jeevika\’s clothes lol) this continues for some more time.
Jeevika scolds Manvi on the way back and Manvi tells her the guy is coming now. They run but stop to flip the coin on the bridge.
Manan tells a pandit (is that his dad?) that he wonders who told Jeevika\’s dadi that she likes me. Pandit says that whats wrong int hat. Mana says that he has spent his life for people helping them nd curing them and has no time for himself so how will he make time for someone else. Jeevika should go to a house she is happy in. he says there is a difference between liking someone and getting the person.
Both girls run and reach home. Dabaa throws a rope for them to climb. Manvi climbs but Jeevika refuses. Just then a car with the guys comes. ( and OMGGG Karan Tacker is here!!! Yipppeee) Everyone looks at the car in awe. The glass opens and a guy and a woman is shown in the front seat of the car. (Where is Karan *cries*this is not Karan 🙁 ) They both smile at each other. Everyone compliments the guy (but he is not Viren yaar!!) The guy gets off the car and talks to someone in the back seat saying that Hi they have reached his house.
The woman says that this is not London and Hi means something else here. The guy apologises and tells her that he has reached in 2 hours. Bua taunts him about breaking rules and how rules are so important to her. (seriously?!! You want to have this conversation NOW when the hero is stuck in the back seat of the car!! Take him out!! ) She tells the guy to tell his brother (and OUR hero *sigh* ) to close his office and come out!
Part 4
Viren finally comes out of the car. (OMGGG hyperventilatesss and diesss OMGGG he looks hot!!) he looks around and goes and stands with his Bua. Just then he gets a call while Bua and the other guy enter the house. Jeevika struggles to climb using the rope hopping no one sees her. Viren is saying on the phone that he cannot mail stuff :O since he is out. He keeps walking while Jeevika has almost reached the top of the house with the rope. But just as she is about to, she falls in a heap at Viren\’s feet. and Viren looks at her shocked and surprised (Haan bhaeee the girl has fallen from the heavens yaar that means she is yours LOL) He wonders how this happened and leeps looking up confused. Bachground sare gama music plays while Viren smiles and offers to pick her up, holding her shoulders. Jeevika is really shy and looks down as she gets up. Viren continues to smile at her. Winds start to blow (first sign of love I guess lol) and Jeevika grabs the rope made of dupattas and is pulled up while Viren watches her go up smiling.
Manvi and Jeevika ask which of the two guys is Viren. Virat (Viren\’s brother who broke signals) says they should tell them first. Manvi lies that she is Jeevika and Virat lies that he is Viren while Jeevika and Viren look on.

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