Balika Vadhu 5th October 2011 Written Episode

At the court,
Baba\’s lawyer refused to believe witness man(WM\’s)words and said that all those allegations were baseless and couldn\’t be trused from a person who lied that he couldn\’t speak. But WM told that he saw what happened to asha in the ashram. He said that baba tried to rape asha and show a letter of his sister which she wrote before committing suicide. Jaudge saw that letter and delivered the justice that baba was found guilty and sentenced for 4 years of imprisonment. Baba\’s supporters started abusing baba for his crime. Judge warned them and told WM to file case against baba for his sister\’s rape.Police took baba out of the court. (khusi_*/india-forums)
Anandi came to the WM and thanked him. WM said anandi was very strong and he could speak in the court because of her braveness. Asha came there, tore her duppata and tied that on the WM\’s hand as rakhi. All were happy. Ds appreciated anandi(wah what a U turn again!!) but anandi said it was the family support for which she able to do this.
At hospital – Mumbai,
Gauri was checking a medical report and jag came there and asked her for tea. A frd came there and informed them that JG\’s duties are in different camp. jag got angry wanted to talk for change to the authorities. But g and his frd made him understand not to do that. Jagat saw the list and found that g\’s duty is in darampuri which is just 1 hour away from jetsar. He told gauri to arrange sometime to visit haveli and to meet ds atleast(how could a person can be sooo shameless). Gauri seems unhappy. Another frd came there and told JG that her duty is in darampuri also and show her excitement for rajashthani culture.
At haveli,
Makhan informed everyone that bhairon came home. All were super happy. Gehena teased sumitra . All asked him about their gifts. Bhairon asked anandi about elderly ppl\’s class but ds avoided that. At the time Phoolie called and wanted permission from ds to send anandi for her god varai. Ds happily agreed. Phoolie invited all but ds said all can\’t come. Then she talked to anandi and shared her happiness and told her to come fast. (khusi_*/india-forums)
At Mumbai-kunda tai\’s house,
Gauri was packing her bags. jagat came there and said he knew everyone didn\’t behave well with her but elders words shouldn\’t be taken at heart for so long. Jagat gave some medicines for ds and requested her to give to ds. Gauri got angry that she won\’t go there for more insult. But jagat being younger to them they should forget all these especially for ds. But gauri shouted at him that his family member never show that they want to keep relation with them and she wont have any problem to bow down in front of elders but her self-respect hurt every time when they insult her. She didn\’t have any energy left now and suddenly g felt uncomfortable and about to faint.
Phoolie comes with anandi to g\’s camp. Gauri shocked after watching them so r phoolie and anandi. Phoolie wants to GO back as she doesn\’t want g\’s manhoos shadow on her baby. Anandi tries to make her understand that she needs a proper checkup from a qualified doctor. But phoolis\’s refuses and says that ppl come to doctors to cure from bimari(illness) but here gauri herself is a bimari. Gauri seems very angry, crowd gathers.

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