Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani 6th October 2011 Written Episode

POLICE ISHTATION (Dehradoon walon ka favourite adda)

Arnab is telling the Police Inspector that all the deaths in the town are happening because of the Vampires and he has searched a lot on them. No other animal leaves it\’s prey with all the blood sucked, only the Vampires do that. All the kids and the Inspector are shocked. Kabir interrupts saying that it is not possible but Arnab ignores lol Arnab keeps on blabbering that the town is not safe anymore and the Vampire\’s aatank (attacks) is increasing. The frustrated Inspector tells him to keep quiet and leave He tells Arnab that he is a popular and famous businessman of Dehradoon and he should not make his own fun by speakin gall this rubbish It is real life and not a movie where Draculas and Vampires exist. Piya is listening to all this in a shocked and worried state. Arnab leaves saying that they all be dead, ONE BY ONE (Madhu should seriously get a tolerance award for tolerating his detectivegiri)


The four of these are in the car not ready to accept the fact that they have lost T. Misha asks Kabir that what he was doing there in the graveyard. Kabir tells her that he had an assignment pending so he and Angad were going to seek help. But suddenly he says that instead of questioning him she should question Abhay who was carrying the body and when they mentioned to call the police, he ran away from there. Piya suddenly says \’\’What rubbish? Abhay was carrying the body, so you assumed that he is the murderer??” (LOL she can be unpredictable sometimes). Misha says that if Abhay is the murderer then he will have to pay for it and he was always a grey character (I don\’t understand what\’s wrong with this girl She was the one who saw him saving Neil and she only called him an ANGEL) Piya messages Abhay to meet her immediately.

Arnab is standing with the men in red cloaks, He says that they will now have to do something about the attacks in DD. Those men say that they would like to introduce him to the man who warned them about the deadly creatures. Jeh emerges from the dark woods and Arnab asks him in dismay what he was doing there. He says that he knows how deadly the Vampires are and they need to join hands to finish them off completely but before that they will have to find the actual person doing this. Arnab agrees and says that he would not have any mercy on the killer this time.
Jeh is shown standing alone in the woods rotating his neck. He feels proud of himself for trapping the Raichands in a very clever way and that he would not leave them this time. Suddenly Dipannita emerges from the dark and says that she is proud of him. he tells her that she no longer needs to be away from him because he will finish off the Raichands soon. She nods and leaves. (So it is Jeh maybe who hid T\’s body and set a trap for the Raichands).

RAICHANDS (Classy and best. Haseena was fab)

Abhay and Haseena are watching the news where there are talks only about the murder of T. Haseena feels guilty and Abhay frowns in anger. Haseena leaves after pleading Abhay to save her. Chand enters and tells Abhay that the matter is getting out of hands and they need to do something ASAP. The trap Haseena in a room where she is surrounded by blue magical spell (Errmm some blue coloured rays acting as a cage). Haseena yells, screams and pleads that she needs little bit blood but Abhay does nothing but feel sorry for her. She says that she is really uncomfortable there but Abhay in an emotional state leaves the room. he hears Haseena screaming and plans to unlock the room, but Chand stops him and says that it is for Haseena\’s sake only. Suddenly Abhay gets Piya\’s call and she calls him to meet her urgently. Abhay sets off to meet her. (Watch this Raichand\’s scene for the acting of the actors and Haseena\’s melodrama, But Chaandeena were hawt)

ABHIYA (I love you tape-recorder istarts again)

Piya is waiting desperately for Abhay in the jungle. He emerges from the woods.
P- What am I hearing Abhay? You were in the graveyard with someone\’s body? And everyone is assuming that you are the murderer.

A- No Piya. I just smelt human blood, but when I reached there I found the person dead and the face was in a very bad condition (He says all that with his puppy dog eyes set at Piya)

P- Do you know who did it Abhay? (Madam ki detectivegiri ishtarts now)

A (nodding with a feeling of guilt) – Ya, but I will not be able to name the person (Chaalu He gets away with the question-answers this time also)

P- I trust you Abhay.

A- Piya sometimes when I see your deep eyes, I feel that you should leave me forever and go away from my life, but your love, trust and those eyes bind me with you *hugs her* I love you Piya, I love you. (Taperecorder ishtarts)…

P- Don\’t worry Abhay, I am always with you and always there for you *hugs again* (Inko hug karne ke alawa aur kuchh nahi aata)

Precap – Misha gets a call and she tells Piya and Kabir shockingly that it was T who called. They don\’t believe her but she asserts that she very well recognises T and that it was her only.

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