Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th October 2011 Written Episode

Small Update
>> Payash scene is goin on plz someone update before that plzzz

>>ASR has fainted and Khushi is making efforts to wake him up and then she brings water and throws it on his face and he comes to little concious and then Khushi keeps looking at him and then he demands something sweet and Khushi asks him that sweet is no for her and then she goes and brings jalebi and feeds jalebi to him. Then ASR coughs and she makes him to drink water

She helps him to stand but due to weaknes he is not able to stand and she keeps her both hands by his side so that he dont fall. Then he tells her to get side and she asks if he is alright. And he tells that his sugar level was low and thats why he ws here for sugar and he adds that dont need to tell anyone also and she agan asks if he is alright and he says yes.

>>Akash leaves Payal at home and Payal invites him in for the tea and on the name of baapuji he agrees and when they move inside there is lock. Then Akash tells her he will come some other day there

>> Back to RM Raizaada ladies reaches home and Anjali asks Khushi called her. Then Khushi tells that she was not able to find Besan. Khushi is in kitchen and again and again she is getting flashback of the ASR. Khushi is feeling guilty the way she treated ASR

>>Khushi was making pakode and she goes to ASR to apologise and while talking she again and again she messes up her face with besan. ASR laughs so openly and Anjalo is surprised to see him laughing and when she sees Khushi she also laughs and she is happy to see ASR so happy

>>After washing the face Khushi realises and has the flashback of ASR laughing and she says that lard governor dont look lard governor while laughing

>>Khushi breaks off the Car lock to keep pakode there but her dupatta stucked into it

>> La comes back to RM and she is hiding her face with scarf and when mami sees her face maami\’s face is left wide open

>> La tells that she has allergy and ANjali and mami is surprised. ANjali asks servant to bring ice pack and to call the doctor

>>ASR comes and sees La and gets angry how can she be so careless and what ws need to go to spa and he tells her that she will not go him

>>Khushi ws trying to make her dupatta unstucked and she fell into the back storage of car and she gets faints and ASR comes and wonders why it is opened and he closes it and start driving the car

Khushi is shouting to open the car and ASR is on phone

Detailed Version
ArHi scene- ASR faints
Episode begins wih ASR working on his laptop and he strts feeling dizzy [awww] Then he moves in the kitchen and calls out for Khushi and she turns in shock [Mam no need to be shocked in future u people will be patner in every happiness and sad times so he is here in his bad time]. Then miss Jerry tells him that why he is here and she wants herself to be aloof of him [mam this is just impossible ArHi is inseparable for forever]. He tries to speak but she tells him she dont wanna listen him and she turns and he falls and after few time she sees him fallen on the floor[then kya she looses her toote maina and everything.

Payash scene- They sees each other
Akash is going somewhere and then he realises that he is in Khushi\’s house area and he thinks then Payal should also be here and he realises why she will be here and he strts moving and suddenly he sees Payal there and both of them looks at each other and passes smile.

ArHi scene- Khushi panicks
Then Khushi starts calling here and there. She calls Anjali and La bu no one picks up the phone and she is like now whom she should call and what she should do and she goes to him and says Arnav ji and arnav ji [Mam kuch nahi hoga yeh sab bolne se as a heroine u only have to cure him]

Payash scene- Cute convo
Akash tells her that he was here as he has to visit near by textile and he asks what she is doing here and as she is standing at the vegetables stall so he says that when u r here then u must have been buying vegetables. Payal buys potatoes and the vendor tells him she bought potato yesterday only and she tells him that Khushi likes and they have potatoes in there meal like 3 times and the bill exceeds the amount she have and Akash tells that he will pay for it and as he picks the money from his pocket there is no change so he finaly tells Payal to help him in buying few vegetable for his home and he buys the vegetable so that he can pay money of Payal\’s vegetables[aww they are shoo cute]

Arhi scene- Khushi cares for ASR
Khushi tries to wake up ASR and she runs his hands and then she brings water and sprinkes it on him and he comes into little conciousness and then she helps him in sitting and he asks for something sweet and she says that he is not alooed to have sweet and he says PLEASE and she brings JALEBIDo anyone of u rmbr when Khushi tells that she will make her hubby eat Jalebi from her hands for the frst tym so see thats what happened today and makes him eat jalebi and he coughs it and makes him to drink water.

Then she helps ASR in standing up but due to weakness he is falling and Khushi keeps her hands by his side to save him fron falling like the below so that he dont fall

Then Arnav tells her to get side[gosh he ws so comfortabe with her at that time] and Khushi asks if he was alright and he says yeah he is fine and his sugar level had fone down. He tells her not to tell this to anyone else. Then he leaves from there and Khushi feels bad that he was here for sugar and she…

Payash scene- Invitation to tea
They reaches home and Payal invites for tea and she further adds that her father is here and he will be happy to see him here and after lil nakhras he agrees to it and when they go inside they see lock and Payal tells that they ust have gone to doc. Akash tells her that he will come soon them and he leaves.

Ladies back to RM
Anjali and other RM ladies comes back and Anjali asked if she called her and Khushi tells them that she called to ask where is besand and mami tells her to wipe her face[as her face has besan] and she tells that actually she grinded daal for besan. Then Nani wonders where is La and mami tells she has gone to bring Besan

Khusi in kitchen
Khushi is in kitchen and sad while having flashbacks when she ws rude to ASR and Anjali sees that she is sad and she asks her what happened and she says that she is fine. Anjali leaves from there and Khushi is again feeling guilty.

Khushi goes to ASR-EPIC SCENE
Khushi goes to ASR and tells that she is sorry and she says tht she had dhak-dhak and acidity meanwhile ASR is trying to tell her that she has besan on her face and as her still have besan and in chaos she keeps on applying more besan and didnt realise what ASR is trying to say and it makes ASR to laugh whole heartedly OMG she made asr to laugh isnt that epic and he lookes so awesome

Anjali comes there and she is like how come arnav is laughing and she is so happy to see ASR laughing and she asks for the reason and when she sees Khushi she also laugh and Khushi happily tell she will wash her face and she leaves.

After washing face she says to herself while laughing u dont seems like lard governor.

After that Khushi goes oyt to keep pakode and she breaks the dicky of the car as happy told her and there her dupaata gets strucked and in RM la comes and she has went to spa there she got allergy and when ASR comes to knw he gets angru and he leaves from there.

Khushi is trying to make her dupatta come out of the hook but it dont and she fell into dicky and ASR comes there and he wonders why dicky is open and he closes it down and Khushi is in it. And he drives away the car

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