Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 17th October 2011 Written Episode

Short Update:

-Jeevika-Swaminiji scene. Swaminiji talks to Jeevika about family and adjusting and values and how Jeevika is just the girl they were looke for.

-Manvi-virat scene. Virat playfully says Manvi is stupid to be trying to break her own sister\’s marriage. They have acute and funny scene. Chachi overhears the last bit of the convo and is confused.

– Dr. Manan is all ready to confess to Jeevika. He says(o himself) he isn\’t here to break relationships but to make one. He says (again, to himself) he will keep Jeevika happy.

-Biji scolds chachi and asks her not to say rubish in front of Viren\’s family in future. Chachi complains about Manvi being with Virat Alone. Biji worried.

-A very nice and meaningful scene between Dadaji and Jeevika. Dadaji explains some things to Jeevika and asks some questions. He is impressed and blesses her. He looks really happy.

-Cute scene between Jeevika-Manvi. Jeevika tries to wake Manvi up. Manvi starts coughing at the end of this scene and Jeevika gets worried but Manvi puts it off by blaming it on Mussuri;s water and weather. Saya she\’s fine.

-Cute scene between Viren-virat. Virat happy to see Virat happy. Viren asks Virat what he thinks about Jeevika and Virat says “Perfect”. Viren is happy and so is Virat.

– Everyone having breakfast together. Dadaji announces that he\’d love to have Jeevika as a D-I-L and says they should hold the roka ceremony that day itself. Roka is fixed for the evening and everyone is happy except Manvi who is trying to think of ways to always keep her sister with her. (Chachi yet again does something embarrasing in this scene but is controlled by biji and chachaji)

-Chachi worried as she has no clothes,jewellery etc. for the ceremony in the evening and Viren volunteers to take her shopping. A conversation between the families follows and in the end it is decided that Viren-Jeevika and both of their chachis will go shopping. (Biji says Manvi iss ick and doesn\’t let her go)

-Jeevika-manvi scene. Jeevika asks Manvi is she\’s okay as biji didn\’t let her go. Manvi says yes, she is. Afetr some assurance by Manvi, Jeevika finally goes shopping. Manvi happy and says the real fun will be at home, not in shopping.

-Virat-Manvi scene. Virat playfully teases Manvi about being left alone. Manvi gets angry, says the roka is in the evening, and who knows, it might not take place at all. Virat gets angry and yesterday\’s precap scence follows. Virat leaves and Manvi grins.

– Manvi and dadaji sitting in the same room. Manvi making noises while drinking coffee and Dadaji is reading the newspaper. Episode Ends.

Precap- Manvi is telling Dadaji that Jeevika prepares very delicious Chicken and lamb biryani. Dadaji say “but Jeevika is Vegetarian, isn\’t she?”. Manvi says: “Yes, but then, cigarettes and drinks (alcohol) aren\’t any fun without non-veg food”. Dadaji gets up from his seat angrily and shouts” NO! This marriage can\’t take place!!”
(Chill guys, as far as I think, It\’s just Manvi\’s dream . Dadaji\’s expressions were really funny at the end, so i\’m assuming it\’s a dream. I hpe it is anyway.)

Detailed Update:

The episode begins with Jeevika and manvi sitting in their room and suddenly someone knocks. Manvi gets irritated and says “Oh God, first coffee and now they must have brought milk! No one will let me live here!” Jeevika opens the door and it\’s Swaminiji who asks if she can come in. Manvi jumps from the bed and goes and stands near the sofa upon hearing her voice . Swaminiji says hope she hasn\’t disturbed them and Jeevika replies: “no, not at all. Please, come and sit”. Swaminiji refuses and very politely tells Jeevika that she only wants to talk to her about 2 things as she couldn\’t get a chance before. Swaminiji tells Jeevika that they must have searched for more than 100 girls for Viren but out them, Jeevika is the girl whom they liked at the very first sight, Jeevika is just the type of girl they were looking for. She further says “Just by looking at you, I felt that this girl has all the qualities, all the wisdom/knowledge that matches our family\’s thinking, values and limits.” (All this while, swaminiji looks at Jeevika with a smile but in beetween, gives some rather cold looks to Manvi). Jeevika replies: ” Before the families and the hearts match, it is important that their way of thinking matches” Swaminiji then says “Besides this, one more thing, each family has its own way of living, which you\’ll understand slowly with time. *Swaminiji says a dialogue in rather pure Hindi here which I didn\’t understand so can\’t translate, sorry. :P*” Swaminiji looks at Jeevika lovingly and then moves to Manvi, gives her a cold look and says “I think I\’ve taken up a lot of time. I\’ll leave now. I\’ll see you tomorrow. Good Night” and leaves.

The scene shifts to Manvi talking to someone on the phone (Didn\’t get the name of the person) and tells excitedly about what Chachi did (talking about dowry, spiiling the tea etc.) and suddenly Virat comes and asks what she\’s doing, whom is she talking to. Manvi disconnects the call and Virat snatches her phone and says “oh, so you\’re telling about dowry, huh? You know what, you\’re the world\’s first girl who is hell bent on breaking her own sister\’s marriage. You\’\’re so stubborn” Manvi\’s irritated expression changes to a shocked/Angry one and she says ” huh, you tell me one thing, why do you always feel that whatever you\’re saying is correct? And who told you that I\’m after breaking my sister\’s marriage?” Virat says “Actually you don\’t look as stupid as you are. Otherwise, a guy like my brother, a family and house like ours can\’t be found so easily.” Manvi is really irritated and says (or rather shouts) ” Are you done? Now shall I say something? Listen to one thing carefully Virat (and now she literally shouts, of course in an irritated way ),don\’t you dare say anything rubbish about my family! Yes, you must have a lot of money, cars, bungalows and what not; just one bell and numerous servants might come to help in your house, and ya that coffee and Tira..tira..” Virat corrects and says “Tiramusu” and manvi irritatedly continues “whatever, whatever, we don\’t brag about all that. However we are, we are real. Whatever we do, it\’s directly from our heart- may that be love or hate!” Virat shows that he is not interested and keeps saying “Ya, ya ok okay” but Manvi doesn\’t want to stop and keeps ranting “listen to one more thing, we don\’t act like you- by wearing these expensive clothes, making all these rules- we don\’t turn our house into a boading school. And listen to one more thing, if this marriage breaks then it\’ll not be because of us but because of you all” and with this they disappear into the background but chachi came there in between and heard about the marriage bit only and says ” What? Why are these two talking about breaking the marriage? What can the reason be?” and she looks all confused! (- This is a funny and cute Virat-Manvi scene. Do watch it guys!)

The scene shifts to Dr. Manan standing in the balcony of his hotel room (I presume). He says “I\’m not here to break relationships. Rather, I\’m here to make one. Jeevika, I\’ll always keep you happy”. He looks at Jeevika\’s pictures on his phone.

The scene shifts to Vadhera Mansion where Biji is giving out to Chachi. She says “what was the need to talk about dowry? How many times have I explained toy you no to not speak rubbish? I am already afraid that that Manvi can say anything and now you too?” Chachi is really scared and crying. Chachaji explains to biji that ya, chachi did wrong but she would never want anything to be an obstacle in Jeevika\’s marriage. Chachi says (while crying) “Yes! This is the first time you have understood me”, chachaji angrily asks her to be quiet. Chachi again says something that angers Biji and biji again gives out to her again and says “we should Thank God that they liked Jeevika. And as far as status is concerned, both the families are miles apart “* (ok so I skipped this part so not going into details :P)* At the end of this convo, Chachi complains that everyone gives out to her. No one says anything to Manvi even though she\’s with Virat alone. This worries biji and she exits the room.

The scene shifts to next morning and Dadaji is shown doing something, I think surya namaskar. Jeevika is standing at the same place but facing the other side (I don\’t think she\’s aware of Dadaji being there). Dadaji walks upto her and smiles. She greets him and turns to leave but dadaji stops her and says: “Listen, child, can i ask you something? Dear, how did you find our family and our Viren?”, Jeevika says ” Everyone is really nice”. Dadaji then says “Dear, I\’m not as strict as I seem. But to maintain the discipline in this house, I have to be like this. Soon, you\’re going to be a part of this family too, but remember one thing, every member of this family thinks about the family before thinking about themselves and I hope that even you will abide by this rule.” Jeevika says “Yes, dadaji” and is again about to leave but dadaji stops her again and says “Listen, dear, I\’m not finished yet. *Strict BG music*. Tell me one thing dear, if you had to choose between love and duty, what would you choose?” Jeevika goes on to explain how Love is a pure feeling, how the one who has love has all the power in the world and how duty is what gives direction to our life, and if she had to choose one then she\’d choose duty instead of her love. Dadaji is really happy and blesses her and Jeevika leaves. Dadaji looks happy and proud. (I actually really liked dadaji here. We got to see a softer side of him Do watch this scene guys)

Scene shifts to Jeevika and Manvi\’s room where Jeevika is trying to wake Manvi up. Manvi keeps making excuses like, she has stomach-ache, headache etc. And Jeevika initially get worried but then Manvi says something funny like some spirit in this boarding school attacked her at night and Jeevika understands and starts waking her up again. Manvi again starts making excuses and says “what? Get the breakfast here itself. Anyway, these rich people do this-have breakfast in bed. Everyone will get happy” jeevika tells how everyone here has breakfast and dinner together. Manvi doesn\’t get up soJeevika starts dragging her feet. The sisters laugh and have a cute convo.( Awww…bless these sisters. Love them Do watch this scene guys-shows their love )Manvi starts coughing and Jeevika gets worried but Manvi blames it on Mussuri\’s water and weather and asks her to chill. (Something is defo wrong with Manvi )
The scene shifts to Viren sitting on the terrace and looks really happy and is smiling-the shy smile! (I love himmm and his smile <333 ) Virat comes and says to himself that Viren is looking really happy, he must be thinking about Jeevika Bhabhi. Then he remembers the scene with Manvi where he overheard manvi and wonders if he should tell Viren about how Manvi is up to something to break this marriage, now? He decides against it as Viren is really happy at the moment. Viren then says to Virat :”By the way, everyone in the family has expressed how they found Jeevika but you haven\’t said anything yet”. Virat says: “Brother just one word- Perfect” Both the brothers smile. (KT\’s shy smile againnn! <333) (This was a cute scene between he bros- do watch! )
The scene shifts to everyone at the dining table having breakfast. They have a talk about how Dadaji only has “paranthas” for breakfast sometimes. Ohterwise, he has light food etc. (I don\’t think ye want details on that now :P). Then Virat asks Manvi whether she likes English food or Indian. Manvi says she has no time to choose, she just eats what is in the plate. (The way she phrased this was funny ) Virat says “Good. At lease you keep quiet then” . Viren looks at them, then at jeevika and smiles and shies away (Awww <3333). Then dadaji says that he has an important announcement to make- he says how it\’d be an honour for their family to have Jeevika as a daughter-in=law. He welcomes Jeevika to the family. Everyone is really happy (except Manvi). Jeevika is super shy and blushing, Viren ishappy- he\’s smiling and is feeling shy too, Virat is super happy but Manvi is sad. 🙁 Then chichi does something rather embarrassing. Biji and chachaji ask her to be quiet. Then Virat says to Jeevika that from today she\’s his official Bhabhiji. (Awww <33) Manvi gives him an angry look and Virats says “Any problem?”. Jeevika smiles, then looks at Manvi and gets sad and worried. Then Jeevika-viren look at each other and smile and blush. (Awww…<33). Then dadaji says that they should hold the “roka” ceremony (engagement?) today itself. Viren and family are super happy! Manvi is angry as to why everyone is trying to snatch her sister away and tries to think of something that she can do to break this marriage so that her sister never leaves her.
Then the scene shifts to Dr. Manan who enquires the room help in his hotel about some jewellery shop in the area.
Back to Vadhera house. Chachiji is all worries that roka is today and she has no clothes, jewellery,shoes etc. When Viren volunteers and says that don\’t worry, he\’ll take her shopping. Chachi is happy and stops Swaminiji from leaving and irritates her for a while by asking her to come with her as she wants to buy clothes like hers, have her hair done like hers etc. (both Jeevika and Viren\’s chahchis have a funny scene-a short one) But swaminiji looks quite irritated and says she has to do arrangements, Viren will help her and leaves. Viren\’s mom asks Viren\’s chichi to accompany them and she gets all happy. Then Viren\’s mom says even Jeevika and Manvi can go. Biji says Manvi is sick so can\’t go and askes Viren to take Jeevika and Chachi with him. He agrees.
Scene shifts to Manvi and Jeevika. Jeevika says to Manvi that dadaji fixed roka so soon and now biji didn\’t allow Manvi to go, hope she\’s not sad. Manvi says no, I\’m not and asks Jeevika to go and have fun. After some assurances by Manvi, Jeevika leaves. As soon as Jeevika leaves, Manvi get s happy and thinks to herself ” who wants to go shopping di? The real fun will be here at home” and seems super happy.

Manvi-virat scene. Virat teases Manvi that everyone is gone shopping and left her alone, is she feeling bad? Manvi gets irritated and angrily says don\’t add fuel to the fire! Virat says wow, they are the one who left you and you\’re getting angry at me. Manvi gets angry and rants and says “no one has ever came between me and mys siter and you all..urgh!” Virat asks her to calm down; it\’s not good to get angry today, it\’s a good day for JeeVi. Manvi angrily says that Jeevika is not his bhabhi yet, and the ceremony is also in the evening, and who knows may be it won\’t take place at all. Virat gets angry and the precap scene- virat says it\’s not her sister\’s but his brother\’s marriage as well and Manvi shouldn\’t do anything. His family is happy after a long time, he wouldn\’t let Manvi do anything. If she does anything that hurts his dadaji, she\’d have to repent it. Manvi looks scared initially but then she starts starts grinning and says “Dadaji”. (This girl..uff ).
Then they show Dadaji sitting reading a newspaper and Manvi sitting nearby loudly drinking her coffe- she\’s sipping so loudly with a lot of dramatic effects. .

Episode ends.
Precap:- Manvi is telling Dadaji that Jeevika prepares very delicious Chicken and lamb biryani. Dadaji say “but Jeevika is Vegetarian, isn\’t she?”. Manvi says: “Yes, but then, cigarettes and drinks (alcohol) aren\’t any fun without non-veg food”. Dadaji gets up from his seat angrily and shouts” NO! This marriage can\’t take place!!”
(Chill guys, as far as I think, It\’s just Manvi\’s dream . Dadaji\’s expressions were really funny at the end, so i\’m assuming it\’s a dream. I hpe it is anyway.)

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