Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2011 Written Episode

Part 1

Starts of with akshara waking up and relizing natik isnt next to her she phones him he tells her he is in meeting and she should go sleep she says i slept and only woke up nw he said i will be late good night sweet dreamz, next morning akshara wakes up she sits on the bed and putting her hand through natik\’s hair he wakes up, and says its morning already i have slept long akshara says no you can sleep longer he says i have important meeting and sits up akshara says you came quite late yesterday he says at 2:00 akshara says did u eat ur dinner he says yes, he was about to get up akshara says stay sitting like that its nice natik says let me put in 2 reminders before i forget akshara was about to tell him something when his phone comes from office he says he will be there and tells akshara that i have to pick mohit up on the way aswell tell ma to get my breakfast ready, natik comes back in the room and goes to the dressing table when he knocks somethings over and says sorry akshara you put these away i am getting late, he turns around and see\’s akshara weighing herself he says you only started yoga 2 days ago you woudnt loss much she says i have put 2 kilo\’s on he laughs she says stop teasing me i am pregnant and this is bound to happen what about you your not pregnant natik weighs himself akshara says this machine is wrong how can u loose 2 kilo\’s he says i have been doing a lot of work and ur cheeks are going to go fat like ananya\’s teddy bear she says stop teasing me and u said u will love me at any cost he hugs her from behind and says of course.

Part 2

scene moves and they show akshara with a big belly standing in front of the mirror with natik behind her he says first when i used to hig you it was easier akshara says its 6 months now the baby has grown big, natik says i want both of u too grow big he starts getting ready for office and gets his things akshara takes out his hanky it falls on the floor she is about to bend natik says wait i will pick it up she says today is my appoinment with u rem to come early he says i will come she says you have been saying for the past 1 week he says i will rem and leaves rb and natik are about to leave for work gyatri and bhabhima are sat down bhabhima says to rb to come and decide on a day for baby shower cermony he says you decide i have work for office they leave bhabhima and g3 decide on a date together, @meshwari\’s rj says i was thinking that on ananya\’s birthday dadi says 1 yr has gone by so fast it just seemed yday rj says why dont we have akshara\’s baby shower then too varsha says we will celebrate it grandly dadi says that akshara\’s in laws have the right on this one first rj says yeah i rem what happened last tym i wont say anything and just listen (then why did u question and bore us too ) rj gets shocked and we see ananya walking around rj says come she picks ananya up and hugs her (aww such a cute scene love ananya cute baby ) in the car shaurya tells kaka and vishambar that ananya is walking both r happy they say we should take something home shaurya says i always miss these special occasaions like her crawling, vishambar says i knw we all dont wont to miss our kids growing up its a special feeling but when u get home and she comes running in your arms you will feel good even if its old for everyone else it will be new for you shaurya smiles(aww vishambar is such a sweet dad)

Part 3

@singhaniya\’s akshara is in her room trying her saree\’s in many different forms which wont make her look that fat downstairs g3 says to bhabhima that rashmi is happy bhabhima says why woudnt she as she has gone on a world tour with son in law and by gods grace both of our daughters are happy g3 says and plus its akshara\’s 6 month also and i will celebrate the baby shower in full style bhabhima says where is akshara g3 says yeah she hasnt been seen since yoga i will check akshara comes down she has her saree draped in a different style (she was looking really pretty) she tells g3 that in the other way her stomach is shown too much and she feels shy g3 says that if you put your palla straight it will be easy for you come with us they take her to the room and show there tym black and white photos then both of them do akshara\’s saree in there style akshara says i want to see the pics she sees g3 and rb pic (they were looking like antique pieces) she says ma you look like an 70 heroin why didnt u hold bauji\’s hand g3 says the photo grapher was saying put your hand around the arm etc but i was uncomfrtable in our time we didnt sit in the same place (they should shown bhabhima and dadaji) they say they will get food ready akshara sees a pic of natik and she says u teased me look at yourself all fat she rings up he dosnt answer she says he didnt pick up akshara goes to her room again and rings natik he is shown in a meeting and cuts her call she says he must be driving i will get fresh she goes to her cupboard takes out the towels one falls on the floor she bends to pick g3 comes and says you could have called me and says dont u want to go evening walk she says i will let natik come g3 says ring him i will talk to him for past week he hasnt been coming early akshara says i rang him he isnt picking up did u come for a reason g3 says its cold so rem to take a shawl i will go and light some diya\’s then they show akshara ringing payal who says hw r u and i am going to eat gol gappe as i really felt like it why dont u come also u like them too akshara says natik hasnt come yet from office payal says natik is caring my husband comes home early from office and eats dinner with me he also told his office he wont go on official tours till the delivery, payal says in my thoughts i forgot to ask u rang for a reason akshara says that yoga class will be half an hour late tomorow payal says i will be there they disconnect ends on akshara\’s sad face

Precap: natik is talking on the phone akshara try\’s and talk to him he walks off she feels bad

sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes where the hell is dadaji is he going to come when the baby is born i miss seeing him today\’s epi was nice no dragging unusual for yrkkh felt bad for akshara as she wanted to spend more tym with natik but he is busy and the precap made me feel more sorry for her rashmi is enjoying the world tour mujhe saath le jate i woudnt come betwen nishmi promise

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