Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 20th October 2011 Written Episode

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Virat requests Viren to speak something on this occasion , Viren is startled by Virat\’s sudden demand but then graciously yields to the demand , Viren tells the assembled gathering that he always liked Jeevika\’s smile and from now on would ensure that Jeevika will always smile and that the smile will never slip away from her lips ..Viren further says that from today on Jeevika is not part of his life but is his life …Viren becomes conscious that he is babbling and stops but not before asking Maanvi to call him Jeeju ..Maanvi says ok Jeeju …Swamini informs everyone that tomorrow is Karvachauth and the ladies of their home always fasted ..There is a happy moment ..


Maanvi is on the bed , checking the photos snapped during the engagement ceremony.. Jeevika comes in fetching a glass of Milk ..The two sisters have a heart to heart talk about the cementing of a new relationship, the fear that perhaps that there might be a distance in theirs ..

Maanvi is outside looking at the stars and talking to her parents,** when did she come out ** She confesses that all the negative opinions and bad vibes have vanished and she now understands that one can love after marriage too ..Virat comes there and the two begin their Tom -Jerry act , in the midst of the banter, Virat says that he saw a man whom he had met in Rishikesh at their home [ Dr.Mannan].. Maanvi retorts that he must have been dreaming or mistaken and nothing such like happened ..Maanvi gets flustered , decides to go away before she blurts out anything… Virat is not convinced ,he has a strong feeling that there was a man there he wants to get to the bottom of this…

There is a pooja , Biji feeds Chachi after scolding her and ordering her to keep her mouth shut ..


Pinky Chachi tells chacha to get paan & keep it in the fridge .. Maanvi comes to the dining table demanding breakfast, but is told that as it is a day of fasting , the cook has not cooked yet, Jeevika tells maanvi to get the food from the kitchen, maanvi whispers in Jeevikas ears that she will get Jeevika\’s breakfast too and she can eat sitting in the bedroom and no one will be wiser … before a surprised Jeevika can reply, Virat comes and tells Maanvi not to corrupt his Bhabhi .. Virat goads Maanvi into fasting.. A roused Maanvi comitts herself to fast for a whole day..A concerned jeevika tries to stop her but the impulsive Maanvi refuses and she decides to fast ..


Chacha is buying the paan for Chachi while in the next shop, Dr.Manan is purchasing something .. both cross each other\’s path oblivious of one another ..but Dr.Manan senses Chacha turns and sees Chacha ..but they continue in their way ** Donno why this scene was there at all**


Maanvi is hungry and picks up a apple preparatory of eating it but the yummy apple is snatched away by Virat who proceeds to point out that she is supposed to be fasting and that one does not eat whilst fasting , so saying he begins to eat the apple , driving a starving Maanvi Insane …


Viren is coming down th stairs talking about some case, Jeevika comes along that way, is stopped by Viren who is still on phone.. Maanvi too joins them ** Damn why cant she leave them alone ** Maanvi says that it is not right for Viren Jeeju to make her sweet Sister to fast, Viren\’s Mother who overhears this replies that even Viren is fasting for jeevika..Both the girls are surprised on hearing this … Maanvi tells Viren that he is 1000 times better than what she initially thought ** Hero Hai, hona hi chahiye **..Meanwhile Chachi has started her backache act, Maanvi leaves to take care of that ..

A Happy Jeevika softly asks whether Viren is really fasting.. Viren replies that in this age of equality , he too would want to fast for his wife\’s long life .. Jeevika blushes and leaves, Virens phone rings again, the client says something, Viren responds that they can met for lunch , Jeevika quickly turns to look at Viren, viren adds that he will not be eating that they shud start and not wait for him…The sa re ga tune starts and both leave ..


All the Vadherera family are assembled outside, Moon comes out.. Viren is looking soulfully at Jeevika while behind him , Maanvi gets dizzy and faints

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