Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 21st October 2011 Written Episode

Virat\’s buaji is cooing to her hubby who is in Mumbai, Virat comes and teases her..Buaji packs him off, Virat then goes to tease Maanvi by showing off the Pizza ..Viren comes and shoos off Virat, semi seriously ordering Virat not to tease his SIL.. After Virat\’s departure, Viren informs that he wants to gift a Mobile to Jeevika ** Kyun she already has one na ** ..

Jeevika and Maanvi are haivng their usual I shall die for u dialogues ** I donno about u girls, but the repetition is just “KILLING ME ” **.there is also a brief Viren-Jeevi moment where each admire one another..

The couples are assembled waiting for the moon, Virat is teasing a hungry, grumpy Maanvi .. Virat says Moon will be late .. Chacha spots the Moon and they begin the pooja, meanwhile Maanvi begins to get dizzy while the women are doing the pooja, Viren steps in front of Jeevika, Jeevika is seeing him thru the sieve, Maanvi\’s dizziness is getting worse .. Viren lifts the water and is about to give it to Jeevika when Maanvi FAINTS .. All the people crowd around Maanvi, the breaking of fast forgotten.. CHacha takes a vessel and sprinkles water on to Maanvi\’s face who stubbornly refuses to surface ..Virat rushes to get a Doctor ** VIREN DOES NOT BREAK JEEVIKA\’S FAST n the RITUAL IS INCOMPLETE **

Virat is out on the streets searching for doctor since his family doctor is unavailable .. Suddenly Virat sees Dr.Manan , Virat stops Dr.Manan , requests him to help..Manan is reluctant but Virat forces him


Maanvi is refusing to drink some soup, Chacha n Chachi are with her ..

While outside, Swamini is saying that the sisters share quite a strange and peculiar relationship ** We Know **.. Viren\’s mother supports the sisters saying that the bond will be strong and intense since they are orphans ..


Biji scolds Maanvi for jeopardizing Jeevika\’s relationship with her childish antics , reprimands her and sternly orders her not to indulge in any action that might lead to break in the alliance.. Biji also commands Chachi to behave and leaves , Biji is followed by Chacha .. Jeevika is feeling guilty that it was bec of her leniency and her lack of concern that got Maanvi Sick ** Ohh, Plzz.. not another Sainted heroine of SP **.Maanvi says cheerfully that at least the fasting got her Di back to her..Jeevika is distressed by her statement and asks her to promise never to say like that again

Viren comes into the room and requests Jeevika\’s sweet presence outside, Maanvi, the tantrum queen pretends to have a big cough attack, laughs at Jeevika\’s expression, tells her to leave .. Viren takes Jeevika outside , offers a food laden plate, tells her to eat … feeds hr himself, Jeevika remembers that he too has not eaten and requests him to eat .. Viren is on the evrge of offering the water,when Virats voice calls out that the Doc is here…Viren moves to meet the doc ** I don\’t get it, As a super concerned sister , shudn\’t Jeevika be the one who shud be running instead of standing there coyly **


Viren comes forwards and introduces himself to Manan, Biji comes there , is shocked to See Manan ..She scolds him for his arrival..Viren looks surprised..

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