Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2011 Written Episode


The epi starts with koki stopping rashi and asks her why her hair is so unkept and untidy and removes the leaf lying on her hair.
rashi says she dint notice it and koki scolds rashi saying that she wants the modi bahu to be decent and tidy when they leave the house and asks her to keep this in her mind the next time and leaves. (such a baashan for tideness hmm)
Everyone are decorating the house and parag and chirag comes to the house. Kokila greets them and asks them how come they came early and asked about their meeting.
Chirag says that the meeting is cancelled due to their client DIL went missing. Hetal recognises that the client Goutam Joshi DIL is none other than sonal. All are shocked to hear this. rashi and gopi double shocked.
CHirag says yes its our sonal and tells hetal that though they found out her car in kali ghatti punctured and they still dint find her.
hetal prays that sonal to be safe and to be found out soon. Kokila says that why did sonal went to kali ghaati all alone as evryone knows that it is a lonely place and also very unsafe and dangerous too.
gopi have tears hearing this and rashi tensed. Hetal prays that sonal to reach home soon and koki assures hetal saying her husbann might have reported the police and they might have found her until now.
rashi is tensed hearing this and gopi worried. Koki and hetal leaves for kitchen and order rashi and gopi to decorate the house.
Rashi is roaming around at the swinger and gopi comes and says to her that she is worried about sonal and shows concern regarding sonal safety.
rashi is worried too and swears to gopi that she dint do anything (liar) and asks gopi not to speak about sonal out loud because people might hear them and they wil be in trouble.
gopi says to rashi that they should tell kokila about the meeting and rashi scolds her saying they wil die if koki knows this and asks gopi to shut up.
gopi says to rashi that it is wrong to think about themselves and mentions that kokila said that kali ghaati is a dangerous place hence sonal might be unsafe and in trouble.
rashi says gopi not to say sonal always and to go and pray about sonal to her kanaji. gopi leaves and rashi phones to urmi immediatley and says to her that her pbms that increased now.
urmi asks what the matter and rashi replies that she met sonal and now she went missing. urmi shocked.


gopi is praying to kanaji that he have always supproted her and held her hand so for her to keep sonal safe and not let anything bad happen to sonal and make her reach home safely.
rashi explains everything to urmi and says to urmi that gopi is saying that they should say everything to everyone. urmi curses gopi and says to rashi that she wil think of something but first asks rashi to make gopi to go out of the house
and says to rashi that if she stays in the home she wil definelty open her mouth. and if she opens to koki then rashi wil be definelty dead.
urmi says to rashi that she wil take gopi out of the house and also uses her help to find sonal. rashi asks urmi how can she take gopi out and urmi says that she wil make some excuse as she got masters degree in excusses.(we know)and warns not to say anything to gopi
rashi says k and sees gopi coming and cuts the call. gopi comes to rashi and says to her that she prayed to kanaji and made a manat for her too and worries about sonal.
rashi asks her not to mention sonal always and if jigar or koki hears them then they wont say anything to gopi but she wil die for sure.
and the bell rings and rashi says to gopi that she dont trust her as she wil rant anything to anyone so she wil open the door and leaves.
rashi opens the door and finds a man in police uniform. rashi panicks and the man says he want to ask something. rashi says she dint do anything. the man says she was not at home when he came before (see whos paniciking now)
and rashi says that she went for diwali shopping and she dont have any intention going their. it was all gopi idea. (kya joothi hai)
the man says he dint find her yet and rashi pleds the man not to say anything to the house. koki comes and asks rashi what are u doing and address the man as mansuk bhai.. rashi is suprised.
kokila asks rashi why is she suprised as the man is the guard of the society and asks him why did he came. the man says he came for the diwali bonus and koki gives him.
the man leaves and koki asks rashi why is she pleading him with folded hands and rashi sasy that she is wishing him happy diwali (kay answer hai)
koki says all frigtned and with closed eyes and asks what the truth and rashi says nothing and turns to leaave but koki stops her.


koki asks rashi that she thinks she is hiding something but rashi denies and leaves. Here dhawal bring a chain for kinjal and feels that kinjal wil sure like it and is excitted as it is her dante rash gift. (bechara!)
kinjal comes from shopping and dhawal asks her about her day and says to her that he brought her something for dante rass.
he gives the chain and kinjal flares up seeing the chain as it is very light and insults dhawal saying what kind of chain is that. (i cant bear this girl now)
dhawal says its a gold chain and kinjal says that she wont even know that she wore a chain if she wear this chain.
and shows dhawal a costly set she bought and says that this is called gold which shows unlike his chain. dhawal asks kinjal why did she waste the money on such a huge necklace.
kinjal says that she bought it with her modeling money not his nd asks him to leave her alone as she wants to get fresh. dhwal leaves hurt.
kokila opens the door and is shocked to see the dracual urmi at the door and is suprised.
rashi acts suprised too and urmi comes inside. Hetal greets her and gives her a gift saying it for diwali and urmi rejects saying what the need.
hetal says that they are one family as their daughters are married into each other houses and asks to take the gift for sure.
urmi praises the decoration nd koki taunts saying its beatiful because gopi decorated most of the part (seriously koki should stop this) and hetal asks rashi to bring refreshments for urmi..
rashi leaves and koki asks urmi why did she came and urmi says that she want to take one of their DILs for shopping for the diwali. hetal adn koki suprsied.
Koki says to urmi that it is not possible as both of their DILS are busy decorating the house as the festival is coming soon and one should buy their shopping for their own house and its too late today too.
urmi mutters saying that they are lucky to have such good DIls wheraas her DIL have started ignoring the household since she started modelling. (ouch..somebody hurt)
urmi says that kinjal is very busy and not stay at home, and symapaties with kinjal saying, that its because of work schedule that she goes early sometmes and comes late sometimes and says that she is getting aged now
and adds that even she dont have any car to go to shop herself. Koki says now she understand everything and says to rashi to take their car and make urmi shop everything and asks urmi to leave.
epi ends on urshi shocked faces

gopi and jigi talking and jigar says that rashi can fill misunderstanding in anyones mind with her talks. gopi is shocked and jigar says that rashi cheated him and betrayed him and his love. gopi pleads to jigar to once listen to rashi and jigar says that chance are given to them who wants to save their relation
and says to gopi that his and rashi relation is over now.

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