Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 25th October 2011 Written Episode

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The episode begins with where it ended from, Jeevika stops Biji from further arguing/hitting Maanvi. Biji stops, but feels really bad and leaves the room. The moment she leaves, Jeevika breaks down and begins to cry as she could not believe she spoke to her biji in that manner.

Maanvi tries to console her, but no use, she keeps crying.

*Sorry I missed some part*- Mannan comes to Jeevika at night, he asks proposes to her and asks her to meet him tomorrow morning, then they would both leave Mussorie together.

We have some Biji, Chachi and Chacha conversation, they\’re discussing the reason why Dr. Mannan has suddenly come to Mussorie and his motive of coming here.

Viren and Virat have a cute brother to brother conversation where Viren teases Virat to get married so that his wife can clean his room for him then coming on a serious note, Viren tells Virat that it\’s been a year to that incident and he needs to move on in life now, he cannot stick to and live in the past. But Virat prefers to ignore and not discuss about this.

On the other hand, Jeevika is awake all night, thinking about what Mannan said to her (women, do you really even need to think? When Viren is there for you? )

Finally, the much anticipated morning arrives, Mannan is all ready to leave with his hiking bag (last night there was a storm, if he couldn\’t get to the hotel, I\’m wondering how his luggage came or has dadaji loved him so much to get it for him) Mannan is sitting on a bench waiting for Jeevika and in deep thoughts. He suddenly turns around, and sees Jeevika walking towards him. He stands up with a BIG smile on his face and walks towards her too.

The episode ends on both of them meeting.

Precap: Everyone is gathered around the dining table for dinner/lunch. Maanvi tells dadaji that she knows someone who loves Jeevika more than their family (the Vadhhera\’s), Dadaji, Jeevika and Viren shocked faces shown.

The Precap has Jeevika in it meaning she said no to Mannan!

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