Uttaran 26th October 2011 Written Episode

Episode starts wid Iccha remembering yuvraj.Rathod also remembers iccha feeding yuvraj.
Yuvraj is crying and tapu trying to feed him.Nani tells tapu to bring spoon.Nani irritatingly tries to feed yuvraj.Rathod feeds yuvraj milk.tapu tells servant to take baby to room and stay wid him.Rasya read newspaper.tapu sees salsa classes add. Nani tells rathod tapu dances well.Rathod asks her to go to classes and he will take care of baby.Tapu tells she will start classes frm 2day.

Rathod calls Iccha,rathod tells yuvraj and iccha is tensed asks whether everything is alright.Rathod tells abt yuvraj nt taking milk frm 2days.Rathod tells abt gng to doctor.Rathod tells dat he get anything for his baby xcept mother milk.Rathod asks iccha to cme hme and he will manage taps.iccha tells dis will hurt taps and she can\’t cme.Meanwhile yuvraj cries and later rathod asks iccha to thik for the last time.
Precap:Veer meets taps in sme shop and tells ur is happy and its ur habit to do smethng frm wich it goes.Taps tells its his habit dat he always try to find mistake in her.She also tells him to tell iccha nt to enter into her life.
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