Uttaran 28th October 2011 Written Episode

Taps and nani cme bck frm dance class,Rathod asks dey came early Tapu tells dey went for shopping and she shows wat she bought for yuvraj.All d toys r scattered and tapu asks whether yuvraj had milk.Rathod tells he is sleeping.Rathod kisses Her and thinks sorry taps n first time he is hiding smthng frm her.

Rathod goes to police station with sweets.New police cmes and tells old police is transfered.The police speaks to rathod recklessly.Rathod tells abt muktha whom he lost 6 months back and yuvraj.Police tells dat Mrs.Rathod left her baby for one night in anandashram,if she wouldn\’t have done dat,no prob of missing baby.He asks hw did dey adopt a baby without any legal paper,just by dng naamkaran?With all convo. rathod gets angry and tells he is new to town n doesn\’t knw to whom he is speakng.The police tells he will file a case for warning police,distributing sweets…Rathod leaves and police asks to file a case on him.

Rathod cmes home,taps brought Crackers…Rathod asks who brought all dese and taps tells she brought bcoz its yuvraj first diwali.Rathod tells the baby will frightned,he can\’t enjoy with all dese.Nani tries to tell smthng bt rathod tells ur elder instead taking side of taps always tell her wat is gud.Rathod shouts at tap-s dat she is always overexicited doesn\’t care abt others and always its prob reminds abt calling bundela for naamkaran,scolding iccha and asking him to choose either of dem.he tells he has no prob. to celebrate wid her.

Precap:Rathod tries to stop taps frm gng to yuvrj room bt taps goes and sees iccha wid yuvraj.
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