Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 1st November 2011 Written Episode

The epi starts with Viren in Dadaji\’s Study..

He says that I need to talk to you something important. Dadaji asks him to sit down and asks if everything is okay with him. Viren starts to speak, but a servant comes there and informs them that Jeevika\’s family has arrived. Viren is shocked . Dadaji tells the servant that we are coming down. Dadaji asks Viren, whether we can talk later. Viren says Yes. And so they leave .

In the living area, Viren is coming down the stairs, Beeji and Jeevika have already arrived. Viren spots them. Dadaji greets them. Viren is in still near the stairs, JeeVi look at each other. Both are hurt Jeevika remembering the scene where he says that should I take your silence as a yes. Viren looks away , he recollects that you have not done the right thing by hiding the truth abt Dr. Manan.

Maanvi greets Dadaji. Chachi and Dabbu enter.. And my my.. chachi talking in English with Dabbu Dadaji calls Viren and asks him to come near.He greets Beeji. Jeevika looks down and later Viren also looks down hurt. Maanvi then greets Viren and he responds. The Vadera\’s family members greet them. Viren\’s mom hugs Jeevika, and Viren looks at them. She greets Jeevika, and tells her that you are becoming beautiful day by day. My Viren is lucky to have you and Jeevika looks at Viren , who halfheartedly says yes. (aww both are hurt and me is also feeling sad sad) .

Viren\’s chacha Inder comes and greets everyone.

Dadaji thanks them for coming to Chandigarh and also thanks Beeji for allowing them to perform the wedding in Chandigarh. Beeji replies that there are few people like you who think about the bride\’s side so much. She says we owe you all a lot. Swamini then says that its their duty to do all this. Dadaji then asks Beeji permission for letting Jeevika perform the Laxmi pooja with their family. Hearing this Viren is shocked and I think Jeevika also. Beeji obliges them , saying that jeevika is now a part of your family. JeeVi look at each other. Beeji says that Marriage is just one ritual , Jeevika will sit in your pooja. Viren is sad/ worried.

All disperse, And and and Viren and Jeevika kind of bump into each other, look at each other, Viren moves to the right, Jeevika moves to the right (happens unintentionally) Viren looks at her, who closes her eye. and Viren moves , she walks past him, and Viren\’s chachi does ahem ahem Jeevika turns to see her, and chachi says that this situation is just like Vivaah movie , you guys look like shahid and amrita Both shy types. Maanvi comes there, and hold Jeevika\’s hand and takes her inside. while Viren looks at them.

Viren leaves. Maani and Jeevika walking in the corridor. Inder chacha calls out to them and introduces them to Shlok. Cute little convo between them.

Jeevika\’s Chachi comes running to Beeji\’s room, and talks about the room and house. Dabbu says he is hungry and Beeji talks her off.

Maanvi in room, and thinks that Di was correct, Jeeju has become akadu jeevika is sad, Maanu talks to her, that I know what you are thinking , and I too feel that Jeeju is behaving very strange. Jeevika is crying and telling her that, he didnt even look at me once everything is changed and i dnt know that whether he will marry me or not.

Virat comes to meet Viren, Did you talk to Dadaji.Viren replies that did not get a chance to. But I know what I want to do now.

Maanvi asking Jeevika, what did you think di. think by logic, if there was any problem, We would not be here for diwali and above all that Dadaji is asking you to sit for Pooja. Ghar ki lakshmi banake

Viren says that Making Jeevika sit for the pooja is not mine by dadaji\’s decision. Virat is like, thats fine, but you should have told all this to dadaji first. But if you tell him now, there will be a big problem. Viren says the I want to tell him but I didn\’t know that they will come here so soon. Virat replies that if you tell this in front of their family, dnt know how they will react. Viren agrees to that and states that he had asked for more time so that he can take a correct decision.

Jeevika to maanu, dnt know whats in his heart, he is not even telling me. Or what if he is searching for a situation to tell. Virat consoles Viren that a situation has to be made and to sit and find it. he asks Viren to talk to dadaji . Maanu is consoling Jeevika who is crying that, we should not waste time, you should talk to jeeju alone. but jeevika refuses saying that if others will come to know, then situation will become more worse.

Maanvi agrees and she says that I will meet him coz I have created this mess , so I will only put an end to this Maanu is searching for Jeeju all over the house.. She peeps through everyone\’s window..and witnesses a cute scene between Inder chacha and chachi. She is till searching..and opens a door hoping it to be Jeeju\’s room, but she sees Virat wearing a shirt, and turns immediately . But Virat stops her saying that you dnt know have the manners to knock the door, and what if I had done the same while you were changing.. you would have hit me with your chappals. Maanu apologizes. a cute funny convo Maanu asks him to stop brainwashing his bro against her sis. and that he was the one who told him abt Dr. Manan. Virat is like my bro is educated and that he knows to read by himself. Maanvi is still in her bak bak mode that her sis is very sincere, sundar- sushil that even if you search by lantern or even searchlight who wnt find her anywhere A small nok jhok between them, regarding the marriage. Chachi comes and asks them to come down.

Viren (looking handsome in sherwani) coming down the stairs , from the opposite dadaji comes and Maanvi gets tensed seeing them together.

Dadaji asks Viren that in the morning you wanted to talk to me.Viren replies that I need to talk to you alone, but Inder chacha interupts and dadaji leaves telling him that we will talk later.

Maanvi calls out to Viren, and asks him that can I talk to you for one min. But Swamini interrupts that pooja is about to begin. Maanvi says please. But Viren leaves. Maanvi self thought, what is that Jeeju wants to talk to Dadaji alone.

The pooja has begun. all are seated, Viren in front and here comes the beautiful princess with her mom in law and sits besides Viren. Viren looks at her, he sure is not pleased beeji and Viren\’s mom talk something about necklace. Pooja rituals going on. In the process, their hands touch each other, and eyelock for 1 sec again the same thing happens.. they do the arti together. Both looking at each other. Maanu thinks that jeeju is very angry. The pooja is over.

Maanu in corridor, and Virat comes there. And teases Maanu that sherani ke ankhon me aansu (tears in the eyes of a lion ) But Maanu is still crying (poor gal) Virat looks on, she says that I cant see my Di in this condition, What jeeju thinks is all crap, there is nothing like that. We dnt have any relationship with Dr. Manan.All this happened because of me because I was against this marriage . I cant see my sis going away from me She sees Virat and says that I brought Dr. Manan in middle , I amde up all this drama. But later on I realized that Jeeju is the best life partner my sis could ever get. and leave all this, my sis likes jeeju a lot and when I realized all this, I made so many mistakes that i am now helpless. But now when I want my sis wedding to take place, i want my sis to be happy, I cant see her life getting shatteres, and all this happened because of me Why is she getting all the punishment. (have to watch this scene for Nia\’s awesome acting)

Virat says that why do spoil everything when you need to mend things She replies I dnt know, its manufacturing fault and He smiles , later replies, that its okay, we will mend it together and Maanvi looks at him.He continues that, He was the one who told Viren about Dr. manan. I told him all that I knew or had doubt. If you had told me all this beforehand, then this would not have happened. I really like Jeevika bhabhi but there was a small confusion (Man, this guy is so sweet ) which you cleared up. He asks Maanu not to worry and all will be well, I promise you . hearing this Maanu is surprised. Virat then says that I can say this all to bro, but it will be better if Bhabhi goes and talks to him so for that we need to make them meet alone somehwere. Maanvi is like, in between so many people, how will we do this. Virat says her not to worry, that we will do it together. And he lets out his hand , maanu gives her hand and they shake (watch this scene)


Precap: All four together, Virat says that i will come in two minutes, forgot to bring the crackers and he leaves. Viren tries to stop him. Then Maanvi says that beeji has asked me to do some work, or else she beat me and she too leaves. JeeVi together alone, He is about to leave, when Jeevika calls out Viren ji ..

So, today\’s epi is a must watch for all VirMan fans..

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