Balika Vadhu 2nd November 2011 Written Episode

B&B left to meet heth singh.
@heth singh\’s house,
Heth singh(HS) carelessly asked them y they came here and asking him. He told them to go to police. Basant threatened and beat him. Bhairon stopped him. Basant warned them that if anything happened to anandi then he won\’t leave him. HS told them he is not that fool to harm a social worker like anandi. He is a politician and everyone knows about his dushmani with singh family too. He could afford to do that. Basant again shouted. Hs too shouted at him and told him he won\’t do any police complaint as they were in trould and asked them to leave. Bhairon stopped basant from further fighting and warned HS too. HS suddendly got an idea to spread anandi\’s missing news everywhere (seems he didnt know about it earlier…how??)(khusi_*/india-forums)
In the jeep both B&B decided to went to police station for file the missing report of anandi as they didn\’t have any proof against HS.
@police station,
The police inspector told them a 2nd possibility that may be anandi went somewhere and forgot to inform them and asked to give a photo of anandi.
sumi was crying. Sugna and gehena tried to console her. B&B came haveli.sumi asked them about anandi. Bhairon didn\’t reply.
Shravan\’s parents came to haveli , they introduced themselves . basant asked about shravan\’s as he didn\’t come to work today. He asked them whether his health was fine or not. Shravan\’s father replied he was fine and even came to work today.shravan told them that he will be late due to work. Did they send shravan somewhere for work?
Basant replied he didn\’t come, so how could he send him anywhere! Shravan\’s mom told basant to ask anandi about shravan coz anandi came to their house to take shravan. She came with a bag and shravan left with her with his bag too. They both wonder that where his son went with anandi!! Bhairon said they were trying to find them and asked them to go home. They left. Sumitra wonder where anandi could go with shravan.
@ Mumbai,
JG were sleeping. jagat in his dream got some flashes of anandi\’s bullet shot and jeep accident and suddenly got up. He came outside and worried about anandi! Next day he tried to call her on mobile but network was unreachable. (khusi_*/india-forums)
Basant ordered his servants to search for anandi and told bhiron to stay home and about to leave. Jagaiya called on the land line. Bhairon picked that so he didn\’t reply. Suddenly shravan\’s parents came there with a charging voice. Basant got anagry . but s\’ father shouted at him and asked him y he didn\’t he told them that their beendhni was also missing too when they asked about shravan before. He show a picture of anandi-shravan on a bike(seems a fake one!) and told them that what they wanted to hide , this picture show that clearly. (khusi_*/india-forums)
Singh family members were looked super super shocked with a different camera effect!!
S\’s father continued that they thought they(sigh family) can hide this fact with their money but anandi destroyed that already. Shravan couldn\’t be that shameless but all knew about anandi that haveli ppl gave so much independence to her. It was no so difficult to attract a young boy. Almost everyday anandi came to their home and went with his son on bike and they trusted her so much. In this age whose husband left her, how could she control herself from doing this but y with only shravan, even he was younger than anandi !!
Precap – family members went to anandi\’s room. Gehena noticed that some of anandi\’s dresses and all the jewelleries were missing too. sumitra got a shock and didn\’t want to believe that anandi can do something wrong. All tried to cool her down. (khusi_*/india-forums)

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