Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 8th November 2011 Written Episode

The episode begins with Garima telling Khushi to call up the RM and tell them that she wouldn\’t be coming. Khushi obeys and as she dials, she fears that ASR might pick up the landline and hence, calls up Anjali on her cellphone and informs that she won\’t be coming for work from now on as Nani has accepted La. Anjali asks her to come and meet her once in a while at least. Khushi gets in a fix as Nani herself comes on phone and says to come for her sake instead of bidding adieu on phone. Khushi finally agrees.
Anjali hugs Nani and thanks her. Nani says Khushi has always kept her respect. She\’s very nice. Anjali says they should do something special for her. Nani goes to get something. Anjali calls OP saying that she will make jalebis for Khushi herself. Arnav overhears this and gets puzzled. Nani comes and asks Anjali if the gold chain is fine for Khushi since it\’s her last day. Arnav gets shocked and upset listening to this. Manorma is clearly upset with this. She taunts that they should throw a whole farewell party for her. Nani just rolls her eyes and Anjali explains that Khushi has done a lot for them just like family and made Arnav\’s marriage possible, they must do this much for her. Arnav is overhearing this and grits his teeth.
Khushi tells Madhumati that Anjali is calling her one last time but she won\’t go. She then murmurs to herself that why should she go again? So that he could insult her again? She starts going when Madhumati asks her to take her bag at least. She does and again says she won\’t go.
Meanwhile Arnav is working but his mind is elsewhere as he recalls how he was rude to Khushi about her payal on Diwali and how he overheard that today is her last day. La calls for him. She says she\’s wondering what to gift Khushi. It\’s her last day and she will really miss her. She asks if she should gift her a dress, her style. Arnav just bangs his laptop and leaves leaving La shocked.
Manorma says finally they\’ll get rid of Nandkishore and phatti saree. Nani says she should be happy. Because of Khushi, ASR agreed for marriage and now they can think for Akash. Nani and La asks Anjali if Khushi can keep coming but Anjali says it won\’t be possible. ASR comes and screams at Anjali about why she called Khushi again. Her work is done now she\’ll ask for extra day\’s salary. Nani asks him to shut up. It\’s not always about money. Arnav says it is for some people. He\’s sick and tired of Khushi and…but he can\’t complete as he feels a familiar breeze. He turns around and everyone is shocked to see an upset and offended Khushi. She turns around to leave but is stopped by Nani. Nani says she\’s come on her invitation. She shouldn\’t leave because \’someone\’ else said so. Manorma says this is all drama. Anjali and La also attempt to stop her for their sake as well as the jalebis\’. Arnav just leaves from there as Khushi watches. He turns to her once but then leaves.
Nani gifts Khushi the gold chain which she can\’t accept \’coz it\’s expensive. Nani says they aren\’t strangers. Khushi thanks her and takes her blessings. Anjali also gifts her the Gita and says she wishes peace for her and so does La. Manorma says she also has a \’giphat\’ (gift) for her.She asks her to put her hand forward. She takes her hand and says \’Hello Hi, nice to see you\’ and then rudely takes her hand away and says \’Bye bye\’. Shaking hands with Manorma is a gift enough for \’servants\’ Before everyone can overcome this shock. They hear ASR screaming that he had asked for coffee not juice. The servant tries to reason that it was juice but ASR doesn\’t listen and asks him to get out. The servant timidly starts cleaning the mess (ASR had broken the glass) but ASR just screams at him to leave it and leave the room.
Nani wonders why Arnav is so short tempered these days. The bell rings. Anjali says this must be panditji. She\’d called him to make La\’s kundali. Everyone asks Khushi to come along as well. She says she\’ll just keep the gifts and come. Everyone leaves. Khushi sees ASR working and he sees Khushi fiddling with her stuff. Khushi goes to keep the stuff somewhere but then sees ASR and turns back.
Shyam is torturing Shashi telling him he can\’t wait for Madhumati and Garima to return from panditji and tortures him for the medicine as well and how he will get engaged to Khushi (I\’m sure no one more details than this? Please say No But if someone does, do lemme know then. It\’s my job to provide it, morally speaking).
Arnav feels the breeze again and turns around to see Khushi on the poolside (Yeh ladki khudko marwayegi!). He asks her to leave. Khushi gets taken aback but not really shocked. She doesn\’t go. Arnav says he doesn\’t want to talk nor see her face. Khushi says she is not interested either. She just came…but Arnav doesn\’t let her complete. He asks if she has a problem comprehending stuff once told to her. Khushi tries to reason out but he grabs her arms and tells her to LEAVE!
Khushi squirms in Arnav\’s arms. He finally leaves go of her with a jerk and she falls back in reaction and her hand hits the glass. Arnav\’s movement instinctively stops (My favourite part!) and he just closes his eyes to calm down. He asks her why she\’s here. He turns around and sees she\’s gone.
Khushi is climbing down the stairs, her hand hidden in her dupatta. Anjali comes and asks her why she didn\’t come. Khushi says she needs to leave. Anjali tries to make her stop and asks if she felt bad about what Arnav said. Khushi makes the excuse that she needs to go to the temple. Anjali says she will really miss her and will pray for her happiness. She hugs Khushi. Khushi slowly bids adieu to Nani, La and even Manorma as well. Manorma shurgs her off (as usual) but Nani and La reciprocate with their blessing and hug respectively. La asks Khushi to stay in touch. They\’ll party. Nani gives a stern cough. La says they\’ll go for satsang as well and even Nani gets amused. Arnav is watching this whole farewell ceremony (His expressions are a must watch! I can\’t put it in words but once you see him, you\’ll know EXACTLY how he\’s feeling. A bit confused, a bit sad, a bit puzzled about his own conflicting emotions. As much as he\’s getting on my nerves these past few episodes, the guy really doesn\’t have to work much to melt me again!). Episode freezes on his face.

Precap: Madhumati is telling Shyam that the muharat is of 6pm and \’sanka devi\’ isn\’t there so how can the engagement take place?
Outside the temple, Arnav is tending to Khushi\’s wound

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