Uttaran 18th November 2011 Written Episode

Episode starts at the same point where Rathore burst out.
Tapasya asks him if he was going to hit her.
He said sorry, I got angry. Whenever you say this, I get angry.
She yells – HIT ME. You\’ve never talked to me rudely.
Now you lie to me and now you\’ve put your hand up for me… just because of Icha.
Rathore said sorry again.
She tells him I went to my mom-dad\’s house leaving your house yesterday. But I saw my parents talking and I realised I should give you another chance – to you and our relationship.
We\’re fighting for what reason?
He says sorry again. He says I admit I was wrong. I should have talked to you, told you everything, shouldn\’t have hidden anything and shouldn\’t have put my hand up for you. I\’m sorry.
Then he tells her she\’s overreacting.
She says I\’m overreacting?
He says, all the time… at naamkaran, second time at Icha\’s coming, when you made the police call and today.
She yells, what do you know about Icha. Do you know how she came in my life…
He says I don\’t care… keep that issue separate.
Whatever probelms you have with her are OLD. Now no one\’s trying to \’snatch\’ your husband and child from you… no one\’s trying to do any \’saazish\’ against you…
He again re-iterates that Icha wasn\’t coming I called her. She yells WHY and he says because I didn\’t have a choice.
She kept saying why are you taking her side…
You love your son a lot… but when he rejects your love, doesn\’t recognize you, kicks your hand away… then I will ask you how you feel.
I feel pain too… I\’m his mother.
He says if I don\’t understand who will?
She says it is unforgivable and starts going away.
He grabs her and hugs her from behind says we can\’t do anything but say sorry to each other. I shouldn\’t have done all that and you shouldn\’t have called the police… but whatever happened, has happened.
I am sorry… I have lost a lot in the past because of my anger.
But she still removes his hand and goes away.

Damini on phone talking to someone about the house. He\’s asking for more money… she says she cannot arrange that much of money.
She turns and Divya is there.
Damini starts going to get Divya\’s tea. Divya stops her and tells her she wants to say something.
Divya says I was angry with you for a long time. When someone\’s sad, they\’re automatically upset with everyone else.
Destiny brought you here, Tapasya and Icha became good friends and you a part of this family.
Then destiny got both our daughters\’ lives in the same house.
IF that didn\’t happen, our relation would have been different.
Icha got all happiness, and Tapasya\’s life got more and more convoluted.
You\’re a woman, I can say that to you. You\’ll undertand what\’s in my heart.
Today, Icha\’s happy in her house… Tappu in her house. Raghuvendra loves her a lot. But when my daughter wasn\’t happy, I couldn\’t tolerate Icha\’s happiness too.
I know it isn\’t right, but I\’m a mother… and a mother cannot see anything in front of her children.
You\’re a mother and know what\’s in my heart.
I cannot be as generous hearted as Thakur sahab.. that\’s why I got away from you and Icha…
Then I saw your sincerity towards my family… everything like before – love, kindness.
Damini tells her whatever in her life and her daughter\’s life, any happiness, is because of Jogi and Divya.
She said we can\’t ever pay you back…
I never dreamed of having my daughter a bahu of Thakur family… but she\’s doing that these days because she learnt everything from you guys.
You never differentiated between Taps and Icha.

Divya says, I have decided we\’ll forget bygones and keep this good relationship going.
She asks her to stay… don\’t go anywyere… think of this as your house.
If you ever need any money, just ask me.
Damini is crying too. She refuses the money offer but I am assuming she\’ll stay (they didn\’t show her clearly saying yes or no to staying lol)

Tapasya\’s packing her clothes. Talking to herself. I\’ve had enough. Humiliation every day due to Icha. Nani comes… and she says don\’t stop me, I won\’t stop and live here.
Nani asks her, you\’re going to be homeless once again?
She says I will go to my father\’s house. When he finds out my husband tried to hit me, will he be happy??
Nani gets shocked… and says how dare he! Starts going to talk to Rathore but Tapasya gives her \’qasam\’ and stops.
Nani again says if something bad happens in your life, I\’m made responsible for that. If you go back home, peope will point fingers at me.
Divya will say I didn\’t do my responsibility well.
It\’s my fault anyway that I didn\’t stop you.

Tapasya tells her I won\’t let any blame come on you… you\’ve always been with me in my bad times.
I will go back to my dad and tell him everything.
I will tell him his other \’maani-hui\’ beti has ruined his own daugther\’s house.
Nani again poisons her… and says your father has \’high thoughts\’… if you tell him that, he will call the chuhiya \’mahaan\’.
She reminds her of all the times Taps tried to ask for justice from her father and never got it.
Even if you think this time you\’ll get justice… you\’re not a child anymore
Any little thing happens and you go running to your dad.
You\’re a responsible wife and mother… not Jogi Thakur\’s daughter.
She says if you leave the house this time, your parents will break from inside. They\’ll think our daugther\’s destiny doesn\’t have marriage “sukh”.
Jogi will curse himself, Divya will be sad. Which parents will want their daughter to come back home this way? Will they be happy seeing your tears?
Asks her to act like a grown up, using some control, some sense… and your parents will be proud of you.
She asks nani what to do… and Nani volunteers to talk to Rathore and make him understand.
Nani says I will tell him you can\’t behave this way with Tapu.
But until I talk to him and come back, you won\’t leave this room.
Episode ends.

Once again, no Precap – sorry!

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