Ojha house:
Samisha and Daimaa are in the store room. Isha is telling Sam that they have to bring Ravan together as she had seen the whole incident of how Shravan saved Ira from the thugs and it was evident there was care hidden behind his anger for her. She adds he has changed a lot and he is concerned for Ira so much. She feels he may also be in love with her unknowingly. Sam is surprised but she continues that they have to make Shravan realise his feelings for Ira. She adds that the marriage that was once a mistake can become a relationship filled with love and honest and they shouldnt forget that Shravan is after Daimaa\’s son. Daimaa is very happy hearing all this and adds that Ira also has Isha\’s values in her and she has started caring for Shravan as she saw her bandaging his arm. (The doc did that!) Isha\’s happy and feels that it seems both have started understanding each other and maybe are also in love. Sam says he wants to know if they lack common sense as they havent realised they love each other. Isha excitedly exclaims thats they will all make them realise their love. Isha requests Daimaa that she\’s the only one capable of bringing them together by creating such situations for Ravan so they will realise their feelings. Daimaa happily nods in agreement.

Ravan\’s quarters:
Ravan and Daimaa are in the kitchen. Ira serves him food and Shravan is struggling to eat with his left hand as he keeps spilling it. Daimaa requests Ira to feed Shravan as her own hands are soiled with flour. Shravan says theres no need but Daimaa insists Ira do it. Ira starts feeding him spoonfuls of food while Daimaa spies on them from the corner of her eye. Daimaa leaves the room and Shravan asks Ira to stop and he will eat it himself so he wont trouble her. Ira says she will feed him because if he spills the food on his clothes then she will have to wash them. Shravan finally agrees and lets her feed him. Ira says he does so much for her as he made a promise to Isha to take care of her so she can at least do this much. Ira is trying to avoid his gaze as she feeds him and drops the morsel of food on his vest. She grabs a cloth and starts wiping the vest. Both steal glances at each other. Ira motions him to wipe the rice stuck on his chin and gives him water. As Ira\’s about to take the food away, Shravan stops her and stutters “thanks you” Ira smiles and leaves.

Ira enters her room and sees Shravan sleeping with his arm bent. She remembers the doc had asked her to keep his arm straightened at all times. She goes and straightens his arm but he bends it again in sleep. Ira wonders what to do as she suddenly notices her 2 dolls that Isha had gifted her in childhood. She smiles as she sees a live flashback of junior her and junior Isha right in the room. Junior Isha takes the two dolls and sits next to Junior Ira who is lying on right on the spot where Shravan was sleeping. Isha asks Ira how she\’s doing and she replies she\’s feeling better though she still feels a little pain. (Ira has the same injury on her arm like Shravan) Ira asks Isha to forgive her as she has to go through so much for her. Isha says dont be silly as these type of things happen. Ira wonders the doc ased her to keep her arm straight but how will she do it in sleep. Isha tells her not to worry as she takes Ira\’s arm on her lap and says she will stay awake all night and do it. Ira asks will she waste her sleep just for her. Junior Isha replies it doesnt matter if she\’s sleepless for a few nights as long as she gets well soon. She looks at senior Ira sitting on the bed and asks her if she agrees. Isha starts puts a hotpack on Ira\’s arm and cheers her up. The flashback finishes and now Ira is looking at Shravan from her bed. She wipes her tears and gets a hotpack. She places Shravan\’s arm on her lap and puts the hotpack on it. Daimaa gets happy seeing all this from their window and leaves. Shravan suddenly wakes and gets up, asking in surprise what Ira\’s doing by his side on the other side of the curtain. Ira reminds him of what the doc had said so she\’s trying to keep his arm straight. Shravan says dont be mad and there\’s no need to worry for him so much as he asks her to go sleep. Ira retorts there was also no need to save her from the goons but he still did it. She feels his arm broke because of her so she will make sure she will heal it. (So sweet Ira!) Shravan tries to object but Ira firmly orders him to sleep and he does.

Its morning and Ira\’s sleeping where she had been sitting all night. She gets and sees Shravan is missing. Ira comes in the kitchen and sees him there with Daimaa. It looks like Shravan\’s arm has gotten better as he is cooking something with the hurt arm and his bandage is off. Daimaa asks why is he cooking for himself after his injury. He replies he\’s doing this for Ira because she didnt sleep all night and so if he cooks she wouldnt have to do it. Ira\’s mad and screams his name aloud behind them. She comes over and lectures she didnt sleep all night so his arm doesnt get bent and now her hard will be ruined since he\’s cooking. She grabs his arm and angrily orders him to sit on the sofa and not move an inch. She suddenly gets a bit conscious and softly asks him to not move his arm. (Daimaa is watching them and smiling away) Shravan informs Ira that his arm has healed as the swelling is gone and he bends it multiple times to prove it. He adds now he can not only cook breakfast but also lunch and dinner for her. Daimaa interrupts and says she\’s impressed with how much they care for each other. They both give her a smile as she leaves. Shravan asks Ira to go shower as he finishes cooking breakfast. He smiles as he watche her leave. (Iam so jealous of u Ira I want a man to cook for me too! Ahhh I wish I wasnt single lol) Ira goes to get water in the basti but she finds there\’s no water in the drums. A lady informs her there\’s no water today so she will have to get it from her house. Ira says ok and follows her.

Revathy\’s room:
Revathy gets up and says she couldnt sleep all night in fear of Isha\’s ghost. She wears her eye mask and says now she can sleep properly. She realises someone long hair next to hair and wonders how did Girish get such long hair She gets up to see wide-eyed Isha lying next her. Ghost ghost chant begins Isha tells Revathy she will close the curtains as she cant sleep in so much light. Isha looks at curtains and moves her eyes and suddenly the curtains close. We are shown Girish is the one closing the curtains from the outside with strings. Revathy tries to open the door but finds it locked. She constantly screams for help. Revathy asks Isha to leave her alone but she says she wont leave until she gets what she wants. Meanwhile Ira has entered Ojha house and is heading towards Revathy\’s room. Revathy\’s sitting on her bed hiding her face and begging Isha to leave. Girish quickly enters the room and motions Isha to leave. While she\’s leaving, Ira enters the hall passage from behind her and sees her. Ira calls out Isha\’s name. She turns aorund and Ira\’s in utter shock.

Meanhwile Revathy tells Girish that Isha was right next to her and she will kill her. She keeps on insisting she saw Isha and runs out of her room and bumps into Ira and falls down facing Ira. (Revathy\’s back is towards Isha) Girsh comes out of the room to see Ira\’s staring at Isha in shock. Girish tries to distract them and says to Revathy that she surely must have seen a dream and should go rest. Ira starts talking to Girish and faces him while Isha quickly runs away. Ira tells him she also just saw Isha and points to Isha but she\’s gone. Revathy gets up and asks Ira if she also saw Isha and Ira says yes. Girish walks up the passage and says there\’s nobody there but Ira insists Isha was just there. Girish says now Revathy hallucinations are affecting those around her. Revathy says she\’s relieved that someone besides her also saw Isha. Ira ponders even if they believe Isha\’s soul is wandering around what could possibly be her unfulfilled wish? She asks why Isha\’s soul isnt at peace. Revathy tells her to come with her if she wants her answers and they leave. Isha runs to Girish and he says he\’s relieved that Ira didnt ask too many questions but Isha\’s concerned where Revathy may have taken Ira.

Ira tells Revathy she will marry Sam but only so that Isha\’s soul can rest in peace. Samisha are in shock as they hiding and watching them. (I guess Revathy was successful in convincing Ira.)