Geet 24th November 2011 Written Episode

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Vikram as we expected is alive and paiting Geet\’s portrait ( oh so he is painter too, but such a bad painter. She is not even looking like geet, neeche likhna padega yeh GEET hai.). His self talk you must be sad seeing me die infront of your eyes ( oh my foot, she was so relieved) He goes on do not worry but soon we will be each other and together whole our life. If it is so good saying it think how good when happens ( nahi hoga, CV ko fans maar daalenge)
Nano is missing dev sa he has gone to B\’lore. Preeto asks what is wrong, nano tells her about their argument. Now she is remorseful for asking dev to leave his family. Preeto asks if she apologized to him?? Nano replies yes before leaving we patched up, he forgave me. ( oye jab maaf kiya tab tu kyu nahi gayi uske saath. Jaa yaar tu it\’s holiday season year ending use your vacation and give us peace, you are not welcome in geet). Nano is regretting the way she was selfish. Preeto consoles her. They hug.
Geet is thanking her babaji ( oh yeah it\’s thanks giving) and is praying to keep happiness in family and MSK infront of her eyes. MSk hears, she turns and opens eyes to see MSK is right there who tells her that he wants to saty in her eyes as kaajal. Maneet hug, nano watches ( no sharam, sach mein besharam hai, like male MP she is too). MSk says now the good days are ahead, think we had black shadow for few days on our life now happiness is waiting for us Geet agrees, hug again, ( awww two huga ka quota porra) MK\’s self thought, heart says happy days are ahead, but head is having lots of questions, the crazy guy who was after us, won\’t let us leave so easily, he was not a guy who would commit suicide. ( BINGO MSK, too intelligent).
Maamji having servents conference aka telling all servant how he would have handled vikram. Lucky come teases him, basically tells him what stupid he is talking ( one can skip it.) A guy comes wants to meet MSK as he is in need of job. Maamji wants money from he to have him meet MSK, but lucky asks him to come to office to see MSK ( chalo kuch toh akkal ka baat ki).
Nano is missing dev, talking to his picture. Preeto comes, teases her. Preeto suggests we should do something for maneet, nano wants to give them surprise too. ( show chod ke jaa rahi hai kya, nahi humein pata hai aisi humaari kismet kaha). Nano says I am thinking to send them on vacation for few days at farm house. Preeto agrees. ( yeh kuch akkal ka kaam hai, chalo itni gaali ka kuch toh asar hua).
Vikram is sitting at his place, he looks at maneet picture ( haila yeh picture kaunsa hai kuch yaad nahi aa raha). He tears the picture, put geet \’s half in cage and MSK\’s on fire. His self talk only 48 hrs, then the door of the cage will be closed forever and even god would not ablt to open it forget about MSK. This will be residence of vikram-geet ( sapne dekhna chod de bhaiya, jyaada hai toh nano kolejaa, usko maan kahte hai. Bhagwaan bhi nahi rok sakta).
Breakfast time, geet brings coffe for MK, who acts to drink and says Prefect. ( biwi ko khush karma koi MK se seekhe, beena piye bol diya ). Maneet eyelock, rest circus notice it, lucky cougs, to break eyelock, geet smilingly blushes, MK covers his embarrassment by saying he has to finlish a lot in dev\’s sbasense so he would take breakfast in the office. Geet nodes, nano interrupts saying this is not fair either you busy with work or drool on geet ( haan like fans drool either on maneet or MSK), when will you think or understand about us ( useless selfish nano, sirf apni chinta, what else do you want). MSK replies al right tell me what do you want, Nano says I want you two to go chattarpur farm house for week end. MSK agrees, says yeah fine, we wll will go, nano says no you two alone. Preeto jumps in asking lucky if they should go too, lucky is ever ready to go, maamu hears that he is going for out, decides to level with him. Maamu comes at table and tells lucky not to go as he is having fever. Lucky answers back nano is there to take care of him maneet is sitting quietly in fact busy looking at each other (yeh quite bhi, iss circus se jyaada ache lagte hai). Maamu says nano will not able to handle alnie everything, so he needs to saty back. Nano suggests yes, let maneet come back then we all go together. Maneet look at each other smiling. ( awww)
Lucky tells watchman to tell driver to get ready for few days trip, Maneet are going to farm house ( gadha lucky, why can not you tell driver directly,) mama says lucky was going to but his own karma holding him, watchman suggests to go, lucky controls situation. The guy who was looking Mk for job is there, watchman asks him to go to office, he says he needs address. Watchman tells he would get card, the guy is spy of vikram, who calls to inform him about maneet farm house trip. Vikram at his home thinks seems 48 hrs is also not needed to wait.
Tomorrow: Rose petals and geet ka puraana rishta
Geet stpes in to hall, shower of rose petals, she talks to her self so this is maan, oh wells Mr Khuraana is something ( haila??? Yeh kya viccky baaabu ka kamala hai?? Farma house gonna turn thriller trip
Viccky may try to take geet away, but I hope MSK will come in time and save her. He knows in his head the guy is not dead. As promo indicates he will try to take geet, geet will be scared, but MSK tan man dhan laga dega to save her.
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