Parichay 25th November 2011 Written Episode

*Raveena\’s Room*
Raveena comes to her room sadly and closes the door and Rohit is present there. she is shocked to see him, rohit says until u tell u love me, i\’ll not know what i\’m doing and asks her y are u doing this to me. He tells that he knows she loves him, raveena tells don\’t think wrongly and how dare u come to my room, rohit tells he can\’t live without her. Raveena tells i\’ve already been fooled listening to u, and stop following me. Rohit asks what will u do? Raveena tells she\’ll tell kunal everything, rohit tells she cant do that. Raveena tells i\’m fed up, kunal bhaiyya will scold and beat me , but atleast he will make me stay away from u. Rohit tells she can\’t do like that. Raveena tells if he doesn\’t leave now, she\’ll call kunal. Rohit challenges her to inform her whole family, Raveena asks him to think again, he asks her to go ahead, she tries to go out , opens the door turns back to see Rohit missing. She breaks down and cries badly (its better she tell kunal/siddhi about it.. feeling bad for her)

*SiNal Room*
Kunal sitting with Gaurav\’s kids telling them story about how a rakshas has abducted an angel. the kid asks the story had a princess na, how come a angel came. Kunal tells Rajkumar now married angel, other kid asks y did she marry. kunal is confused, he is worried and looking at the clock, he tells he\’s tired and will continue the rest of the story tomo and the kids leaves. its going to be 1 and no news about siddhi.
(bechaara ka man hi nahi lag raha hai.. )
*Thakral Office*
Thakral playing Solitaire game in his laptop while siddhi is sadly working and looking at the loads of files kept and thakral smirking at her.. she sees the time and its 1:30. she sees tissue next to her and thinks about the incident when kunal gave her tissues. and suddenly she sees a hand with tissues. Kunal comes there, offers her tissue, she takes and wipes her tears.

Kunal then folds his sleeves and goes to thakral. Thakral asks what are u doing here? Kunal says u first tell what are u doing in this world?are u here just to trouble ppl? and for that ur face is more than enough. thakral says siddhi didn\’t complete her work, so she is staying back. Kunal says he is aware of his plans and u are like a street dog, u couldn\’t win over me so u are trying to take revenge through my wife. Fight with me if u are a man, but u can\’t even stand. He tells just die, i will give 2.5 lakhs instead of 1.25. Thakral taunts him by telling if u had money u wud have saved ur house and if u had more money u wud have taken ur wife who is held up here coz of the contract. Kunal tells i will take my wife now also, stop if u can and holds Siddhi\’s hands, thakral says u can\’t do this, kunal says even i know law, u can\’t hold back anyone for more than 12hrs, i think u forgot, go to school and take books and study.. and don\’t try to trouble my wife anymore, ur chair will be lost, do watever u can and walks from there. (band baji thakral ki )

*Outside Thakral Office*

Kunal leaves her hand and asks if she is thinking that he has no rights in interfering in her professional life and what he did was wrong. siddhi tells no she was thinking what will thakral do next. Kunal says what more he can do other than filing a case. First he should file case on doctor for not curing him, then wheel chair company and then on his son for getting married and getting caught. Siddhi smiles and they both leave from there in an auto.

*Thakral Office*

Thakral sitting at his office and thinking what all Kunal said and tries to move his leg and tries to get up and falls down. Richa comes there and helps him get up and makes him sit down. Asks if he is ok and how he fell down. Thakral says its all because of kunal chopra, i won\’t leave him. Richa tells what did he do to u, u always talk bad about him?Thakral tells that he has spoilt my sleep, everything, he came here at this time and took siddhi away by holding her hands.(Love thakral for saying this to witcha..) Richa is shocked hearing about kunal holding Siddhi\’s hands. Thakral tells richa that u are still thinking about him still, but he\’ll never be back since he has moved on with Siddhi and Richa is upset and keeps her hands on a glass and starts bleeding and starts making weird faces.

*Chopra House*
Its 3 am, Raj is waiting at their house for Siddhi and Kunal. Siddhi comes in and asks if he hadn\’t slept. Raj asks if she came alone, Siddhi tells kunal is paying for the auto. Raj tells her that its not right to stay late, siddhi tells she had some work at office so had to stay, raj is shocked and kunal comes and raj asks y did kunal lie. Siddhi tells he lied because of her. Raj tells now u too don\’t lie and i don\’t like this, about u ppl lying and working late. he advises her to decide work time or else leave the job.

Kunal tells Raj that he wants to tell something and tells Siddhi is doing all this out of compulsion and for us. We got a legal notice for not paying rent, siddhi paid that rent by taking advance from thakral and thakral had signed a contract and that\’s y she is working late. And since he lost the case, he is taking revenge of me through her. Siddhi didn\’t want to tell us coz she didn\’t want us to be upset. Even i knew this truth only at the last day of the case and this is the truth. Raj is upset, walks upto siddhi and asks how much more will u do for us and asks sorry for his behaviour. Siddhi tells don\’t be sorry and i didn\’t take wrongly whatever u said and if u are saying sorry i think that u are not treating me as part of ur family. Raj says u are more than his children and asks kunal to inform her that he needs bed tea by 5am. Kunal and Siddhi smile. Kunal asks y are u laughing, u made me a liar and walks away from there. (atlast now the family too knows and sammy\’s expression was soo cute..)

*SiNal Room*
Kunal standing there upset and angry. Siddhi doesn\’t bother about him and takes her dress to change. Kunal asks u told all the truth, u couldn\’t tell a lie and now u made me a liar and tells ur mind works at court and not at home.. Siddhi asks y did he lie to his dad, Kunal stammers and siddhi asks u don\’t have words to tell and it means she has won this argument, kunal stops but Siddhi tells Case Dismissed. ( First one to shut up kunal chopra.. it was a cute scene.. )

*Kunal\’s Office*
Kunal\’s boss congratulating kunal for the victory which has made him and his company proud. So for celebrating the victory there should be a party. He asks kunal to give his mobile, kunal gives and Mr.Batliwala calls siddhi. He tells siddhi he had to use kunal\’s mobile since he didn\’t have number and he wants to inviter her for Vineet Saxena\’s(Union Minister son) party and kunal is shocked and boss asks her to come there with Kunal. Siddhi first hesitates, then agrees and asks him to confirm with kunal. Boss tells u don\’t like to come in party\’s and u never listen to me, so i directly asked permission from ur home department and tells Ram saxena is an important client and they have to fight all his cases. Kunal asks wat will he do at the party, boss tells u have to come (love mr.batliwala for this.. he knew how will kunal agree…)

*Chopra House*
Gaurav is excited about the party news and kunal asks y are u so excited. He tells u are going for a big celebrity\’s party and u too have become a celeb. Kunal says he will not go to the party. Siddhi tells Raj that she\’s going for the party, kunal blinks. She adds that she has to go alone for the party coz she has to defeat someone who thinks being social, going to party, meeting ppl is a waste. She tells if we go to such places only we\’ll get contacts and only then we\’ll get new work and i want to make my career, so i\’m going. Raj tells u are right and asks kunal to learn from Siddhi. Kunal is confused and episode ends. (only siddhi knows how to handle him.. now u have to go Kunal Chopra Hope we get a romantic dance this time )


Raveena in auto going to college, she see Rohit following her. She asks auto to stop in front of college and runs inside. Rohit gets out and looks for her.

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