Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st December 2011 Written Episode

[email protected] Seaplanes*

RaYa and D&K at sydney seaplanes. Ram shocked to see the planes and tells that he can\’t do this. Daljeet tells u only like adventure, Ram tells ya i like adventure, but not this type. Daljeet tells now its a matter of respect, u can\’t leave the field and go now . Ram says he\’s afraid of heights and how can he do it.Priya interrupts and tells daljeet that ur bro is a darpok and he cannot do all this, lets all go.(she knows how to make Ram agree..) Ram gets angry and asks u called me darpok, priya tells darpok ko wahi kahenge na, ram says i\’m not afraid, its just that i don\’t enjoy such things and dats y i don\’t want to do it. Priya tells if u are not afraid, then prove it by coming with me for the ride . Ram tells ok and moves, kuljeet stops them to take a snap. Priya and Ram asks if D & K are not coming. Daljeet asks them to go and they\’ll join the 2nd round. Ram tells u ppl go, we\’ll come 2nd, but priya pulls him to go for the ride (Btw, where was the space in the plane for D&K to join )

*In the Seaplane*

The plane begins to take off from the sea and Priya gets scared , holds Ram\’s arms very tightly and closes her eyes. D & K waving hands from outside. Plane takes off completely and priya opens the eyes and is very scared. Ram signals her to keep her eyes wide open.

Dheere Dheere haule haule
Chupke se ab hoga.
Kehthe hai ye pyaar,
jise ham naa jaane kab hoga…
Bade achhe lagte hai, ye mausam, ye baatein, ye uljan aur tum…

Ram shows her the view of places from inside the plane and both watching it. Both admiring the beauty with Priya continuously holding Ram\’s hands.

*@ The Shore of Sydney Seaplanes*
Raya having coffee near the shore and Ram tells that he enjoyed a lot and its all because of u. Priya asks what did i do? Ram tells he needs to confess something and always he feared about heights and i never thought i could do something like this and today because of u i did this and i was not scared and it was amazing.(sooo sweet golu..) Priya smiles sweetly and tells its because all ur fear was transferred to me.(this is real husband and wife..) Ram says whatever it is, its gr8 that we both joined together and achieved something like this. Priya tells her dad always tells sometimes we can\’t face fear alone, but if 2 ppl join together and face the fear, it becomes easy and its so true and both share a eye lock

Ram asks what happened to u, u ver pulling my legs at the start but after u went inside u got scared so much, what was that about. D&K come there telling that it was a wonderful ride and they enjoyed it. Ram tells i agree and thanks them for arranging it. Daljeet tells there are so many things left. Ram asks what is left now, daljeet tells he\’s planning to take them to another exciting ride that u\’ll remember daljeet always (we will not forget u for sure daljeete..). Ram asks now what ride, Daljeet tells last ride, Priya tells lets do, we\’ll have fun, ram thinks, priya cutely asks pls and ram tells lets go.

[email protected] Restaurant*

Nuts eating at a restaurant with Shacks. She notices someone and asks Shacks if it is yogita. He doesn\’t recognize. She then goes and meets her and both hug each other and greet that they are meeting after a long time. Nuts asks her that she got married to some rich guy and she leaves in 4floor bungalow. Yogita tells that her husband is a diamond merchant and their house is on the marine drive. Nuts is happy but she asks y has she put on so much weight and y don\’t she consult some dietician. Yogita tells its not possible coz she has no time, nuts asks what are u doing that u don\’t have 2 hrs in a day, yogita tells i don\’t even have 2 mins as i have to run behind my baby.(excuse me, u don\’t have 2 mins, but what are u doing at the restaurant without the baby??) Nuts is surprised abt the baby and congratulates her. Yogita tells thanks but is upset. Nuts asks what happ, and tells if u are not able to take care of child y don\’t u appoint some governess and u can afford it.

Yogita tells the child is my responsibility and i don\’t want my kid to be attached to a servant than me and after few days, school responsibility will also start and i can\’t leave her to servants and she tells motherhood is not that easy as kids are attached to their moms. Shacks interrupts and tells yogita is rite , getting married is easy but parenthood is difficult and that\’s y everyone has to think and plan for the baby. Yogita agrees and tells without mental preparation planning a baby is a chaos and after that life is not in ur hands. U need to take the baby to doctor and what not. Nuts asks y are u sounding irritated and don\’t u love ur baby. Yogita tells ofcourse i love my baby, but after she came i lost my freedom, my career and if the same happiness came in my life after somtime, i would have enjoyed more, i would have been mentally prepared and she leaves from there as she was getting late and her conservate in laws will tell something and bids bye from everyone. Nuts keeps thinking. (now this yogita to confuse her more.. already is she not confused enought..)

*@ Restaurant in the Cruise*

RaYa and D&K at the restaurant in the cruise having food and a slide show is shown of different places and our own Taj Mahal is also shown. No dialogues, RaYa and D&K are talking something and there\’s a stage show where singing and dancing was going on , they watch it and then leave from there.

*@ The Deck of the Ship*

All 4 of them at the deck of the ship. Priya admiring the view from the ship and daljeet tells priya that its just the start and there are so many things to view. ram asks what and daljeet tells that this boat will show entire sydney and how shining the night of sydney is the city\’s beauty will double triple (beautiful it was…) and i have brought here to show u and then in this view, a photo is definitely needed and tells priya to turn. Priya tells let me see the view, Ram tells leave it and pose for the photo. Ram asks shall we go down and daljeet tells y should u go down? y should u leave this beautiful place and go to the boring place. He says its a romantic situation, romantic place, romantic view, and time for some romance and leave them alone wishing all the best and leaves from there. (love u daljeete..)

Ram comes near priya and tells her that he never shares whatever he has in his heart to anyone, but today don\’t know y, want to share something with u. Priya asks him to tell. He tells whenever he is in some boat like this, he always feels sad. Priya asks y, ram tells when he was very young, he came to one such boat with his dad and he asked his dad when will they get one such boat and his smiled and told him that when u grow up, get married and wen u have ur own kids, then i\’ll buy a boat for my grandchildren. Ram gets emotional, Priya feels the pain. Ram tells see my luck, “Bachchei tho mere kismat mei hai nahi ” Priya looks upto him and looks at him longingly … he continues aur babuji bhi nahi hai..(i could feel the pain in Ram\’s eyes.., Don\’t worry golu, once u confess ur love, bachchei will automatically happen )

He tells we meet so many ppl in our life\’s and many are even influential, but there can be only one hero and my hero was my dad.(I could see how proud Ram was of his hero..) He not only gave me life but taught me how to live. He tells i don\’t know y i\’m getting emotional in front of u, i shouldn\’t be emotional after all our relationship is.. and stops . Ram controlling his emotions, Priya wiping her tears. Priya calls Mr.kapoor and offers her hand. Ram asks what\’s this. Priya tells i know u don\’t share anything with anyone, but u shared something really close to ur heart to me , i liked it a lot and just think its a friendship hand and i\’ll accept that i have got a new friend (aaww Priya.. U are more than a friend and the days are not far when u both will realize )

Kuch Jaana, Kuch Anjaana Sa,
Mujhko Toh Voh Lage,
Saari Raina Sapna Banke,
Woh Aankhon Mei Jaage,
Bade Achhe Lagte Hai, Ye Dharti, Ye Nadiya, Ye Raina Aur Tum

she continues and about our relationship, wen the pain of one person is felt by another and one person\’s tears comes out of other person\’s eyes what more a relationship can be and smiles sweetly with tears in her eyes. Ram smiles and offers his hand and both shake hands and priya calls him and signals him to smile , ram smiles and asks to see the nature and starts admiring the view. (Very beautifully emoted by Ram and Priya.. This scene was soo touching. .I wanted Priya to hug him.. but we will have to wait )

[email protected] Hotel Room*

RaYa come to their room, both looking at each other. Priya tells she\’ll change and come. Ram stops her and hesitantly tells can i tell something. Priya tells yes. Ram smiles and tells that i thought that i will be happy alone in my entire life but slowly i have started feeling that there is need for some companion in our life because of which happiness increases and sadness decreases. (yayyy.. golu takes a step forward and accepts the need of companionship..)Priya smiles and ram tells thank you and priya tells U are welcome. Ram asks if u don\’t mind can we spend time together here and i will not go down for drink,(woww… Ram wants to leave drinking and spend time with priya..) priya nods her head . ram tells we\’ll sit and watch tv together, priya tells y not, ram tells u go and change first and then i\’ll change.

Priya tells ok and asks him to order food. Ram smiles and tells ya he\’ll order and priya goes to change with her sweet smile. Ram then notices the greeting card and picks it up and is shocked. He opens the cover and finds a birthday card that ram had sent to apeksha. He gets upset, he tells priya that he\’s going down to have drink and will come back. Priya asks what happ, Ram tells i\’m sorry, plan changed and goes from there . Priya comes out and is confused about what happened now that he changed his decision of not drinking.(apekshaa… , u spoiled such a wonderful RaYa moment.. )

[email protected] Hotel Corridor*

Ram comes out of the room furiously with the card in his hand and apeksha confronts him . Ram tells he knew that she would be here only and he was waiting when u\’ll come in front of me after ending this hide and seek game and i wanted u to come out so that i can talk to u.(atlast, u wanted to talk to her.. shukar hai.. and for gods sake apeksha tells something new other than mei tujhe chodungi nahi ram.. i\’m tired of it..) He asks what the hell is going on. Apeksha tells i told u that one day u\’ll call me and that day has come and u are restless to meet me. Ram asks to shut up and asks what is this, sending indian food and card, wat are u trying to prove by this. Apeksha asks him to talk quietly and if his wife hears, there mite be problem . She tells lets go to my room and we\’ll talk. Ram tells i\’m not coming anywhere , lets talk here and asks do u want to explain to me what are u trying to prove by all this. Apeksha tells she doesn\’t want to prove anything, but is just trying to remind him of his old relationships and responsibilities from which u are running and i\’m ur that past which u can\’t erase from ur life even if u want to. (when the hell will u tell the truth..?? )

Ram says he\’s had enough of all this and tries to move , but apeksha stops . He asks y are u stopping my way, apeksha tells another try from me to keep u with me and if possible i will stop all ways that takes u away from me and asks can\’t we stay here together forever?(what the …, what is this gal upto?) Ram asks have u lost it and have u forgotten that i\’m married. Priya is a very very good girl and i\’m not going to leave priya for u or for anyone else and do u think because of all these things, priya will start suspecting me? Priya is a very sensible girl and she trusts me more than herself and all this will make no difference and it will be better if u stay away from me and priya (aaww golu .. tight jappi for wat u said )and asks her to get out of his way and leaves from there. Apeksha thinks i don\’t bother whether u like it or not, whatever i want i\’ll do. it would have been nice if u had agreed to what i told, but ur denial has made me to reach priya and now i\’ll meet priya and show her that proof due to which her trust will fly like paper and then u\’ll have to come back to us automatically. ( i want to shoot her for spoiling a wonderful day of Raya )


Ram explaining priya that everyone has a past , priya is confused. he tells i too have a past like others and just assume that if there is a gal with me and priya becomes sad hearing this , she looks heart broken and ram notices her reaction and is worried. (Now y does weekends have to come?? , I cannot wait 3 long days to watch this..)

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