Uttaran 2nd December 2011 Written Episode

Daima preparng smethng for yuvraj in kitchen,nani cmes der n daima tell wen dey r kids no hosp so dey used ave sme hme maade medicine for stomavh avhe n she prepared for yuvraj.DAima asks Nani to tell tapu to feed dis to yuvraj.nani tells taps don\’t like all dis.Nani tells daima n rathod bth always try to shw dat dey onlt take care of yuv.Nani asks y is daima stayng in rathod\’s house as she is nt actual mother…

Daima cmes to rathod n tells he want to go to village,rathod asks y if anyone told smethng to her.She tells nt like dat.Rathod tells he won\’t let her go anywhere.Nani listens all dis.Rathod sees nani.

Baba,Dadaji,Chanda try to tell mai dat its nt vansh bt look alike n dey will call police.mai tells if dey call olice dey will she her dead body.she leaves.Dey decide to be quiet for nw.Dey think abt informng veer.baba tells dey should be careful as dere r two children n one bahu in house as dat man is dangerous.

Rathod asks nani if she has any prob with daima,she tells no.Nani tells she is nani for dem bt by listnng to dai rathod tells she is nt dai bt more dan mother.He tells he brought her wid respect n asks her to keep dat.NAni thinks bth jogi n rathod r supporting servants.

Iccha cmes to her room n remembers vansh death n thinks its nt vansh as vansh is dead.She tries callng veer bt phne doesn\’t go.She thinks he might be in flight.

Rathod cmes frm office n asks dai where is taps,He finds taps playng wid kid near waterfalls n feels happy goes neart dem.

Rohini tells nani dat nani fogot dem n tells nw a days sweets r nt made in house.nani sends her callng auto.Iccha asks servant to drop kahna till bus, n she peeps into vansh room.Episode ends.

Precap: vansh cmes out of his room n finds anklet outside.
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