Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 13th December 2011 Written Update

Episode begins with ASR trying Khushi\’s phone and he leaves from there. Anjali looks at him in surprise. Mam delhi dekho aage kahin patakhe phootne wale hai There Payal tells bua that Khushi left from there and buaji like her daily routine scolds her that this sanka devi this and that. Hayye re nand Kishor she has not returned till now she dont have anthing called being reponsible Kyun bhai did u had responsibility, did u checked autheticity of Shayam??? Garima says she must have stop on her comeback path as she must have some work and Payal says she will call Khushi again. Payal is about to call Khushi again and the door open up.

There Khushi is talking to her devi maiyya telling her that what she can do did she needs to trust Shayam Hai re devi maiyya how can u even think of trusting him Then her phone rings and she cuts it down and then again says that no she needs to tell Anjali everything Finally She says that she knows after this trusth Anjali will break down Yeah 1 episode is pr jayega than I knw she will act like strong woman.

Khushi\’s phone keep bugging her and then Khushi thinks of PayAsh scene and finally Khushi picks up the phone and its ASR and he is real time worried and in the worriedness he speaks

DONT EVER EVER DO THIS TO THIS ME AGAIN did u understand that and u knw since when I am trying phone and I got so much worried and Khushi is real time surplrised and he speaks that she needs to talk to him. Khushi says she is fine and she is in temple and he need not to worry. He says that he was not worried actually so many works are pending and Khushi tells him that she had to go and she will talk to him later. La outside the room is listening to ASR\’s convo and she is conphused.

Okay for me ASR\’s reaction dont u ever do this to me was just so awesome that I literally was left mouth opened. He accepted that he was worried and then palti-maar changed it and says that work is pending. For god sake accept it dude. See ab toh la bhi jasoosi karne lagi now she is also realising. Now I really hope she dont turn into EVIL.

Khushi reaches home and everyone is visible sad and upset and ever Garima\’s eyes are teary and Shayam brings Shashi there and Khushi\’s family members are angry with Shayam. Payal goes forward and take Shashi\’s chair Well ajeeb character hai ander hi kyun rehne diya he should have been thrown out

Shayam says buajee now Khushi has returned and she says that buajee how can u say me buajee I am toh ur dahling sorry wrong timing of the joke. She tells him that he lost that he lost everything that he ever had in this house. Ohhh really did he ever had some right and today he has lost her respect and LOUVE . Yayyy she also accepted that she loved him

Shayam do the disco dance and turns his mundi I mean his neck towards the Khushi and says that he told everyone the truthWaah bada acha kiya ab btaya as if unhe toh kabhi pta hi nahi chalta gar yeh na btata. Now my sherni speaks that what he thpught after telling trth bua will forgive him I am dead sure he must have thought that. Khushi says that how can they forgive them after such betrayel.

Bua adds to it that maafi she couls have takern his life aka nand kishor iski jaan lele For the frst time in life she said something good in life meri aankhen toh paani paani ho gayee

Then bua starts cribbing that she cant believe tha how her eyes can get such mistake Aankhen hai ki buttonShe says that how she can keep him in the home Ab tumne rakha humse kya pooch rahi ho.She says that Shashi did so much trust on her Na baby na he didnt trsuted on u he did opened his detective agency and found his truth long time back

Okay coming part is my fav part its buaji dialogues Arey naaspeete how can u do this arey kide padhene. Khushi says there is no benefit os talking abt the broken relationships. Khushi tells him to stop now they will not listen to him and tomorow she will tell everything to Anjali. Ab baj gayee ghanti shayam ki oye saath mein cheapo ne bulb bhi jala diya He says before doing anything they need to think abt PayAsh relationship Once a cheap will alws be a cheap and now he is thinking about money bank.

He says that now he dont want anymore difficulties for family and he dont want Payal baraat to go back again. Then he says that if possible forgive him and he says namase to all hello hi bye bye chal ab daffa ho Before leaving he has evil expressions.

Bua breaks down and says that why they have so much dissiculties. Garima says that now again this is happening to her Payal WTH how how they are thinking abt Payal not abt Khushi . Its Khushi who needs support as she went through betrayel and her engagement break off. Khushi tells they need to tell Anjali coz they cant let trsut to break. Garima says she dont want to listen anything. Seriously senior Gupta ladies are emotional fool. Payal says if her marriage breaks off due to this than its okay Hai re meri doosri sherni. Payal says how can they have relationship on lie Good one Payal says they cant do betrayal with Raizada\’s she asks Shashi and he nods to it. Bua stands up and says that Payal is not wrong and then she walks upto Khushi and says that she also not wrong and now she will go to RM tmrw and tell Anjali everything as there is no big thing like truth and she is with her. finally I liked bua today.

Now Khushi is sitting in front of devi maiyya calling her back from vaccation and Payal comes and keeps glass there and she is about to leave Khushi holds her hands and says tht once again she is abt to break her relationship. Both of them hugs each other and Payal says she is doing right thing. Khushi says that Akash is good person by heart and he will support them Payal says she is not affected by others she just need to go RM and tell the truth
No comments I am sleepy

In the morning ASR is working and he has flashbacks where Khushi was crying. His phone rings and its about some meeting. Meanwhile lavanya comes and he fixes the meeting on 16 and cuts down the phone. Aww he was lookig really disturbed coz of Khushi.

La says that did he kept meeting on 16 and he says yeah what the matter to which she says that they have engagement on that day how can he forget that. She further asks him that whats the matter to him and tell her the truth if he forgot or he is not affected.

ASR apologises and says that he handles many things so he keeps forgetting things Yeah he handles every thing but not his heart thats why he is so messed up these days. He says that he knows that he has hurted her and he says that its coz he dont knw what he do. He says that he feels bad but he never do this intentionally Khushi. lavanya keeps her hand onn his shoulder and says its Lavanya and he is shell shocked Finally La\’s realisation time starts and ASR\’s heart gets his voice.

Khushi enters and Anjali says that she was bt to call her as now there are 2 marriage in the house.

Abt the title now realisation time is there so La will realise that it was alws Khushi in ASR\’s heart

2 out of 5
One for bua ke naspeeta wala dialogue. One for ASR when he calls Khushi and again last 5 minutes were today\’s saviour

Chalo CVs taras Khao mujhpe. Back to back pakao episode update kiye hai. Now better give rocking episodes
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