Pratigya 12th December 2011 Written Update

TN : All having b\’fast in TN, P says where\’s Smr its time for his school.. just then Naiki brings him fully dressed… Smr greets everyone… P tells Pys to get his milk.. Naiki says that Smr\’s b\’fast is all done.. KN praises his wife.. says some ppl used to make such big issue of getting smr ready.. now M has done it so coolly and neatly… K annoyed and tells him to eat his food quietly and not do bakaity .. K leaves for rest..

GH : A all ready for work.. calls P and tells her she\’s nervous… P consoles her and gives her courage… A happy.. just then T turns up and asks A whether she loves him..
A replies of course she does … T tells then you don\’t go to work.. A stunned.. asks why u say such a thing now… you should have refused earlier when I first made the suggestiong… now I already got the job and mentally prepared for it… T says you eager to go to work bec u want to meet other men at work… A shocked.

K\’s rest : The paglait comes back… C tells K that inspite of u berating her, she\’s back, such a shameless girl… he tells K I will chase her out… K tells him to cool it and says I will speak to her myself… he goes and sits down opp her… M happy and smiling… K tells her why u r back when I told u I\’m happily married… I love my wife very much… M tells him that u love yr wife and that\’s why u have her name\’s tatoo.. she tells him I too love u and now I have got yr name tatooed as well. she shows him his name on her arm… K stunned… he starts berating her… tells her that I have a wife whom I love and yr just talking nonsense… why u do this.. nothing will come of it… I can never look at any other woman… M says I know that u love yr wife, and I love u regardless.. I don\’t have any expectations from u and I don\’t expect u to love me back… K stunned
K tells her angrlly… I am trying to explain to you nicely but u now irritating me… he tells her to stop her nonsense … M says that why is it nonsense that I love u… K tells her angrily to stop harrassing him and leave the rest and never come back again… M looks sad… K goes to C angrily… C asks whats the matter… K tells him that mad girl has tatooed my name on her arm.. C stunned.. he says this girl behaving exactly like u did when you were after P… the girl comes up and tells them that her name is Meera.. she also says that she will never come to rest again… both K and C stunned… C tells K that Meera is Krishna dewaani… what an apt name, he says.. K tells him to shut up and says its good that she will not be back…

TN : P worried that M who had gone to leave Smr at school not yet returned back… GD tells her to call up and find out… P calls M… M with mother at some jewellery store… she gives all her real gold ornaments to the jeweller and tells him to make exact copy, but fake jewellery… the man puzzled..
M replies to P\’s call, tells her that she still in school and will wait for the school to end … P relieved..

School : Smr sitting alone with school watchman and crying bitterly… M turns up late.. the watchman berates her… she tells him to shut up and do his job… M tells smr to stop his crying dirama… she further tells him to lie to all the ppl at home that they were late bec Smr wanted to play… Smr looking puzzled.. M pinches his ear and warns him to do as she says… Smr wincing in pain …

Precap : A and P sitting somewhere and having coffee.. A tells P that KN has ruined her marriage with T… told T falsehood that she and Kn were intimate during their marriage, and now T is suspicious and jealous of her… P looks shocked…

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