Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 15th December 2011 Written Episode

Anjali assures Khushi that she will not tell anyone till the engagement is over but she empathises with her. She is touched that for their happiness, she is willing to hide this for everyone but she understands the pain of a broken relation. Khushi wants a leave and Anjali agrees to it. As she is leaving, Anjali calls her and asks if she wanted to talk about something else too. Khushi says there\’s nothing more. She just wanted to ask if Anjali has spoken about the sweets. Anjali assures that the preparations of the engagement are in full swing and asks her to take care of herself.
Madhumati is wondering why Khushi isn\’t home since it\’s late. Garima is getting worried about things being alright after the truth is out. Khushi walks in and Madhumati asks what the Raizadas said.
Anjali has tears in her eyes and Shyam walks in. He gets scared about Khushi telling the truth to Anjali. Anjali says she thought he was out of town and won\’t come back. He asks if Khushi came today thus changing the topic. Anjali says yes and Shyam gets worried. He asks if everything is fine. Anjali tells things about relations and trust to Shyam in a twisted and broken way and Shyam feels she knows everything. But eventually he discovers that she knows nothing. He asks what she is talking about getting genuinely puzzled. Anjali recalls how Khushi had asked her to keep mum. So she just says that today she\’s a little off. Shyam hugs her and says she worries over little things.
Khushi says she could not tell Anjali the truth and never will. Madhmati asks why? Did Shyam blackmail her? Khushi says this decision is hers. Payal protests but Khushi says Anjali won\’t be able to bear the truth. She worships her husband. Madhumati says this is why she needs to know the truth and stop living in delusion. Khushi says she can\’t. Her relation is broken, she can\’t do the same with Anjali. Maybe with time, Shyam will undergo a change of heart but if she tells right now, their marriage will be broken. Also, she\’s seen Payal happy after a long time. She can\’t take this away from them (I never thought I\’d say this but Khushi is actually acting brainlessly here!). Payal says she can\’t hide the truth but Garima supports Khushi because otherwise her engagement will break (What logic is this? How will Shyam\’s truth affect PayAsh? I still don\’t get this!). And Madhumati also finally pats Khushi on her back (Great!).
Khushi is crying in her room. She sees Payal folding clothes and wipes her tears. She tries talking to her but Payal seems upset. She makes Payal sit and covers her head with a saree and says she will look great in it. Payal is holding her long face and Khushi tries cheering her up by asking her to forget whatever happened and think about tomorrow. She asks her to smile. She says she has her engagement tomorrow then wedding and then…Payal blushes and Khushi says and then Akash will be her Jijaji. What did she think?.She starts tickling Payal and Payal laughs. Finally, they hug and Khushi gets emotional. She says this smile is what she always wants to see on her face. The phone rings and Payal goes to receive it. It is Akash!! Khushi realises this and starts pulling her leg. Payal says she will talk to him later but Khushi snatches the phone and starts pulling Akash\’s leg too. Akash tries to make some excuse but Arnav comes and he hands him the phone. Arnav takes the call and hears Khushi pulling Akash\’s leg. Arnav tries giving her a hint but she starts praising Akash and comparing with Arnav. Arnav finally tells her it\’s him and Khushi is speechless!
Anjali gives Akash\’s kurta to Shyam and when Akash comes to her for it she goes searching for Shyam to take it back and Nani also pulls his leg a bit
Madhumati is calling everyone to wind up the work. Payal steps down looking gorgeous and Madhumati and Garima admire her emotionally (Deepali looks stunning! She is so damn pretty). Everyone blesses her.
Khushi prays to Devi Maiyya to not make her regret her decision of not telling Anjali the truth and also asks to bless PayAsh and ASR-La. Madhumati calls her and she leaves.
ASR comes to La. She is packing and he asks her if she is leaving. He realises she is.

Precap: Nani asks Khushi why her fiance didn\’t come. Shyam comes in the frame and approaches an upset Khushi. Anjali is also there.

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