Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 16th December 2011 Written Episode

ASR asks La if she\’s leaving. La says she has to go. What will she do staying in the house now? ASR assures her she doesn\’t have to. He apologises that all this is because of him. La says he did what he thought was right. She should thank him that he told her the truth. Once PayAsh get engaged, they plan to tell everyone the truth. When called, La tells ASR to go but he insists on going with her. She needn\’t do this alone and they leave together.
The Guptas arrive at the RM. Anjali comes and takes \’aarti\’ of Payal. She calls to Shyam to get rice for her as she\’s forgotten. He comes and looks at the Guptas who look back at him furiously. He gives the rice to Anjali who proceeds with the ritual. Nani asks Khushi about her fiance. Shyam, who is about to leave, stops. Anjali handles the situation and says he is out for some work. Shyam is surprised and Nani wishes he were here. Guptas are speechless giving disgusted looks to Shyam. Anjali and Khushi are left alone where Khushi thanks Anjali. Anjali says Khushi\’s fiance does not know what he has lost by letting her go. Shyam is listening to all this. Anjali leaves. Khushi is following but Shyam calls out to her and she stops. He thanks her. Khushi tells him to thank his wife who trusts a man like him and not her. She assures that she isn\’t scared but did this for Anjali. If he dares do anything fishy then she will reveal the truth. Nani calls Shyam to make him meet the Gupta family.
Nani \’introduces\’ him to the Guptas and says they are also from Lucknow. Shyam greets them. Nani praises the Guptas\’ upbringing of their two daughters. Then she praises Shyam to and the Guptas shoot him disgusted looks. Shyam looks a bit awkward. Anjali comes and informs that the programme is about to begin and everyone disperses.
Manorma\’s friends praise Payal\’s beauty. Madhumati overhears this and says Payal is just on her Bua The two women have a tensed moment but Payal comes midway and greets Manorma\’s friends. Manorma lies about the Guptas\’ status to her friends but Payal tells the truth. Anjali also comes with Khushi and asks her to take Payal in her room. La is there as well. Madhumati tells Manorma that she wants to speak to her and when they\’re alone, she asks why she lied about their status. Manorma says how can she proudly claim that they are sweetshop owners? Madhumati says they\’re proud of their status but Manorma continues with her insults but Madhumati handles her well. Manorma\’s friends also tell her Madhumati seems a bit shrewd and say some other stuff about the Guptas. Manorma gets upset at this and says nothing will happen without her.
Khushi is rehearsing how she will congratulate ASR and hand him his gift outside the door but of his room ASR opens the door midway and sees Khushi standing with her hands outstretched holding the gift and goes \’What the…??\’.. Khushi\’s smile also disappears. He asks her what she wants? Has she got a gift for him? She says noIt\’s for La, as in for their engagement and congratulates him handing the gift. ASR accepts it reluctantly. She says that it is not only for his engagement but also for the fact that for someone who didn\’t believe in relations, he helped PayAsh come together as well as is getting engaged. Someone calls her saying Payal is asking for her. Before leaving, Khushi says she is very happy for Arnav and La and Arnav, all this while, couldn\’t say anything.
Payal is tired of getting overly ready. Khushi says she is going to help her get ready just like Payal helped her during childhood for school. Payal notices Khushi is not up to it and asks her if Shyam did something but Khushi brushes it off. La comes to call her and Khushi excitedly talks about her engagement. She even gifts jewelry to La. La gets a little sad. She is touched and hugs Khushi. She says that this gift is very valuable for her and wherever she might be, she\’ll always keep this with her. Khushi says that she is saying as if she is going somewhere far away. She is right here only. She further asks why she isn\’t wearing her engagement dress but La brushes it off. Fortunately for her, Anjali calls her. But as Khushi is leaving she seems perturbed and turns to take a last glance at La who smiles reassuringly but as soon as Khushi leaves she can\’t stop her tears. Arnav keeps a hand on her shoulder and without him asking, she tells him she\’s fine. The episode freezes on ASR\’s face.

Precap: Arnav tells everyone he and La are not getting engaged. Everyone is shocked. Nani and Anjali both scold him for taking all this as a game.

P.S. Turning La negative would KILL something in the show. Something very virginal, pure and innocent. I BEG the CVs to reconsider if at all they\’re thinking along those lines 🙁

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