Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th December 2011 Written Episode

Recap — Nidhi walks out of the ballroom! Ashu looks on! Mallu asks Nidhi how her lil \’romantic getaway\’ is going? Nidhi defends that she has come to participate on behalf of her hosp in the All India Medical Convention! Mallu says that she wont have gotten a better place to repay Ashu for his huge favour! Nidhi inquires what she meant? Mallu says the same favour he has done by recommending her to the City Centre Hosp! Ashu asks Nidhi to stop but Nidhi tell him point blank that the STORY is OVER! Ashu pleads her to stop! Right then Rohan comes and puts a hand on Nidhi\’s shoulder! Ashu tells Armu that the story is over and that he isnt in Nidhis story! He tells Armu that Nidhi has moved on! He tells Armu that the guy is of Nidhis age and not like him! Rohan tells Nidhi that the guy he saw at the gate in Mum was present in the pictures too! He asks Nidhi to reveal the truth of the person she is trying to hide but is unable to! Nidhi tells Rohan that he is Mr. Ear-rings!

Part 1

Scene — Nidhis house

Its morning! Nidhi comes near her bed and is about to pick up the photo album that Rohan had kept on her bed when suddenly Rohan barges in her room! She tells him that she cant answer him any longer regarding Mr. Ear-rings… n that Enouf is Enouf! Rohan tells Nidhi that he came to find out her problem! Nidhi asks him if he doesnt have any \’poblem\’ erm \’problem\’ in his own life that he keeps interfering in others problems? Rohan grins n says that there isnt any problem in his own life and hence he tries to solve others problems!! Nidhi counters asking how it is possible? Rohan answers that the biggest problem in life is LOVE and he doesnt believe in LOVE! He says that Love and Hate are the two sides of the same coin coz when one is in Love, they cant see Hate but Hate keeps floating down under and as soon as the time for Love gets over, Hate rises! He says how the whole world is always stuck in the game of Love/Hate aka Kabhi Khushi/ Kabhi Gum! She tells Rohan that she has no idea what to do?- Lauf at him or take him seriously! Rohan tells her that she should never take him seriously as he doesnt like it! He tells Nidhi that they shouldn give up on their \’Nothing-to-do\’ habit or else they will become like other mere mortals! Rohan tells her to accompany him outside for doing \’NOTHING\’! Nidhi smiles and says \’Lets go\’! He teases her with the \’Poblem\’ and Nidhi glares! Nihan leave!

Scene — Mallus house

Suhasi asks Mallu why she is leaving so early! Mallu informs her that she wants to reach before Ashu! Suhasi asks Mallu to take care of one thing that Ashu should never find out that Mallu had told Nidhi about Ashu recommending her! Mallu thanks Suhasi! Suhasi concludes that whatever happened, happened for good as Mallu\’s job was done and Ashu din suspect anything! Suhasi asks Mallu how Ashu reacted (how his facial expression was) when he saw her? Mallu tells that reading Ashu\’s expression is difficult! She says that Ashu was surprised seeing her but she said that she was missing him so came to Mum! Suhasi asks unconvinced as to whether Ashu believed her? Mallu says Yes and why not? Suhasi says that Men dun believe in what is being told but how it is being told!! A matter of love can be told with hate whereas a matter of hate can be told with love! She inquires how Mallu told Ashu? Mallu says with love! Suhasi asks her to hope that Ashu accepted the matter in the same vein!! She tells her again to ensure that Ashu should never find out the truth!

Scene — Nidhis house

Nihan are leaving together when DB notices and inquires if they are going out? She encourages them! Nihan leave! DB thanks \’Lord Bajrangbali\’ for accepting her prayers tho a bit late! CS overhears and inquires what Lord heard that she is so happy about? DB says that its a surprise and he will find out at the right time! Nihan are in the car and Rohan is driving! They spot Anjie on the road! Rohan asks her where she is heading to?! She says \’Kotnis Gen Hosp\’ ! Rohan offers her lift but Nidhi signals her to refuse! Anjie tells them to carry on as they will get delayed! He tells her that they are out n about to do NOTHING and asks Anjie again to get in! Nidhi again signals her to refuse! Anjie says she will take a rick! Rohan tells her Rick n here is impossible! He says that if she is getting late and is in a hurry then maybe she should hop in.. Anjie admits she is in a hurry! Rohan asks her to get in and she does!

Scene — Ashus cabin

Ashu is sitting quiet and suddenly Mallu comes and inquires how they are? Ashu replies that they are fine! She asks Ashu if he found it weird seeing her in Mum? He agrees and asks her what she was doing there? Mallu tells that she told him before that she was missing him and so came! Ashu says that he was returning in two days! Mallu inquires from Ashu if she cant come there n if she disturbed him! Ashu replied that she came suddenly so…! Mallu asks Ashu about Nidhis presence in the convention and Ashu confirms her presence! She asks him if Nidhi is happy in the new hosp and Ashu says he hopes so! He tells her to focus on the patients of Kotnis! Mallu nods and Ashu-Mallu head off for a round of the wards!

Rohan-Nidhi-Anjie reach the hosp and Anjie runs saying thanks! Nidhi asks Rohan to hurry out of the hosp! Rohan teases her saying he has never seen her so anxious to do nothing!! He notices Anjie\’s phone and goes to return it! Nidhi is exasperated! Rohan is in the alley of the hosp searching for Anjie and Ashu is in the same alley talking to a person! He spots Rohan and recollects seeing him with Nidhi! He looks on a bit disappointedly and walks off! Armu comes and pulls his car besides Nidhis and sees Nidhi! He wonders what she is doing in the hosp and rushes to tell Ashu! Rohan comes in Rangas cabin and gives Anjie the moby! Ranga looks on! Anjie introes Ranga to Rohan and says Rohan is Nidhis guest! Anjie introes Ranga as the guy for whom she is redesigning the hosp. uniforms! Ranga shakes hand with Rohan! Rohan excuses himself! Ranga comments that … Anjies Rohan is interesting! Anjie clarifies that .. he is not HERS!

Armu comes to Ashus cabin n tells him to hurry up as SHE is waiting outside! Ashu inquires who? Armu says.. NIDHI! Rohan is passing by Ashu\’s cabin and overhears the convo! Ashu tells Armu that there is nothing to talk to Nidhi about as she is here with her Boyfriend n not for him! Armu is disappointed and inquires if he has come too? Ashu confirms that he saw him (aka Rohan) in the alley! Armu rues that he thot she came for him! Ashu tells Armu that he has told him several times that his and Nidhis story is over and nothing can be done! Armu repeats his \’Stories end not love!\’ phrase! He tells Ashu that one day he will have to tell Nidhi that he loves her! Ashu says its useless! Rohan processes the whole thing and smirks n comments that it means AshNi love each other and that there is no problem!

Part 2

Rohan gets in the car and Nidhi inquires what took him so long! He tells that he met with an accident n it took time to recover! Nidhi looks him up and down n comments that it doesnt appear so! He says that he was struck by lightening and tho he doesnt know about the lightening, he is surely shaken! She asks him to stop joking and drive and get out of the place! Rohan tries to delay and Nidhi says.. ur feet shouldnt move from the accelerator as the place has only give her pain and asks him to hurry up! Nihan are on the way and Rohan inquires from Nidhi why people love to sulk? He says that maybe the world invests in sadness as they mite be getting lifelong interest! He says maybe people think that if they have nothing else to carry, why not to carry sadness! Nidhi says that he is crazy and no one likes to remain sad intentionally! He counters saying that if they dun want, why they dont accept the solution to their problem? He inquires why people keep crying instead of trying to sort out the problem and end up depressing their family and even well wishers! Nidhi disputes his theory and Rohan says he knows such real life people! (indicating to Nidhi!)

Scene — Ashus cabin

Ashu is seeing the designs Anjie has made and says its nice! Anjie looks at him uncomfortably! However Ashu says that he did like to be given more designs to choose from as its not his subject! Anjie nods! Ashu inquires about Anjies friend aka Nidhi ! He refers to him meeting her at Mum! He asks her whether Nidhi is settled in her new hosp? Anjie informs him that Nidhi has quit ! Ashu is startled and inquires the reason! Anjie replies that its coz she found out that Ashu had recommended her! Anjie tells Ashu ponit blank that tho she knows he is feeling bad, if he wants her to continue the assignment, he should not bring Nidhis name in front of her! Mallu enters right then and overhears! Anjie asks Ashu not to ask her any question regarding Nidhi and asks Ashu if he accepts her condition or else she is ready to leave the assignment! Mallu comes and chides Anjie for daring to talk to Ashu curtly! She asks Ashu to throw out Anjie! Anjie looks startled at Mallu and Ashu! Ashu tells Mallu that Anjie is right and at the time of work, one should work only! Anjie is startled! Mallu is upset! Ashu apologises to Anjie! He says that he hopes she will continue to work for the hosp and thanks her!

Rohan tries to initiate convo on Mister Ear-rings and beats about the bush! Nidhi asks him to say what he wants! He stammers around! Nidhi inquires what? He manages to tell her that maybe her view about Mister Ear-rings mite be wrong and that he may be in love with her actually! Nidhi asks him to shut up and warns him to dare not talk to her about Mister Ear-rings! She asks him to drive her home rightaway!

Scene — Nidhis house

CS is cleaning all old papers/magazines and suddenly Baba notices an old diary with Nidhis letters in them! Baba calls out to DB and tells her about finding Nidhis letters! He starts to open the letters that Nidhi used to write when he used to be posted outside! DB comments that Nidhis writing is pretty! Baba reads out the content of the letter in which Nidhi mentions about getting hear hair cut and finds a stack of hair with the letter! DB comments that Nidhis hair was very pretty and CS corrects that it still is pretty! Baba reads out another letter in which Nidhi had written to him about her first milk tooth having fallen and asked how she asked him to sow it in the garden so she gets a new teeth! Baba remembers lovingly sowing the teeth in the garden of the mess! DB comments that Nidhis teeth are hence very pretty! Baba asks for phone and calls some land broker to inquire whether the place for Nidhis clinic has been identified! The guy informs in the positive but warns about the place being expensive! Baba says that he is ready to bear all costs for his baby\’s happiness! Baba cuts the call and comments that once he receives the payment for the order, a lot of dreams will come true! DB agrees and CS celebrates about getting a cycle!

The phone rings and CS receives it and handsover to Baba! Its the quality control guy for the Export company that has placed the order on Baba\’s company! He informs that he is visiting India/Lucknow after three days n will check the quality of the manufacturing of Baba\’s company! Baba welcomes him! Baba tells DB the good news and says that if the guy approves the consignment and the payment comes from the company all dreams will come true! Baba then calls Mansukhani and informs him about the visit! He inquires how the progress of the work is and Mansukhani assures that all is ok and will be done within next three days!! Baba is satisfied! Mansukhani calls Sanjeevani (Ashu\’s lawyer) and says that their dream (of the house) is going to come true very soon! Nihan return and DB inquires how come they came back so soon! Rohan says that Nidhi was not feeling well! Nidhi glares at him n says she is fine and walks off! Rohan goes off as well! DB rues that Lord Bajrangbali keeps splitting them up while making them come together and vice versa! She rues what Maya it is? Baba inquires about Nidhi and DB says she went to her room!

Baba goes to Nidhi and sits beside her! He shows her the strand of hair and asks if she recognizes it? Nidhi takes it and tries to recollect! Baba says how in third standard she had sent it to him in her letter! Nidhi inquires from where he got them and Baba informs from his diary where he had saved her letters! He says how today all of a sudden he found the diary amongst old papers and magazines! Baba shows her the first drawing she had made n sent to him! Nidhi inquires if she has made it and Baba nods! He says that tho the moustache is a bit longer, the rank of the officer in the drawing is perfect! Nidhi wipes her tears and asks if he has the letter in which she had written about her first pimple! Baba nods and reads it how she asked him to take it away as she doesnt like it! Nidhi says that wish life\’s questions were like pimples, which run away with age! Baba says that .. one grows up to find answers to those questions! CS comes cribbing that he has no idea whom to ask what to make for dinner! Baba and Nidhi look at each other!

Part 3

Its nite and Rohan is eating noodles! Nidhi comes and looks at him! He turns away and keeps eating! Nidhi keeps staring at him and makes faces as if asking for the noodles! Rohan puts another fork and offers it to her! She grabs the bowl and starts to eat! Rohan says sorry to her! Nidhi says its ok! Rohan forewarns Nidhi that the thing he is about to tell her, mite tempt her to kill him and so he offers her the kitchen knife! He says that if used properly, she can kill him with it! He gives her the knife and takes away the bowl from her ! He asks her how will she believe that Mr. Ear-rings loves her? Nidhi says only when he will confess with his own mouth otherwise she wont believe! Rohan says that he overheard Ashu say that he loves Nidhi?? Nidhi is startled and inquires when he heard?? Rohan says how he overhead Ashu-Armu convo and Ashu saying that he loves her..!! Nidhi is startled!

Precap — Nidhi asks Anjie if Ashu asked about her! Anjie asks Nidhi why she wants to know if he asked about her and says that she feels sorry for her! She rues that girls like Nidhi have ruined others girls reputation and people conclude that girls are weak! Nidhi is disturbed and looks away! Anjie pulls her towards her and tells her on the face that she is ashamed of Nidhi!

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