Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 21st December 2011 Written Episode

Today I will be doing the honors of written update for you! Sonia is busy hence she won\’t be able to do so! Enjoy! 🙂

Badi biji talking to herself when will i get food. Manvi comes and gives her food and tells her to eat. She tells badi biji how she doesn\’t have to do any work, just sit and eat like Queen Elizabeth. Badi biji is like I used to do so much work when I was your age, and people used to praise my cooking. she tries the palak paneer and says there are no spices in it. Manvi tells in oldage you don\’t need spices and oily food. Badi biji is like I know you give me food like this on purpose so i don\’t eat much and die and then you get my golden bangle. Manvi tells her she will get this food only for couple more days and then she will also go away like Jeevika. A rishta has already come for Manvi, Badi biji is pissed that no one told her just then Biji walks in and Manvi whispers in her ears that badi biji is day dreaming. Badi biji is screaming how she is given no importance, biji does everything. (Loved the comedy angle this scene tried to bring it )

The scene shifts to court, jaiswal is like you can check my papers I haven\’t bought the land illegally. Viren is like these are your papers right? and according to the witness the deal happened on Oct 15 but the papers are dates Oct 13. So either the papers are wrong or you bribed someone to get those papers done early. Arguments going on in the court. (AHHH Viren in lawyer\’s black rode i love his lawyer side. Nicely portrayed by KT!) Viren wins the case, the judge tells police to further investigate on jaiswal. Chachu praising Viren, and tells him dadaji will be very proud of VIren. Viren tells chachaji it\’s not only my win, it\’s our win because you were the one who wrote the case. Chachu is like yeah but I wouldn\’t have been able to argue like you did and then congratulates Viren. Jaiswal comes near Viren and tells him this decision was against your life, now see what I do to you. Viren says that now police will do everything, you have already done one crime, and are also black mailing a lawyer. Chachu stops their argument and takes Viren from there. Jaiswal to himself “you have done a very big mistake by doing this Mr. Vadhera”.

Dabbu opens the door, manvi comes back from the market. Dabbu asking what has she got. Just then door bell rings and it\’s some photographer who brings the wedding\’s pictures. The guy asks for dabbu\’s sign, dabbu is like no my mom has told me not to sign anything what if you take all my property. Manvi comes and slaps him on his head and signs the paper. Chachi comes as manvi screams for everyone to come see the wedding album. Biji also comes there, while badi biji is looking through the window. Biji starts seeing the album, badi biji is complaining how nobody called her, manvi replies you can\’t see the sun how will you be able to see all these pictures.

Vadera house: Viren takes ashirward from dadaji, dadaji tellls him this is your biggest win till date. It\’s tough to fight again Jaiswal and win. I am very proud of you. Viren and Jeevika looking at each other. Viren goes to his mom and takes ashirwad, mom says Jeevika is lucky for Viren. Badi ma says my choice is not only good but lucky also. Viren-Jeevika stealing glances of each other. Virat-Viren hugs. Dadaji ask how long it took for the argument, viren is like 2 hours. Everyone starts to leave, Viren-Jeevika stealing glance of each other, Virat to pull Viren leg take him away from there. Viren whispers something in Virat\’s ears. Viren is like what will jeevika be thinking, i have time for everyone except her. Virat is like leave everything on me. Viren is like where did Jeevika go, when dadaji calls him.

Manvi and everyone going through the album, badi biji is like my great granddaughter is looking so beautiful. Manvi is like thank you badi biji thank you so much, badi biji is like i am not talking about you but Jeevika. Biji is like Jeevika is beautiful and in bride\’s clothes she looks more beautiful. Manvi is like nazar na lago meri di ko. Chachi is like looking at Jeevika reminds me of myself as bride, people told me I looked like Sridevi. Biji is like I was there at the wedding too, I didn\’t think like that. Chachi is like you were probably doing something else thats why. Badi biji and Chachi start arguing, manvi making faces and closes her ears. Manvi is like okay now Ill see the album, and she is like I know who is the best dulhan of the house, dabbu! (LMAO )

Back to the Vadhera house, Dadaji and Swamini drinking tea. Dadaji tells Viren keep up the work like this you will become a big lawyer one day. Virat comes and says yeah he will become a big lawyer one day and he informs them a client has invited Viren and Jeevika for dinner. Swamini and dadaji says thats good, dadaji tells viren go for dinner tonight and then we will have a big party celebrating your win. Viren takes Virat to side and tells him we could have had dinner at home why go outside, virat tells him dinner is just an excuse the real reason is i have booked a room in resort for you and jeevika. and have decorated it with flowers, now go and live your life. Viren tells Virat I knew you would do something and they hug. Jeevika comes and says both the brothers look happy today, whats happening? Viren tells Jeevika that we have to go for dinner to client\’s house. Viren also leaves from there thanking Virat.

Manvi in her room going through the album, remembering those moments from the wedding. She sees Viren-Jeevika\’s picture and comments them as World\’s best jodi. and then Virat\’s picture, she is like if not for you i wouldn\’t have been able to attend the wedding. She remembers fighting for the shoes with him. And then says thank you so much for converting my no entry to wedding into entry. Vadhera\’s picture with Jeevika, manvi is like you look so happy with them but don\’t forget us.

Viren-Jeevika driving, jaiswal\’s person (the shooter) following viren-jeevika\’s car. The shooter is like all these time luck has saved you but not this time.

Precap: The shooter checks viren\’s car but doesn\’t find anyone in it. On the other side they show Viren-Jeevika in the little hut romancing.

So that was it, Update completed! Cya whenever I get to do the update next!

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