Pavitra Rishta 21st December 2011 Written Episode

Mr. Malik\’s office

Purvi and Mr. Malik are at Mr. Malik\’s office. Mr. Malik is standing right next to Purvi.
Mr. Malik: Purvi, if you want to move on in life then come with me tonight. Mr. Malik smiles and sits back down.
Purvi: You are right sir, I also want to be successful. Purvi walks up to Mr. Malik.
Purvi: But will you really take care of me the way you take care of Punni tai?
Mr. Malik: Of course, there is no need to ask. Come with me, I will get you some jewelry. The workers who were working outside the office come and witness what is going on in Mr. Malik\’s office.
Mr. Malik: Where would you like to go, Bangkok, New York? Tell me, baby. Tell me, what do you want?
Purvi: Thank you sir, thank you so much. Purvi begins to flirt with Mr. Malik. Mr. Malik starts to get a little nervous.
Mr. Malik: What are you doing Purvi? Purvi gets in Mr. Malik\’s face.
Purvi: I am using my happiness sir. You gave me such a great offer so I should be happy. To be honest, I\’m so excited. Tell me.
Mr. Malik: What do I tell you?
Purvi: Tell me what you were just saying, where will we go? What happened sir, why are you looking scared? This is your office.
Mr. Malik: What are you saying? This office.
Purvi: So what if this is an office? You gave me an offer in the office. The workers standing outside the door are looking shocked.
Purvi: Ok, leave all that. Tell me, where are we going for the holidays? We can go to New York. Mr. Malik sees his workers and gets really afraid.
Mr. Malik: We are in my office, what are you saying?
Purvi: I am saying what you want to hear. You just said if I supported you then you would fulfill every one of my demands, and you will take care of me like how you take care of Punni tai. I am ready to go with you sir. Tell me, what time do you want to meet up and what hotel would you like to go to and what kind of clothes do you like? Purvi strokes Mr. Malik\’s face. Mr. Malik gets angry and stands up.
Mr. Malik: What the heck is your problem Purvi? I told you that we will talk tonight so why are you creating a scene in front of everyone? Go away right now, we will talk later, go.
Purvi: Why? Sir, let those people know how you take advantage of your position and power. You take advantage of the weak girls.
Mr. Malik: Just shut up. If you say one more word then.
Purvi: Why? Are you scared, are you scared that these people will get to know the truth about you? Or are you scared that your wife will come here or one of the workers may tell your wife? If that is so then just relax Mr. Malik, they love their job and they will keep their mouth closed but I am not like them. I am not those kind of girls who want success by doing bad things like you do. I will die but I will never do a low life act like this and about your contract, I will hit that contract in your face. I will give my company a much better contract, I have full faith in my capabilities and yes, one more thing. Stay away from my sister because if I ever see you with her again then I will go and tell your wife everything.. Make as many girls be successful, understand? Purvi leaves the office. Mr. Malik is very angry.

Outside on the roadside

Punni is outside. She gets a phone call from Mr. Malik.
Punni: Hello. Mr. Malik is in his car.
Mr. Malik: Punni, there is a big problem.
Punni: What kind of problem?
Mr. Malik: Purvi threatened me that she would tell everything to my wife about the relationship between the two of us. She may even tell everything to your family. Punni, I will manage anything that happens to me but please handle anything that happens to you.
Punni: But you said that you would.
Mr. Malik: I know I know, I tried. I gave her the contract and I even told her that I could raise her salary but she did not listen. Please manage her.
Punni: Ok.
Mr. Malik: Bye. Punni and Mr. Malik hang up. Punni looks angry.


Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Ovi and Teju are in their bedroom. Teju is very happy and she shows something ot OVi but Ovi is looking very upset and she is crying.
Teju: What happened Ovi, you look upset.
Ovi: Teju, go away.
Teju: Ok, I will go but first tell me what is the matter. Oh, is it Arjun?
Ovi: He did not even come once to see me.
Teju: Hey Ovi, did you know that he called? He is organizing an Art Exhibition, will you come?
Ovi: I am not in the mood.
Teju: How about we take Arjun to a disco?
Ovi: Arjun doesn\’t go to the disco. He just goes from Canada to London, London to Paris, Paris to Singapore and Singapore to New York. Ovi is very sad. Teju goes to her sister and comforts her.
Teju: What are you doing? Did you know that both of us have a problem?
Ovi: What is it?
Teju: Our problem is that we were both born on the same day, at the same exact time, maybe a minute or two difference.
Ovi: But how is that a problem?
Teju: The problem is that the two of us have been attached since birth, and this is why I can\’t see you upset. You are my sister but we don\’t act like one another at all. Our attitude and feelings, our lifestyle, our likes and dislikes are all different. I feel for you though, when you cry then I feel sad inside me too. I like you for who you are and how you are.
Ovi: Same here, you share all your secrets only with me. Look, Arjun has not come to meet me for the last 2 months, I miss him. Teju wipes Ovi\’s tears.
Teju: When Arjun comes back to Canada then I will have the two of you meet.
Ovi: One minute, why are you being so kind to me today?
Teju: It is a pretty obvious reason. When you are upset, you look strong and when you don\’t look upset you laugh and you look very delicate. Ovi goes and looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Teju wraps her arms around Ovi and hugs her.

Vinod\’s house

Manjusha and Vinod are at their house. Manjusha gives Vinod his tea. Vinod tells Manjusha to put it on the table. There is a knock on their door. Manjusha says maybe Punni has come. Manjusha opens the door and it is Punni. Punni comes in the house looking very sad.
Manjusha: You have come? Punni goes straight to her room. Manjusha and Vinod look confused.
Manjusha: What happened to her? Vinod, why is she crying?
Vinod: Punni.

Vinod\’s house in Punni\’s bedroom

Punni is in her bedroom and she is lying down on the bed crying. Manjusha and Vinod come in her bedroom.
Manjusha: What happened, why are you crying?
Punni: aai please, I don\’t want to talk right now, go away. Manjusha goes on the bed.
Manjusha: Punni what happened, tell me why you are crying.
Punni: aai, have lost my chance of getting a job.
Vinod: What do you mean? What do you want to say? What did you do? Tell me!
Manjusha: Be quiet Vinod! I am talking to her, you are unnecessarily coming in between. Punni, tell your mother what has happened. Tell me, what has happened to you, tell me something.
Punni: aai, do you remember a month ago I went to the job delivery to get a job.
Manjusha: You told me about that.
Punni: aai, I went there so that I would not be a burden on the two of you. I wanted a promotion because I did a lot of hard work. And I saw Purvi at the office.
Manjusha: What? What was Purvi doing there?
Punni: aai, she said so much bad things about me. She accused me of having an affair with my boss and getting so many promotions for my hard work. Aai, I am not upset that I couldn\’t get a job but what about my reputation. I have become unable to go anywhere. Vinod thinks to himself, Purvi, how can Purvi do this?
Punni: She is after me, now I am scared of Purvi.
Manjusha: How can she do this to you? Your mother will not spare her.
Vinod: Manju, listen to me.
Manjusha: I don\’t want to hear anything, can\’t you hear what she is saying? I don\’t know what Purvi has said about her, I will not spare her. I will teach her a lesson which she will remember for the rest of her life, come with me Punni. Manjusha and Punni leave. Vinod looks worried.

Karanjkar House in the bedroom

Archana is in her bedroom. She is crying and looking at the photos of her children when they were little with Manav. Archana remembers when Manav was on TV saying I hate those people who had broken my trust, and those who took away my happiness. Archana starts crying. There is a knock on the door. Archana opens the door and it is Purvi.

Karanjkar House

Purvi comes in the house.
Purvi: aai, I needed to talk to you. Archana nods her head when Manjusha comes and yells, Archu! Manjusha and Punni are entering the house.
Manjusha: Archu!
Archu: What happened, why did you come here? Manjusha pushes Archana aside.
Manjusha: What does your daughter think of herself? What do you want, you want to ruin my daughter? Sulochana comes in the room.
Archana: One second, what has happened?
Manjusha: Be quiet, I have not come here to talk to you. Your daughter is trying to ruin my daughter so I will talk to her. Archu, you must listen quietly!
Manjusha: Purvi, what is your problem? Why are you enemies with Punni? Are you jealous of her happiness, if she is happy in her world then do you have a problem with that? Before saying anything, you should have thought that you are the adopted daughter of this house. You are one terrible, orphan girl. Archana grabs Manjusha.
Archana: Vahini! Don\’t say anything.
Manjusha: Look, you be quiet! This girl has the courage to insult my daughter.
Archana: One second! Enough, you have said enough. You are forgetting that this is my house and if you want to talk to my daughter than talk to her with manners, or else get out of here! Archana pushes Manjusha.
Manjusha: Will you teach me manners? If you want to teach manners to someone then teach it to your orphan daughter, she says so much bad things about my daughter!
Archana: One minute, tell me what happened!
Manjusha: My Punni wanted to do a job so that she would not be a burden on her parents, unlike you who has always been a burden on your family. Punni knows that her mother is very worried about her marriage, I am worried day and night for her marriage but because of this girl Purvi her marriage broke. Archu, remember the same thing happened to you, now it is happening to Punni. I thought that you would understand her pain, and make your orphan daughter understand but no, you are supporting this shameless girl!
Archana: At least tell me what Purvi did!
Manjusha: This girl has tried to ruin Punni\’s identity. That guy who had come to see Punni has been influenced by Purvi\’s words as she had said so much bad about Punni.
Archana: Are you crazy?
Purvi: aai, I did not say anything bad about tai.
Manjusha: Really?
Purvi: aai, that man is wrong.
Manjusha: What man?
Purvi: He is taking advantage of tai.
Manjusha: What man?
Archana: Let her talk vahini! What are you doing? Tell me Purvi.
Purvi: aai, that man is married.
Manjusha: Be quiet, girl! Be quiet immediately. My daughter could never do such a bad act. I did not give her those values, Archu\’s sister had an affair with her boss! Not my daughter!
Archana: Be quiet!
Manjusha: You are silencing me? Purvi, if you ever try to say anything about my daughter, then I will! Manjusha is about to hit Purvi very hard and Archana and Sulochana protect Purvi.
Archana: Enough!

Karanjkar House

Archana: If you say one more word about my daughter then!
Manjusha: What will you do!
Archana: I will tell you what I will do. Until today you have done as you wished. You distanced my brother away from us, I was quiet, and you insulted my mother and I was quiet but now it is about my daughter and if you say anything against my daughter than I will not spare you, keep that in mind. Until today I have not given pain to anyone on purpose and I have always lived with self respect.
Archana: This is my daughter Purvi, understand?
Manjusha: Does this mean that my Punni is wrong?!!
Archana: No, I am not saying that vahini. I want to say that maybe Purvi had a misunderstanding but she would not wish bad for Punni. Punni is her sister and she will still accept her as her sister and she would never want Punni\’s life to be ruined. She would not even try, and what did you say, that my daughter had an affair with her boss and that\’s why she got an increment.
Manjusha: Then how else could she have gotten an increment?!
Archana: One second! I have full faith in my daughter in the world and no one can break it and as far as Varsha goes, she is done for after she left, understand? But I have full faith in my Purvi and what Purvi has done for Punni is only what a sister would do, but how will you understands these relations? Have you ever accepted relations that you will now understand? And you said you want to break relations with me, today my whole family brakes relations with you. Get out of this house and never come back again!
Manjusha: I am going! Why would I want to be here and keep relations with such people like you?
Archana: Get out!
Manjusha: I am going! Let\’s go Punni.
Sulochana: Wait! Until today I have only been saying things that my son ignites my grave but now I am snatching that right away from him and giving it to my daughter! I hope you never have to hate your children Manju, I will never want what you to have go through what I am going through. I will never want anything wrong to happen to my daughter in law and my son but your deeds are just so bad. Your deeds are so extreme that you will have to suffer and God will not listen to me even if I want to forgive you. Take care of Punni and if she is in any pain then I will also have as much pain. She is still a part of our family.
Archana and Sulochana: Go away!
Manjusha: Stay away from my daughter, I will not spare any one of you! Manjusha and Punni leave. Archana and Sulochana hug and Purvi is standing there.

Precap: Manav, DK and a few other men are sitting in a conference room. One of the men is saying we wanted to finalize this deal for so many days. DK says now we will open our business branch in Hindustan(India) Another man is sitting at the very end of the table and he is Arjun.


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