Dekha Ek Khwaab 22nd December 2011 Written Episode

Episode begins with a hung over J turning off the music only to hear Manyata singing koi ladki hai while washing her clothes on the tub. Chak doom doom Chak doom doom Chak doom doom. J is shocked and says, “Oh My God!”

Manyata says to J, “I only love this one quality of yours, that for every small thing to remember god!” J asks her what she is doing to which Monu says can\’t you see. J grows angry and screams, “What have you done to my bathroom?” and tells her the marble top is from Italy and the tub is from Japan. She rattles on and on until Monu says, “Chup!” J cusses Monu and Monu explains to her that she can never understand the fun in doing your own work b/c it\’s the one thing your money can\’t buy. J is not impressed and tells Monu that there is time and place to wash clothes. Monu continues washing and singing Ko ladki as J leaves

Dadisa sees the photo of J-UV and is not pleased. She says she sent UV to take care of J b/c she knew the media would do something like this–but now UV is in the center of gossip. She is displeased by both of them. Brijraj pretty much tells her to relax, but Dadisa says that times are different now b/c Manyata is UV\’s honewali wife. The Doctor tries to calm her down, but Dadisa is still upset with the both of them. (Oh no UV…). Doctor says he\’s get the news and phots removed ASAP.

As Monu dries her clothes and hangs them on the rope in the room, J cribs that now Monu has turned this house into a dhobi ghat. J throws one of the clothes on the floor and this makes Monu angry, causing her to cuss out J. Meanwhile, Komal entersthe room and asks what is happening. Monu says that she spent all morning washing her clothes and J threw them down on the ground. The verbal fight between J and Monu continues until Komal tells them to be quiet. Komal is fed up with them and tells not to utter one more word. J is uber angry and asks Komal who is she to say anything. She shouts at Komal. Monu is shocked and as Komal cries, she apologizes to Komal on behalf of J and tells her to do tikka on her and Komal feds her pasad too.

As J walks out of the room, Dadisa stops her. She asks her what is this. J says we were just dancing and Dadisa says no it isn\’t, but a way to seek attention. Dadisa says UV is Manyata\’s honewala hubby. J starts pouring out her heart on Jagat and UV and her broken engagement. She wants UV back and Dadisa says it is not possible. She wants her rights back and tells Dadisa that she is being ill-treated due to Manyata.

Scene shifts to Lonely boy aka Devdas bana Akash roaming the streets. He is attacked by a journal lady and Akash\’s expressions go from : to . Then he just walks away.

UV ki entry!!!! He enters Dadisa\’s office and she is not happy. Uff but he looks amazing in reddish-brown shirt. Uff! Uff! Okay back to scene, UV is defending himself and tells her that the story is removed from the net. He says he is angry and asks her how does she manage to stay so calm under these situations. Dadisa asks Uday how did this happen. UV (a bit taken back) says that nothing happened–we were just dancing and Unnati and Vijay were there too but cropped from the pictures. Dadisa buys it and says after Monu\’s return the media has turned into a circus. UV says he\’s is tired of them and sits down with his head buried in his hands. Dadisa comes near them and caresses his head. UV asks her if she is mad. Dadisa that actually she was wondering how all of this could have happened with him around. He tells her not to worry and granted Monu is unique and she “challenges” them–then why would he leave her and look elsewhere.

Office scene. Now Akash has turned into the Angry, Young Man types fellows aka Chulbul Pandey avatar. A colleague speaks ill of Monu and the Royals and Akash can\’t take it and beats him. He leaves the office and Monu\’s friends tell him that he has a high tolerance except for when it concerns Monu. They want him to contact Monu. (Why Little girls!? WHY?!) He thinks about it.

Servant lady in red sari comes to take her clothes to the laundry. But Monu says, “Takleya”–(meaning she wants to be alone). The servant thinks she meant the pillow, but Monu asks her haven\’t you seen Jodha-Akbar?! Akash calls, Monu says Hello hello, Akash says nothing. Both are quiet and song plays.

This breaks up as UV enters with a “Hi Princess” and asks a crying Monu, why these tears now, you already have me! Akash cuts the phone and Monu is angry and asks him, “Again you return?” and UV says “I\’ve come to met my honewali biwi, do you have a problem?” She asks him, do you know what you are? And he\’s like nope, tell me. And he recites her swears again with a smirk. He lays down on the bed and says whenever you use such colorful language, I have loads of fun. He grabs her WAIST and says “thank you princess” as she continues to yell at him. She is shocked and pushes his hands away. Another hand through her hair by him and his smile disappears as she tells him that she loves Akash. She says that there can be never anything between them and UV grabs her chin. She leaves and he stares at her while J and Vijay look at him. J is surprised by his taste and decides she has to do something before something can happen between them.

Monu strolls in the garden thinking about Akash. Unnati comes and sits with her. Monu tells Unnati that she is different from others and looks a human being. Unnu tells her that slowly she\’ll understand the ways of the Royals. Monu tells her with she doesn\’t want al of this. Unnu tells her she knows her feelings exactly and certain things in life you can\’t chose, but are born into. Monu says she doesn\’t understand anything and wants to run away. Unnu tells her she feel the same at times, but her truth is that she is a Rajkumari.

Sad Akash remembers her and feels more sad. Chup tum raho plays.

Pre-cap: J tells Monu that KNL is coming and spending the night with them. J tells her it\’s better if she leaves the room, but Monu says if J is inviting her friends then she will also invite her friends for “over sleep”!

More to come!

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