Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th December 2011 Written Episode

Hiii All ,

NK is standing, strolling, dancing his way selling Khushi\’s ideas as his own to a cynical Arnav Singh Raizada … A confident Arnav Singh Raizada coolly calls out to the Puppet Masterni to come inside … Nk tries to fob off Arnav Singh Raizada who refuses to play ball.. He again Summons Khushi..Khushi walks in from behind the door and stands by NK ** Both look like a recalcitrant students caught by Akdoo Principal ** …Khushi tries to push her ideas to a mulish Arnav who bites out that the party will go as per his plan and Khushi will be seeing a classy party without any loud music the likes of which Khushi has never seen .. ** Khushi is not impressed**..ASR turns to Nk, informs him that Khushi is slightly off her rocker and it is better to maintain a distance *** Call the fire Dept..Jealousy is roaring like an inferno ** .. A angry Khushi stomps off from ASR\’s room , followed by NK… which is followed by ASR\’s muttered \’ Crazy People”.

Khushi is leaving for her home when she is stopped by Akash who gives her a letter, asking Khushi to give to Payal ..A filmy Khushi is absolutely delighted , She demands to know whether it\’s a love letter and whether it is Akash\’s first love letter .. A shy and embarrassed Akash hastily tries to decline Khushi\’s statements , Grinning in devilment..Khushi joshes Akash further asking whether she can read the letter .. Seeing the look on his face…Khushi smiles , relents and says she will deliver the letter safely to her Sis Payal ** One more feather to Khushi\’s cap…she is now a proud Post mistress ** Akash says he will come to Gupta House to collect the Gupta Sisters .. A muttering Khushi leaves deploring ASR\’s \’WHATEVER \’…


Khushi comes to her home.. and teases Payal by not handing over the letter to Payal..Payal hares after Khushi, desperately trying to get her hand on the sweetly tempting Love letter dangling in Khushi\’s Letter…Khushi hangs on to the letter and begins to read it herself.. It is from manorama Mami.. Manorama Mami has ordered Payal to get Chameli Oil when she comes home after marriage cos she wants to apply it on her legs ..Payal worries as to the reason for the oil …Taking pity on Payal, Khushi gives the letter to Payal..A blushing Payal begins to read it …Akash has said that he will be coming to fetch her in the evening etc etc ** This guy seriously needs a crash course in love university** .. Payal is nervous about the event , she wonders whether she can fit in the crowd and anxiously asks about teh dress code for the party .. Khushi understands her tension, berates ASR to herself… Seeing the tension writ large on Payal\’ face.. Khushi calls up ASR and peremptorily says, “It\’s me !!” ** Loved the smug assumption and authoritative voice of Khushi* ..A annoyed ASR retorts that pushing one\’s ideas despite the recipient being reluctant is bad manners ..More over he reminds Khushi that he has not invited her and she is free to stay back .. He cuts the call and resumes his archeological study of the file while Khushi fumes at Gupta House ..


Payal is getting ready **She is looking gorgeous ** while Khushi is nursing a sprain which seem to have sprung overnite .. Mother Hen Payal is worried for Khushi .. Khushi is reassuring Payal that she is not yet at the death\’s door when door Bell rings .. A voluble Buaji opens the door and Akash walks in. ** Looks as if he is stuffed inside his shirt ** .. Buaji eyes pop wide and she smilingly says that Akash looks just like Nand Kishore ** Don\’t worry , Buaji..Ur own nand Kishore has come ** ..Payal comes to the hall followed by a Khushi who is limping exaggeratedly … Akash and Payal take leave of Buaji and Khushi with Akash Promising Buaji that he will drop Payal within the curfew time.. Khushi closes the door and walks away from the door , all her sprain forgotten…The hawk eyed Buaji spots her normal stride , sharply calls out Khushi …

Khushi realizes her mistake and stands shame faced..Buaji takes her to task for not attending the party and giving company to Payal … Khushi replies that she did not feel like going so she pretended to have sprained her ankle..A visibly Miffed Buaji tells Khushi that Payal was looking tensed up , this is also the first time she is going for a party whereas Khushi has attended previously and top of that Khushi has interacted with various members of the family and she would be knowing about them..Khushi retorts that the Raizada\’s are vegetarians and that they will not eat Payal alive ..Buaji scolds her for her thoughtlessness leaving Khushi pensive ..


Arnav proudly introduces PAYASH to the gathering …Payal looks slightly uncomfortable and seems to be missing Khushi..Akash becomes aware of Payal\’s discomfort ..solicitously enquires whether she is alright ..Payal assures him that she is alright n not bored with the party … Payal tells Akash that she will make a call to Khushi…Khushi who is busily cooking in the Kitchen receives Payal\’s call..From the tenor of Payal\’s voice, Khushi understands that Payal is feeling like a fish out of the water .. Payal assures Khushi that she is enjoying the party and rejoins Akash… Akash again asks whether Payal is bored.. Payal negates his enquiry with a gentle smile..Arnav is playing the perfect host , attending to all his hosts …

NK calls up Khushi and seeks to know the reason for the delay ..Khushi\’s Brain lights up as she finds a way to mae her sister feel comfortable .. She quickly relays her plans to NK..who agrees to follow it through..NK, PAYASH, Arnav are chatting together , NK is constantly checking his watch and looking at the entrance .. Payal notices his gaze constantly flitting towards the entrance and asks whether he is waiting for someone..NK smiles with an air of insouciance remarks that Arnav had told him that he can get an extra as his partner and he is now awaiting his date … The camera pans towards the entrance and there comes Khushi dressed to Kill in a blue Sari .. all haste and flurried …while the unprepared Party members continue their merry making unaware of the Khushi Storm about to hit them !!


A seething Arnav taunts Khushi saying that Khushi is happily dancing, laughing, cracking jokes, entertaining guests as if her engagement never happened and that it never broke..Arnav pauses, seems to recollect that the engagement broke just about a week back and it does not seem to have had any major impact on her …Khushi is getting teary eyed..

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